1. That's just weird to me since that means we had the ability to eat raw meat safely at one time but then lost it

  2. They had an exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago that showed cave people gnawing on raw meat bones, it terrified me as a kid.

  3. Not according to archeology/anthropology, nope. We never would have developed into who we are today, if some proto-apes didn't decide to eat animal flesh, mainly fat. Our brain development depended on it. Early on in our human-ish development we learned to cook our food. None of our human-like ancestors were herbivores.

  4. Im sure they are bugs, fish, other little critters that don't need cooking that they are. Traditional Aborigines ate lots of animal-based foods that don't need cooking. Also, neandertals could create fire, so we don't know exactly if the ability to manipulate fire wasnt available to other branches of homo sapiens ancestors.

  5. Paleolithic humans scavenged carrion like other animals. They used rocks to smash open the bones and eat the marrow. They even saved the marrow for weeks at a time.

  6. It wasn’t really safe but the only options were eat the maybe dangerous meat and maybe get sick or definitely starve to death and definitely die

  7. Apes in general aren't herbivores, being an herbivore requires a very specialized stomach. We always have been omnivores, we will eat whatever was easiest really.

  8. No. Human species has never been herbivore. Out diet was a mix of different food source, primarily fruits and insects, and also carcasses and eggs when it is available. Fossil evidences show that human started hunting and making stone tools for hunting earlier than evidence of using fire, so there is quite a long time in history we simply just ate it raw.

  9. Human beings in their evolution were omnivores they ate anything they can get their hands on they raw meat they ate raw plants they bugs it didn't matter when they discovered fire they just put everything on the fire to see what would burn when something smells good they ate it

  10. We ate raw meat. You can still do it now with red meat atleast. Your suppose to eat it from a fresh kill though so there is no time for bacteria to get into it. This is why meat eating animals don't get sick from eating raw meat.

  11. Probably not because or else why were they hunting animals for fun all though some might have died after contracting E. coli

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