1. Despite putting about 80 hours into the base game, I haven't picked up this DLC. I'm not usually a huge DLC person nor a traditional Monster Hunter fan. I tried other Monster Hunter games before Rise and didn't really like them, but Rise was a lot of fun. I basically stopped playing after I beat all of the story, though. Can anyone convince me to either buy or not buy the expansion?

  2. Alright... If you don't play end game after the story is done, then you're missing quite a bit honestly. The end game grind is heavy, and I find myself just wanting to fight the new monsters each Title Update and leave the end game alone because of burnout.

  3. the expansion takes to a separate continent filled with new monsters and whole other story. Also has one of the most epic hunts in the series

  4. It's called a DLC but the expansion has always been the "true game" for a lot of MHs. Sunbreak is far more fascinating than Rise but one might not like the harder AI if they're not as difficulty inclined

  5. It has massive quality-of-life updates, tons of new build craft and skill options, a ton of new monsters, and adds hundreds of hours of playtime. It is worth every penny

  6. You just said you like rise and had fun??? This dlc adds more monsters and gameplay for more fun???? Buy it.

  7. I am in a similar boat. Recently bought the base game and loving it, surprising because previous MH titles were not fun for me. I assumed Sunbreak was a minor DLC so didn’t buy the combo…some regrets but Rise is epic so we Gucci :)

  8. In all MH games they say that the story is the tutorial to the game. In that sense, you're missing a lot of the real fun and challenging hunts if you stop after the story.

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