1. I'm not sure, I played for a tiny bit many years ago and then I really played for the first time on a console at home in April 2020. What was the update then?

  2. Before Foundations. I bought the game a couple months after it was officially released and needless to say, it is a completely different game now. Im very happy with where it’s come, and I’m so excited to see where it goes. The potential it has is insane.

  3. Started a month ago. Got 70hours on normal, 30on survival and 35 on permadeath. Getting bored of it honestly. I would love a more challenging space combat.

  4. Honestly tho it blows my mind how different it is. I bought it shortly after it first got released and it’s like a night and day difference.

  5. I played very little during beyond then I put the game down and started actually playing during origins then I put the game down AGAIN and just started playing this week

  6. I had it when it was a shell of a game when it first came out, better known as "no man's lie" but the game has changed a lot since then, so much that it isn't even the same game anymore

  7. Foundation, but I only played for a few weeks before I got bored of it, now I just started and it's like a brand new game, so confusing since all the elements and materials are different. di-hydrogen crystals used to be plutonium i think. Condensed carbon wasn't a thing. So many others

  8. 500 steam hours since day 1 over here. I just got the 100% on steam as well it was quite the journey and now I think I’ll be taking a break from nms haha

  9. Yes! Same here 😁 I was thinking back to how empty it was back then compared to the last update and yet I still really enjoyed it somehow 😂

  10. I’ve been playing for about 4 weeks on survival. At first it was hard but now I have something like 380m units and a class everything. It gets easier as time goes on but I still enjoy it as much if not more than day 1.

  11. Endurance, and enjoying it greatly! I was one of those people who, upon the release controversy, only thought: "why the fuck would these people buy a pre-release game?" But I also thought, I remember distinctly: "from what I've seen, the developer is a cool guy, I don't think he is a scammer. This game will get better," only I thought people would have abandoned it by then.

  12. Started about 2 weeks ago and the planets I've had to stay on are so goddamn annoying, me and my friends named a star system planet system thing after Australia with how volcanic dark and random ass acid storms were on each of the 3 planets

  13. I started right when beyond came out, i was like "huh, this looks like a genuine improvement on what it was, eh fuck it, i got money" and then i bought it, haven't played it for a bit, just tried to yesterday but found out my xbox isn't workin for some reason, so i might get it on ps4 and restart.

  14. How do I find which version I have? I've got the windows/xbox pass and started playing last week, but it loads up showing frontier, is that a mistake as I assumed it would auto update?

  15. I haven't played since a couple months after the original release. Just started a new game today, and holy crap have they polished this game up!

  16. I didnt preorder but tried to buy it the first day anyways, since I couldnt find it this was the first game I just bought a digital copy. Only played it for like three days before I gave up just came back and am amazed what its turned into.

  17. I preordered and then walked away. Just started again from scratch last week! It’s a totally different game than what I knew all those years ago

  18. Bought at launch and sold it. Bought it back in 2019 when it was on offer. Played it sporadically in 2020 and I've just downloaded it again 2 and a half years later 😂 I'm like a noob now can't remember anything but I'm looking forward to getting back into it!! Especially why it's crossplay with my mate.

  19. I preordered at initial release and played for a few days, but was one of the ones who put it down until last month lol

  20. About 2 days ago! I got it when it originally came out so I guess I could say I’m a day one-er but I wouldn’t go that far as I stopped pretty quickly after. I’m checking out the game again and it’s just amazing, love it to death, they did such a good job from where it has been to where it has come!

  21. I love and respect all the comments akin to day 0, day 1, pre launch, preorder etc. I just want to say thank you to all you folks because if it wasn't for your resilience and continued support, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the game we have currently. I started in Outlaws and I have enjoyed every single minute and hope to enjoy many more.

  22. I played at launch, then left when we learned that there wasn't any multiplayer. Came back recently with a clannie getting the game and we're having a blast. I do wish there was a clearer way to dye pets tho. My beetle turns yellow instead of purple.

