1. I feel like even if she wasn’t the gyno would probably be like “everything seems fine”. That’s so so yucky. No one should be that interested in their daughter’s genitals

  2. TI also was okay with his 15 year old son being sexually active, but this is how he treats his 18 year old virgin daughter. He’s a misogynistic piece of crap so I’m not surprised. He also has a lot of accusers so yeah. Males like him don’t need to be having daughters or any children for that matter.

  3. Yep. There is a degree of confidentiality between adolescent patients and doctors. If something is told in confidentiality and there is no health concern or decision needing to be made, the parents don't need to know.

  4. I'm also fairly sure you can't conclusively "check" for virginity. Nothing significant and distinct changes from your first sexual experience that couldn't also be just from exercise.

  5. If this is true the doctor is scamming him. There isn't any medical way of objectively proving someone is a virgin.

  6. This was all people was talking about a few years ago. He specifically said something like, she doesn’t do sports or ride horses or anything, so he takes her to check if her hymen is still intact since there’s no other reason it wouldn’t be. Sick 🥴

  7. It would be hilarious if the doc brings the daughter in “listen, your Dad is a fucking idiot and I am just going to tell him you are a virgin regardless and I am not even going to examine you”

  8. What do you mean?? Women clearly have a freshness seal that you need to pop open once you want to use them. Everybody knows this…?!

  9. Article is shit (it’s the Daily Mail, duh), but he has publicly said he does this. There is audio of it.

  10. This is unfortunately true and I don’t know why a man would do that or why his wife hasn’t said anything and why that would matter

  11. Chances are if he would do this to his daughter, he's done worse to his wife. I doubt any woman around him is in much of a state or position to say jack to him.

  12. Tiny strikes me as the type of woman that would sacrifice her daughter to appease TI. I believe she molested and r*ped those girls and women right alongside her nasty husband.

  13. A man would do it because he doesn’t want his daughter “losing value.” Because a lot of men can’t respect or love a woman if they see her as a sexual being.

  14. Oh no, don’t worry, he made sure to specify that he knows his daughter doesn’t do horse riding or anything to crazy so it would only tear from sex 🙄

  15. This came out a few years ago, but it was very true and definitely real. T.I. said it on a podcast so there are recordings of him out there saying it and his daughter further confirmed it by liking a bunch of comments on social media from people expressing their disgust. Several organizations had to speak out on this saying this is abuse, causes trauma and there’s no way to accurately check a girl’s virginity. His daughter has since said that not only subjecting her to these hymen checks, but also telling the world about it and openly discussing her body and sex life has ruined their relationship.

  16. I hope T.I. gets the worst case of hemorrhoids the medical world has ever seen and they write journal articles about it for decades

  17. I would go as far as to call this covert incest. No person should have this much interest in their daughter's vagina. What your child does with their privates as long as it's not dangerous is none of their parent's business.

  18. There is no way of proving anybody is a virgin medically like that, and if my father did that, I would cut him off as soon as I turn 18.

  19. WTF?! Why does it matter to this guy if she is a virgin or not? I learned from people that not being a virgin doesn’t change who you are. This is just creepy and misogynistic on so many levels. I feel bad for when this girl moves, she is gonna be filled with so much trauma.

  20. Yup. Unfortunate. I remember when this came out a few years ago; I was so shocked when he just came forward and bragged about it.

  21. Nah. This came out in like 2019, and after public backlash, he stopped. It ruined their relationship which I lowkey would say was ruined as soon as he started doing this

  22. How can they know? If she masturbates? And he is doing this for what? This is weird as hell and I have so many questions

  23. why has the gyno not explained that this is not how any of that works and also suggested that maybe this is a very traumatizing way to raise a human

  24. God, I always think about this every once in awhile. I think this came to light a couple years ago? And I think it coming out ruined their relationship as he got torn up online thankfully

  25. But what if we read it "...every year to check her. She is a virgin." In which case, not creepy. Lots of things can go wrong other than sex related ones. But if we read it like most of are, yeah. Creepy dude

  26. That’s absolutely stupid. It’s invasive and abusive. If your child doesn’t trust you enough to tell you when they are sexually active, then reconsider your parenting. The vast majority of fathers don’t do this because they have at least base-level respect for their daughter’s autonomy. The hymen don’t even connected to virginity. You can lose it while riding a horse. What is he going to do if her hymen was broken? Punish her? That’s pretty sick. He’s the same guy who starred in the Blurred Lined music video.

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