1. In all seriousness though have a friend drive you around in the area where you think it might be lost, roll the windows down and keep pressing the alarm panic button on your keys and listening

  2. I did this once, but with a stranger I'd hooked up with the night before. He was actually a very good sport about it. Still, I'm glad I quit drinking.

  3. This, go to Google maps and look at your timeline. Google is creepy and tracks you even if you aren't using it get somewhere. Pretty sure apple maps has a similar feature if you have an iPhone.

  4. Years ago I had a coworker who did the same thing. He parked his car, got drunk, and couldn’t find his car. He walked the whole area and came to the conclusion his car was stolen. He filed a report and when his car didn’t turn up he bought a new car and moved on.

  5. Holy shit almost the exact same thing happened to a buddy of mine. We'd met up at another friend's new place in an unfamiliar part of town with very little free parking (the street parking was either metered or permit), pregamed at their place, then hit the bars and crashed back at the same apartment. In the morning, the car didn't exist. The 3 of us, nursing raging hangovers, looked for it for a solid 2 hours, couldn't find it, and reported it stolen. He only had liability insurance, as it was a certified beater, so he didn't bother filing a claim. He just crossed his fingers that the police would find it, and after 2 or 3 weeks of nothing, he started looking for a new car.

  6. Back in my drunken years i left my car at the bar and walked home. Slept off most of it but woke up still kinda drunk. Walked back to the bar to get my car at it wasn’t there. I looked all over for it and asked if they had it towed. Nope.

  7. why did your co worker assume his car had been stolen when he couldn't find his car parked while drunk, bruh let that drunkenness wear off then search.

  8. I mean if you have a decent idea of where it might be I would honestly get a bike or something and just ride street to street pressing the panic button on the remote till you hear your car. If not you; as long as you didn’t do anything illegal I can not imagine it would hurt to call the police and tell them you parked your car someplace in the city and can’t remember where. Worst that will happen is they will tell you they can’t help you. If you where drinking at bars using a card you can also look at the first place you go charged and start in that area.

  9. I also seem to (anecdotally) get better reception/further distance on my key buttons (like the panic button) when I hold it to my chin. It sounds silly, and maybe I'm just seeing what I want, but it usually works 🤷‍♂️

  10. Timeline.google.com just to see if they have anything on file for that particular day for anything tracking your location. if not nothing lost or gained, but if they do have anything, it could be a start.

  11. If you paid for stuff by credit/debit card, check parking lots near those establishments listed in your transaction history?

  12. Would a towing company be able to track him down? I’ve always wondered what happens if your car gets towed and you don’t know where.

  13. If you have an iPhone, mine automatically tells me where I parked my car. Even when I park in my driveway.

  14. My mom was halfway across the country, calls me at 1am my time, to ask where the hell I was. I was home, in bed, like a sane person. Then she asked where her truck was. It was in the driveway, but she had gotten an alert on her phone that it was being driven. I can understand her being freaked out, but I don't understand why the alert was sent. My car is a 2007 Honda with no Bluetooth or other special features.

  15. I have Android phone and normal kia radio that does bluetooth, I wonder if I can track my parking spot..

  16. This exact same thing happened to me when I was younger and on a bender with my friends for Cinco de Mayo. Our genius idea was to just go to every bar we pass during our search and take a shot. We ended up just going up and down every single street that surrounded the bar until, in some wild drunken recall, my friend remembered the exact location of the car. Took like 3 hours of searching and we ended up being too drunk to drive but at least we were smart enough to write down the location this time. Maybe try getting blasted again, it worked for us.

  17. I did this once, was an unusual spot becuase I wanted free parking in the city. Then went on a bender for a few days and couldnt remember where the car was. I just walked and walked and walked a lil more till I found it.