  23. Launch. Played it for a couple weeks then got bored so I started playing other games, every year or so I would hop back on and play for a couple days. And I've been playing it a lot recently

  24. I played for a few days at launch then just started playing again. It's a lot better, but it still seems pretty small somehow, probably due to all the space stations looking the same. Probably just too sandbox for me, I need a quest line to motivate me to do things, and I doubt they'd ever do quest lines for things I want to do now.

  25. There's always been a questline, but it was terribly organized at launch. It's how you get your first blueprints and a lot of the abilities and upgrades in the game.

  26. OG here I guess. I started way back when it first came out. I was the one saying "Yeah it's almost nothing like what we were promised, but come-on, did anyone really think all of that was possible to put in one game? Besides, it's a space game!" I tried to justify what we were originally given but secretly was cussing Hello Games for the lost potential. Now, I would say they have more than made up for it and the game is so much more than I expected it to be. So, I doubt anyone from Hello will see this but just in case, you guys have made an unbelievably amazing game out of what could have been a massive disappointment and NMS will always be one of my favorite games ever and a shining example of how game devs can mess up but, so long as they listen to the player base, can turn even a crap game into an absolute gem of a game.

  27. Can you elaborate on what you like about it? I just downloaded NMS for the deck and I hope I can exert the energy to really get into this one

  28. Wanted to see what it looks like before i buy it, so after launch it looked pretty bad so I didn’t buy it. Now I‘m playing it for hours daily since I bought it a month ago. Pretty addicting imo!

  29. I started at “this game sucks”. Continued to play through the “this is still nothing like they promised despite the updates”

  30. Me and my best friend just started about 5-7 days ago and have been loving this game. We thought it was gonna be a stupid game so we said “why not give it a try” and we retracted our words immediately. This game is by far one of my favorite games. It reminds us of Ark Survival Evolved but a whole lot better (even tho it’s a lot more cartoon-ey). Building is better, story is better, gameplay is much better overall. Definitely love this game

  31. Got it on release and dropped it pretty quickly. Just started playing again yesterday and I'm having fun exploring and building my base.

  32. Played at launch lol dropped it rather quickly, cane back at both Origins and Beyond. Dropped it again. Just picked it back up 3 weeks ago and haven't stopped since.

  33. Same with me. Played it after lunch straight for a couple of days and got totally bored by lack of content. Picked it up again a week ago and I am baffled. It has become awesome!

  34. You know whats funny? I got it just before next came out, i think. I hardly remember that anymore lol. Its so cool to see the game being so, so much different- but still seeing the same dialog here and there, the same faces, the same game- just... New. Its weird, but honestly i love it. Also if Hello doesn't let me have a living skin/suit imma kick down their door and hand them a strongly worded letter lolol Even just a freighter man, or a blasted multi tool! I just can't get enough of that biological black magic lol

  35. I'm one of the few, at least from what I thought the sentiment was, that really enjoyed the game at launch. I knew it had it's issues and broken promises, but my mind was mostly looking forward to exploring and just seeing different planets and what could be. I played for about 80 or so hours and stopped. Every new update, I'd check it out and play a few more. I only have about 175 total hours in it now, but I always knew that there was potential. I honestly didn't think it would be as good as it is today, but I knew with the amount of money they had backing the project, they'd make it "right" to some extent.

  36. Frontier, had head of the game near release but didn't really have money for ot, so o waited, then heard that it was disappointing, forgot about it, then awhile before frontier I had heard that it had made quite a comeback, and started looking into it again, think there was a sale, and bought it up. :)

  37. I got it before Next came out, left it alone after a few hours of playtime and picked it back up this week because i read it was good now. Really having fun with it

  38. I got it the day it released and played it for several several hours then eventually got bored and stopped playing. Just got back to it this month actually. Which would be August of 2022. Don’t know which update.

