1. It's been almost a year since the game was supposed to release. Please, let me relive these titles. I've been holding off playing my GBA versions in anticipation for this.

  2. Hope they do a shadow drop and it’s available as soon as the direct is over. I’ve been waiting for this game for too damn long! Had to resort to playing it again on my hacked vita.

  3. I wasn't too bothered when this was first announced or delayed. But lately I have been itching to play some sort of strategy game, fire emblem didn't really appeal to me, so this was the next one. Played the first one a bit but never completed it.

  4. Seriously. Literally who in the world was going to get upset with them that the cartoon war game was too close to the real life ukraine situation? How many cods/battlefields etc have released since then? Haha

  5. Not really. The first game had to be delayed due to 9/11, and Nintendo likely didn't want to change it again with current events in Ukraine. You can see why they delayed it, and it was never canceled, we just had to be patient.

  6. I guess after Goldeneye came out they decided they aren't worried about portraying Russians as the bad guy anymore.

  7. The new features better be worth the wait. If it’s just the GBA games but with a new coat of paint, I’ll stick to the GBA games.

  8. Why would anyone trust preorders going up on retailers? Just wait for it to be officially announced before getting your hopes up.

  9. Kit and Krysta on their podcast have said that retailers get information the same time as the Nintendo Marketing team does. So retailers know way before we the consumer do. They also said that Nintendo has been very selective recently on which retailers gets the information because of past retailers leaking info early.

  10. It’s up on preorder at Target for $60, so $30 per game which isn’t bad considering how much upgrades they made to it.

  11. You know there's been other wars/conflicts of this nature going on since before this right? Nintendo only cared to delay this because first world countries chose to treat this one like a sporting event.

  12. Eee. Don’t get me excited for nothing! Passing GBA back and forth between a friend for a few hours and still not being done. Those were the days.

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