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  2. What is of utmost importance (on the dispensary end) is that they smooth out the kinks of those cards that originally wouldn’t activate. The whole reason they had dispensaries go manual was to prevent those who couldn’t access their scannable card from getting turned away, however it’s almost quadrupled the wait times at my local dispensary and that’s with everyone going at full speed. A 5 min transaction turns into up to 45 mins, which is incredibly inaccessible for our patients.

  3. Why is a product like hash rosin not on shelves. With only the use of heat and pressure you think it would be a prelude. But the real answer is most likely out of these 10 companies we have had none can grow cannabis worthy of processing hash. Easily vaped and a much better medication than distillate. I’m sure NY will also try and cap thc levels because it’s NY.

  4. That and all the other various issues tied to no response was also discussed quite a bit. OCM had a table there and I spoke to someone about the need for listening sessions, responses to patient issues, etc. i got a business card for their director of external affairs and she asked me to forward her my last email sent (the one about the contaminated COA that got no response). I’ll see if she responds - hopefully it’ll be a better, usable contact than the generic addresses that get no response.

  5. Nothing is better. The system is completely down and all recommendations need to be set up manually. It means that a 5m check out time is now over 30m - if your order can be saved. The OCM is using an emergency feature of the system as an everyday practice. The medications do not update properly to the prescription medical program. Things are worse than ever.

  6. Are you able to order by phone and pick-up? Or does everything have to go through online ordering? I’ve never been to a Botanist so I don’t know their standard procedures.

  7. Ordered through Leafly today, Verilife Amherst. All good, I did have my certification with me. I was also told I had to take my license out of the plastic in my wallet this time when previously they did not ask for that.

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