  39. I’ve had it since the very beginning. I enjoyed it quite a bit but just ran out of things to do. I kept meaning to pick it up again after hearing it’s good now after they added so much stuff. Ended up finally caving right after the 6 year anniversary. I played for some 50 hours originally & ran out of things but my new save has over double that now and still plenty of stuff to do!

  40. From the very beginning for me, I was so excited the first time I saw the ad for the game, and so disappointed after playing for a week. The game is so much better now I’m glad I have it a second chance!

  41. Day 1, played for a couple of weeks laid it to rest only to return to it with the Endurance update, a lot has happened...

  42. Same damn thing, preordered it then didn’t play it for 2 years, now one of my favourite games again. Kinda mad they’ve managed to pull it back somewhat

  43. For me it was 2016, launch date. 1.0 And I loved the feeling even then and played almost a hundred hours.

  44. I found this game at a local game store way before foundations released. I believe it was the initial downfall. Then came back at around next.

  45. Started just before beyond. Worked on a 1080 on a laptop in vr after I got the settings right it was cool but then left it alone until this last update of endurance and I'm running that in vr with a 3070 with dlss and it's awesome loving it.

  46. I literally just got the game today as a birthday gift! I'm really excited to start my journey through the universe! Any tips for a first time player?

  47. When you have enough, just buy the life support rechargeable, oh, and invest early in the scanner upgrades, they give more cha-ching with the S tier upgrades per scanned thing. Wish I had grabbed one asap when I started out, could have progressed much quicker if I had. :P

  48. I started playing in Beyond. I had no idea what the game was but saw it was a sci-fi survival game so I got it. I have enjoyed it so much since then and is in my top 5 game list now.

  49. I think Origins, but I only realized there were names for the updates with Frontiers. I'd started with xbox games on my pc, then canceled that sub when I realized I only played NMS. Many months later I caved and bought it on steam, I think during the Sentinels update. But Outlaws was the golden ticket for me. I love raiding trade convoys and telling Sentinels where they can stuff it. Now I can be a real pirate ☠️!

  50. I bought it years ago, but it wouldn't work for the longest time without it being a laggy mess. It's only recently I started playing it at a the launch of frontiers.

  51. That and the often mentioned crushing loneliness, really was something interesting enough to keep me interested.

  52. I started at launch when my cousin who was still living with us at the time bought the game. It was so barebones that I stopped playing after a week. Just picked it up again after the endurance update got 50 hr in a new save.

  53. I started playing 4 days ago, just hit 30 hours. I wish I’d paid more attention to this game when it first came out. Can’t wait to hit 1000 hours and become a space bajiollionaire.

  54. I've been here since the start. I heard the reviews but was still to interested. Be honest I've come and gone since but I is always one I will never get rid of.

  55. Same! I actually never used the starter ship because of it, I so much preferred how the pre-order ship looked, plus my fancy multi-tool and those 10k credits.

  56. Beyond I believe, I did try play back near the start but I can't remember when that was so I'll stick with beyond even tho I played before that.

  57. About a month ago after giving up on Minecraft, started with Endurance. Been playing this game religiously since then and now have a fleet, a ship collection, 32 million+ units and a bunch of other stuff.

  58. 32+ million? Or billion? If it’s million I mean you no offense traveller but you need to get your money up, I recommend activated indium farming, tried and true 10mil U/2hr with a small farm.

  59. If you haven't got to the Anomaly yet (this is different to a space station), keep going with the story until you get to that at least, a lot of the game is done through the Anomaly.

  60. I started 2 weeks ago, already a billionaire, and i already have 2 S class starships, I just bought a void egg, and I am almost done with the expedition quests.

  61. I pre-ordered it to my dissatisfaction. I just started playing again after a friend begged me and I’ve been enjoying vastly more

  62. Man I bought a ps4 to play this game! I was disappointed it wasn’t multiplayer and that all the planets were mostly the same just different colors, it didn’t seem very deep at all.

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