1. I think she would like "A Short Hike". It's a very chill game and it has Portuguese and Spanish as language options too.

  2. Cozy Grove, A Short Hike, The Last Campfire, Spiritfarer, Garden Story, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Ooblets, TOEM, Chicory, Wytchwood, Donut County, Littlewood, Carto

  3. Check out Songs for a Hero. The character sings about what he’s doing and there’s a Portuguese setting with the songs in Portuguese (game was made in Brazil).

  4. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is the first thing that came to mind for me. It's VERY chill and casually paced. It focuses on relaxation, collecting, and some exploration (with guidance). It's also in Portuguese. I think it would be perfect based on what you're looking for :)

  5. farm together is an incredibly chill farming game. i'm pretty certain the devs are based in spain so i assume it has spanish, though there isn't much dialogue or reading except for menus and quests (which have pretty simple text like "harvest 50 tomatoes")

  6. Baba is you, the only thing to read are the few words on screens. It’s a one screen puzzle game but check out a trailer or review if you want to know more.

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