1. Tell your mother in law that it’s your turn to parent, she already had her turn. In fact, tell your husband to tell her that and to stand up for you. If you don’t do this now, you’re setting yourself up for a very rough motherhood experience.

  2. At our second pediatrician visit, it was just me, my mom, and the baby. My mom - who I love dearly - meant well, but was trying to show off her parenting skills. The pediatrician picked up on it immediately, and told my mom that she either needed to be quiet or leave the room because it was more important for me to have all my questions answered about my newborn.

  3. your MIL doesn’t need to approve jack shit. that is unacceptable and a major cross of boundaries and i guarantee you it’ll only get worse after the baby arrives especially if you entertain this behavior. it’s REALLY important to start setting boundaries now. your husband needs to speak up.

  4. Formula is highly highly regulated by the FDA. Yes, formula are different but they are all safe. I’d suggest following The Formula Mom on IG. Aside from that, please pick a formula that works for you and your budget. Also know that your LO might have allergies or sensitivities and the organic stuff might not work for their tummies. I use the brand Bobbie and it’s organic and clean ingredients if you’re still looking for a brand recommendation.

  5. Stop telling her things it’s not her business. The best formula is the one that works for your baby. She sounds like she gets all her information from fb and Instagram and doesn’t t understand formula to begin with.

  6. Unfortunately even the “cleanest” formula could not work if your baby has any allergies, which you won’t know until it happens. Babies don’t give a shit about “clean”. The hospital will have good formula.

  7. Kendamil is a European brand that has just been approved to be sold in the US. Target sells it with fast shipping. I’m using that now and was previously using Little Oak from New Zealand it’s a goat milk based formula.

  8. First: there’s no such thing as “clean” formula, which is a good thing. It is a highly processed food because human breastmilk is unique in nature, and imitating it takes a lot of tinkering. A “clean“ formulation could not provide all that baby needs.

  9. Thank you everyone! I appreciate the formula recommendations as well as the advice on boundaries. I have had concerns around my MIL and boundaries during my pregnancy, which may not have been communicated well by me to my husband because he interpreted it as me having a vendetta against his mom. (Don’t get me wrong, hubs is very supportive). Anyway, I sent him over some of your formula recommendations with the disclaimer of supply chain issues, baby allergies, preferences and the fact that it’s not good to change up babies formula week to week so it’s important to find one that is going to be in stock and unfortunately it might not be the “cleanest” of ingredients. I then asked if he would run this by his mom so I can purchase. Now he is frustrated that we need his moms approval for formula. I think this definitely gave him some perspective of where I am coming from around boundaries now that he is the one who needs to deal with it.

  10. Whatever works for your kid is the answer. Digestive issues are real. Excessive diaper rash is real. Fortunate our boy worked well with what he was given in the hospital, but that’s not always the case.

  11. It's none of your MIL's business how you feed your baby as you are the parent. However, as someone who will need to supplement as well I've been interested in the ByHeart brand which currently has a wait-list or Bobbie. My friend uses Bobbie and enjoys the quality of ingredients for her baby. Best of luck in your feeding adventures.

  12. So firstly, your MIL does not get a say in raising your child. You can make it clear to her that she does not get a say. Your spouse should absolutely be managing most boundaries with their family and not put this on you.

  13. We buy Hipp formula. I would only use it if you are doing it for your own reasons. It’s too expensive to choose a formula for her reasoning. $50 CAD for a can which lasts my 8 month old twins 2.5 days.

  14. I would put your foot down now. You’ll want boundaries but also might not work for your baby. I’m super organic, crunchy granola and we needed to supplement to get back to birth weight. Used Kendamil Organic which caused my child extreme gas pains and vomiting. Had to switch to something I swore I wouldn’t use and he was as happy as a clam. It’s about making the right choice for your baby, not the right choice for your MIL

  15. Nip the MIL boundaries ASAP. Your partner needs to be clear on this. That’s all I can say. So sorry 😩

  16. Maybe I’m overstepping but your MIL doesn’t need to approve shit. This is your baby not hers. Let her know early on the boundaries and do not let her overstep them. If you’re too nervous to talk to her let your partner know and have your partner talk to their mom for you. Okay now that’s all been said. All formula is FDA approved. However, if you want certified “clean” labeled, the brand ByHeart is certified. They are expensive $39 a can. I used it for a few months, and my baby liked it.

  17. Tell your MIL to suck it & mind her own business. We used HiPP and loved it- but you do what works and is convenient for YOU AND BABY!

  18. Despite your MIL’s unnecessary approval, I would recommend Kendamil. It’s a European formula that I found at Target. The have an organic and non-organic option.

  19. Bobbie It's a subscription service. They were unaffected by the shortage because they have their own factory. All organic ingredients

  20. Bobbie was most definitely affected by the shortage and isn't taking on new clients at this point. I imagine they're up to their ears in business right now.

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