1. true. he wasn't listening to people, even when they voiced their concern for him. there is only so much you can do for someone who is suicidal. I feel bad for him. he made a lot of unhealthy choices, but he was still very talented and inspiring to other people

  2. It's really sad the entire situation. I wish someone could have given him the help he needed but he had suicide in his family history sometimes that is hard to beat. I wish he was still alive. I miss him terribly.

  3. He should have been in a high security rehab and labeled suicide risk because of what happened in Rome. But unfortunately they kept it on the hush hush until after his death, I guess for PR reasons. A good lesson to prioritize your health above your career no matter what

  4. they didn't have the ability to do that. Unless it's court ordered you can just walk out of rehab, which is what he did several times. Many people tried to help him but he was very hostile to the idea and people were worried he'd cut them off if they did anything. I just finished reading a book about Layne Staley and it was the same story. His friends and label sent him to rehab over 10 times but he'd always just leave. When you have as much money as them you don't have to commit crimes for your habit so the cops will never force you to go to rehab.

  5. So true. he should have been in a place with high security. it's unfortunate what happened. I think the stress of constantly performing got to him. I do not think he wanted to become as famous as he did. at first he might have, but then he realized it didn't actually bring him any happiness or peace. he was very creative, knew how to make good music. but he was also introverted and shy. and I do not think he had the confidence or the personality type to be able to handle the spotlight. I think it overwhelmed him to be thought of as a spokesman for a generation, and an inspiration to others. he didn't want that, in my opinion. he just wanted the freedom to express himself through his music

  6. As insensitive as it sounds it was his choice. You don't go around locking people up and forcing them to change, that's gonna make them more miserable than choosing to not keep on living. We've all got to save ourselves, nobody else can do that for us.

  7. It doesn't sound insensitive, it's the truth. it was his choice. he didn't want to help himself, he was too far gone. it's obvious by his lyrics and his interviews that he was depressed and had mental health issues. it's sad that he killed himself, but his self destruction was his choice. I do think he didn't necessarily have the right people around him, which made him worse.

  8. He was an important guy to you. To his friends he was just a guy, to some others he was just a cash cow. When you’re in that situation, your friends often won’t notice, or you’ve shut yourself off so much that their help is useless, you also have the added insulation of fame. That’s what happened with the rehab. Krist got punched in the face for taking him to the airport and forcing him to go to rehab, they wrestled in the airport lobby apparently and Kurt got free and sprinted off. When someone’s like that, you’re not gonna help them.

  9. That's true. It seemed he didn't want any help, despite the fact that he needed it. he was really talented. his death is a real shame.

  10. I'm not sure people were really looking the other way. The person closest to him had her fair share of drug and mental health issues at the same time, as did a lot of his friends.

  11. Yeah, that's a valid point. I feel like certain people around him enabled him in a way with his drug addiction. although people did try to help him. they just didn't realize how bad his problems were

  12. Cause it was the 90's it was still a taboo topic. Also Kurt was famous for not doing what people tell him to do may it be good or bad. Like Doctors have told him numerous occasions to learn how to sing properly or else he could permanently damage it and every singe time Kurt said was like "nah fuck that"

  13. true. he was in denial about his problems, most of the time. and he never took advice from others well. he was stubborn and I think, deeply unhappy, despite having a lot to be happy about, and it led to his downfall

  14. Man, I’ve known some guys in tough spots. Some of my friends don’t realize I was a guy in a tough spot.

  15. thank you for your comment. this is the truth. it is hard to put the pieces together, because it isn't just one thing leading up to a thing like suicide. it's many things, and a lot of times, people who are depressed/having problems can keep it hidden. Kurt Cobain was stubborn, and also good at acting like he was fine. so people just assumed he was.

  16. that's very true. he was a heroin addict, and he was careless lots of times with his behavior. he would have probably died anyway if he had not have shot himself

  17. All one has to do is watch a few episodes of Intervention and it’ll give a little insight into addicts lives. As far as rehab, he didn’t escape. It wasn’t a locked facility. They are not there against there will. People are there voluntarily. I do feel like I once read a story that he jumped over the fence even though they said he could’ve just walked out the front door. Maybe why people insinuate why he escaped.

  18. I think it's weird to say "he was an important guy, so why...?" He was a human being who needed and deserved help, just the same as anyone with the same issues.

  19. what I mean by "he was an important guy" is that he was obviously someone who a lot of people looked up to. he was not an average person, he was very talented. yes, he needed and deserved help. true, they did try. and he did not want the help. that's what is sad about his death.

  20. I agree. Kurt was a genius, who had a crappy life. However, had he been around for longer, who knows what he could have done, he could have created something as big if not bigger than Nevermind

  21. so true. his voice was great, all the songs were unique. he was smart but troubled. wish he had stayed around longer, and made more songs, or done anything to make himself a bit happier

  22. As someone who has similar mental health issues, I can tell you that it’s so much easier to just say that you’re fine even when you’re emotionally fucked. It’s also not hard to distance yourself when you have depression even if people are directly reaching out. A lot of people likely blamed the heroin for any weird mood he was in. As far as I know, rehab isn’t that high security compared to other places and I heard that the people who visited him said that he seemed completely normal. He even talked to Duff McKagan from Guns and Roses on the plane back to Seattle and he said it didn’t seem like Kurt was about to kill himself. I wish we had more details on the whole thing but unfortunately we’ll probably never get all the answers.

  23. thanks for your comment. it's true. it is easier to say your fine even when things are falling apart. people who are depressed can downplay it and seem completely fine in front of other people. that's what's scary about depression. he probably didn't want anyone to know how messed up and sad he was feeling inside, in case anyone tried to stop him.