  18. How did you get home? Did you walk or Uber? Your car could be within walking distance or you can check your Uber history

  19. This would be my answer as well. I lost my car once, only to find that I parked it in a back lot & not in front of the apartment I went to crash. If Uber/Lyft had existed back then, I'd have called to trace where I came from. If those didn't work, I'd go to where I know I'd started drinking & work in a grid from there. Hopefully there aren't any parking garages, as that would be a nightmare to check. Also, ask any friend's to see if you called for a ride home.

  20. I do this in airport car parks. Can never find my fucking car when I return in the middle of the night when it's pissing down with rain.

  21. How does this happen? You park somewhere sober, you get shit faced at a nearby restaurant, Uber back home, and then you forgot where your car is parked the next morning? If this is what happened, can't you be reasonably sure it's somewhere around the bar / place you got drunk at and try to walk around the parking lots there and keep hitting the panic button on your car keys?

  22. A lot of ppl go out, start at one bar and then just walk around drinking at each place. As the night goes on there could be quite a radius where your car might be, especially if friends giving rides/Ubers etc are involved.

  23. Gonna wanna get a REAL Continuum Transfunctioner, for starters... and avoid hot chick's, despite them being able to suck a mean popsicle.

  24. And this, people, is why I have Google location tracking on at all times. It's good for contract proofs for consulting, remembering what you did, proving where you were for work, whatever.

  25. I know this wont help you NOW but when i go out i always drop a pin on the map and save it to a special list on google maps on my phone called "CAR PARKED HERE" just in case for situations like this

  26. This has happened to me multiple times. Only one of three things you can do: 1. abandon the car wherever it is and hope it lives a good life in the wild on it's own. 2. Go look for it. 3. Report it stolen and allow the cops to look for it but risk a crime by reporting a false theft when they find the car at the bar you were last at.

  27. On the third point, go around and double check the bars you remember going to, and a few you might have been to after you stopped remembering. Then report it if you can't find it. Next time put a tracker on your car or take an Uber when you go bar hopping.

  28. My advice is this.... Post in the local community page for wherever it is and pretend you are looking for the car of your parents who have just visited the town, parked somewhere and have forgotten where they put it and now can't find their car. Give discription and end of reg and the minions will go forth and do good and find your car for you.

  29. Look up your Google map history which will tell you everywhere you went. I'm sure apple has a similar feature

  30. Do you by any chance have a black box for your car insurance? My app tells me where the car is or you could ask the insurer (and then hope it doesn't affect your next premium).

  31. I lost my car once to... it was an old yellow celica. I was wearing purple sunglasses and walked past it thinking... oh a 20 year old celica like mine but gross brown. Took me a second time to realise it had the same bumper stickers.

  32. Do you have android? Pretty sure Google captures your location every couple minutes. Look up Google location history and see if you can see where you were at that time.

  33. And driving. Seriously, that kind of mistake is not healthy behavior. Having a good time, getting fucked up, is fine as long as you don't endanger other people. Getting so trashed that you blacked out is no excuse for doing something stupid. For all you know you ran over a pedestrian and bailed. Speaking as the child of an addict, I hope you get help or least be less selfish for everyone else's sake. Take care.

  34. even if you turn off google tracking you, it still does! no way to actually turn it off. go to timeline and find where you were! otherwise go around clicking the lock/unlock till you find it. thats what we did

  35. Remember any landmarks or moments you can. Walk in the last you remember and see if you remember where you went from there. Good luck, man it sucks to be there

  36. In 1980 a friend and I arrived at fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. We found a parking garage and stowed our van. We began drinking. A few days later we began hunting for our van. We finally found it 4 days later. We had to pay almost $50 to get it back. I imagine parking fees would be over $50/ day now.

  37. I once parked a car on an unfamiliar street the night before a blizzard. I went to retrieve it a few days later and it was gone, or so I thought. I figured I had parked on a snow emergency route and it had been towed. Since I only paid $400 for the car I wasn’t too worried about it.

  38. I had this happen but without the drinking. Parked somewhere in a hurry to meet someone, had to walk pretty far to their place, and while I was there it dumped down snow covering everything so it took forever to find it.