  24. If someone won’t help themselves what can anyone else do? I don’t really think anyone “looked the other way.” He was surrounded by people who loved him and wanted to help him and he still chose to spend his final days in a shitty motel shooting up with random junkies. There was obviously a lack of communication and a desperate attempt by some people to spread the illusion that everything was fine in the Nirvana camp but I’d hardly say people chose to ignore what was going on.

  25. yeah, that's the sad reality of the situation. that is what probably made him worse, how people pretended everything was not as chaotic around him as it actually was, in order to keep up appearances. there was a lack of communication, obviously. they didn't help him the right way. they swept it under the rug and carried on like everything was fine for him. the music came before his health, it seems, but you are right, they didn't ignore it. they just didn't respond in the way he needed. but he didn't want help, so really, nothing anyone could say or do, was going to save him

  26. I think you need to take into context the fact that it was the 90s too and mental health care/ addiction treatment wasn’t the greatest even for celebrities I’m assuming. And today it isn’t that great. So I’m assuming the 90s were way worse. Ive been through the ringer with the system and the truth is there really isn’t too much “help” available. You’re best bet is lucking out by finding a therapist you really can trust who understands and genuinely cares for you. But not all therapists have your best interest at heart, and I’m sure in the 90s things were much more stigmatized. Even today, some therapist won’t see you if you’ve ever been suicidal because you’re considered “too high risk”. And don’t even get me started on rehabs. They’re all based (or the most of them are) on 12 step programs, mostly AA or NA, which are basically the same IMO. And there’s nothing wrong with the 12 steps if it works for you, but if the strict bible based program doesn’t work for you, you’re screwed. Even today the only care addicts really have as an option is rehabs that follow an AA/NA program or just AA/NA itself. (There are other options like smart recovery but those are so hard to find and not nearly as popular). But AA is very tough love, old school, and it never worked for me at all. I can see someone like Kurt not liking it very much either. But I’m just speaking from my own experience and trying to relate to how it must have been back then.

  27. Everyone tried to help him, including Courtney Love and the band who staged an intervention and convinced him to go to rehab. But rehab facilities aren’t prisons and people can come and go as they please. I’m fact, the staff later said he didn’t need to jump over the wall, he could’ve just walked out the door and no one would’ve stopped him. But yeah, his friends and family tried to get him help. The fame and money allowed him to isolate himself though I think.

  28. At the end of the day Kurt killing himself and escaping rehab was his choice. Why didn’t they try to help him? Well they did. There were a lot of moments of concern for Kurt’s friends and family. They held an intervention for him and he threw a fit about it. It probably wasn’t the best way to help him but it was an effort. Kurt escaping rehab was his decision. Rehab doesn’t force you to say. Rehab is fundamentally built on wanting to get help, and if you jump the fence and escape you don’t want help, and there’s nothing rehab facilities can really do about that. People didn’t look away from his issues, Kurt just wasn’t easy to help. You can only lead a horse to water.

  29. the intervention was poorly executed though. but it was an effort. it was his decision to escape rehab, true. people tried to help but he didn't want it. I think the only reason he went to rehab in the first place was because he felt pressured. it was never going to end well. it's just sad that people didn't realize how depressed he actually was. but with depression, you can never be sure if the person is really fine and happy, because people can pretend to be okay when they are not

  30. You can't lock someone up in rehab, if they are there voluntarily. He escaped and nobody really knew where he was. The house he went to, they had only owned for a few months, so I'm not sure anyone would have looked there before he did it. The electrician who found him certainly thought nobody would be there.

  31. that's what I don't get. why didn't they put him somewhere involuntarily? that's clearly what he needed. but then again, he didn't want help. so not sure if it would have done any good

  32. You can read everything there is about Kurt Cobain, watch all the interviews, and he's still gonna be a person you never met and can't tell what he was thinking. The only people that know what were going on with him are the ones that were there. It's really upsetting to think about what happened to him, but the causes are never simple. There is no straight answer.

  33. Like someone else has said the medical team at the rehab facility were not told that Rome was a suicide attempt so he wasn't under the same strict rules as someone who was suicidal.

  34. Your post/comment was removed for breaking Rule 1 "Threads and comments concerning conspiracy theories related to Kurt Cobain's death are prohibited"

  35. A) it was before depression was really something people understood. B) everyone around him was an addict C) everyone around him were in their 20s and not really mature enough to understand D) his circle depended on him to continue touring E) Courtney was not the best teammate for him. F) anyone could walk out of the rehab. It was voluntary. G) Kurt himself was fiercely in denial about his addiction. H) Kurt was not going to be controlled by anyone.

  36. He was an important guy to us. Undoubtedly more so to those that actually knew and loved him. Sadly if someone is suicidal they are not thinking straight. No doubt worse if there’s heroin in the mix. You need to want to get help and you need to be open with those that are close to you that want to help you. Sadly, I don’t think either was the case with Kurt. Agree it’s desperately sad and maybe he was pressured by management to tour when he was isolated and not enjoying it (source: I Found My Friends - The Oral History of Nirvana by Nick Souza) but I agree, unfortunately, that an overdose would have been likely if he hadn’t died when he did.

  37. fair enough. maybe the words I should have used were they didn't help him in the right way, but they tried. he had a lot of issues, and he was famous, at the same time. so I think it caused him to feel alone. because he didn't want to be as famous as he became. and I think he hated the way the media viewed him. he loved the music, not all the attention. but he was suicidal, and people just didn't see the signs

  38. true, his suicide makes listening to Nirvana sad for me at times, but I still enjoy the music and Kurt's incredible voice. he had such a great voice. and an ability to express himself very well in his music

  39. Danny Goldberg's wife? You mean Nirvana's lawyer Rosemary Carroll? I think that part's more important in this context than whoever she was married to.

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