  39. I've done this but with my bike before and it was before everyone had cell phones, so I just waited till it was daylight and I eventually found it but my god it took all day lol ( well felt like it did anyways)

  40. Woke up to a blurry picture of the corner I parked at one time. I remember skateboarding entire city blocks trying to find my car. Still better than a DUI.

  41. Not ck your recent credit card transactions? Wouldn’t it be parked somewhere near where you were?????

  42. Prolly a dumb answer but do you have an iPhone? My phone marks where I park every time I get out of my car

  43. Back track with Uber if you took any. Go to the last place you remember being and start clicking the lock button and listening for honk. Start walking around. Alternatively, you can grab an Uber and roll down window and ride the blocks clicking the lock button listening for honking

  44. Hey OP, I just wanna say thank you for doing the responsible thing and getting home another way after drinking 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  45. Check with local tow companies first. This happened to me in college, a friend and I were drinking and took a rickshaw around to different bars downtown after getting incredibly wasted. We did not even attempt to find it that night, we just went back to our apartment by cab. The next morning we tried to retrace our steps but gave up quickly and began looking calling tow companies. We found it on the 3rd call, 150 bucks and we got it out.

  46. Only recourse is to strap a go pro on and recreate same situation. Hope you are thirsty and don’t forget the 3 sheets. Good luck and cheers!

  47. My brother did that in Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX. Called police and reported it stolen and they found it parked 3 streets over from where he said he parked it. Fool, but very funny.

  48. Years ago, I was living in Brookyn and went to a party with the intention of getting shit-housed and leaving my car nearby, catching a ride home with a friend, and picking up my car in the morning before work. Get back to my car in the morning, and it's not there, and the whole street was closed for a street fair/market. I had to get to work, so I caught an Uber. Called the city to find out if I've been towed or what, and they tell me that my car has been "relocated" meaning the city to towed and re-parked it somewhere nearby, been intersections x/y and a/b. Had to just go walking around for a while to find it later that night.

  49. This comment will in no way help you out of you current problem, but I feel that it is likely that you will face this problem again. Put a GPS tracker in your car.

  50. This is why when I park my car in an unfamiliar area, I bring up the location on google maps and take a screenshot so I can find it again.

  51. It may seem silly but that’s why I photograph my car with enough background to figure out how to get back to it. I did this going to stadium for Husker games (parking is very tight and you may walk miles) or drinking. Just follow the photo back.

  52. i do live in a pretty small city, but this has helped me find so many things where i wouldve had no idea where i left them.

  53. HAHAHAHA!!! I did this, too. Smallish town, like 1K. Walked to the main plaza & didn't see my (tiny black) car behind the construction barrels so I called it in stolen. Some poor bloke was sent out to find my car. And guess what?!! It was exactly where I parked it between/ behind construction barrels right off of the Plaza!😵🤣🤣🤣 well at least I had walked the mile home from my drinking night.😄

  54. Having experienced this once, after going to the places you remembered, your best bet is to question those that were with you. Otherwise I got nothing for you but distant memories 😁

  55. Start being an adult, holding yourself accountable, and being a responsible adult. There's no reason to get drunk such that you can't even remember where you parked your car.

  56. If you had a smartphone in your pocket, assuming you also had Google maps in it, I'd suggest open Timeline in profile. It will show all the places you have been and the route. You can start looking in those places first, if all else fails raise a missing (for lack of a better word) compliant with police.

  57. To this day, I swear I have lost at least one car with no clue where or how. Not sure if someone stole it or my if it was towed, or if I drove it into the river. I just know it disappeared. Drugs are bad, mmmkay..

  58. This is where Reddit could really help you out if people were trustworthy. Imagine saying what car you have, what city, it would literally be found in minutes.

  59. Don’t drive when you’re that drunk jackass. Maybe it’s best you don’t find your car if you’re going to be that ass that drives around a city three sheets to the wind drunk.

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