1. Sounds like there is only one, but relatively easy thing you could do to at least improve on the situation a tiny little bit: Stop watching the news. You won‘t miss out on anything truly important as people will talk about it anyway, but at least you‘re not bombarded with negativity 2-3 times a day!

  2. I second this!! I stopped watching the news and my life greatly improved! I still follow the news on my chosen source but I don’t HAVE to read every single article. Highly suggest.

  3. You are absolutely right. It's hard wanting to be informed about the world but all the information is just terrible 😅

  4. I had to unsubscribe from all my news/political podcasts and newsletters, it just got to be too much. I barely read the headlines now, ignorance is bliss 😂 I just don’t have the bandwidth for anything important other than my son at this time in my life.

  5. I agree. Life changing news will reach you. You don’t have to seek it. My life has been less stressful after turning off the news.

  6. Third this. I stopped watching the news when I got pregnant bc I was just too tired to care. My life is greatly improved.

  7. This! I cut the news out of My life in 2020. Between election shit and covid shit and blm raids by My town and police violence, it was too much! Every now again I’ll open up the news on My phone, but the news channel itself is not allowed on the tv anymore. People will always be dying, violence and raids will always be happening, children will always get cancer, it started spiraling me down a road of just wanting to kill myself when I was pregnant in 2020-2021 because who the hell would bring a child into the world with ice caps melting, human trafficking at an all time high, wages at a low, I think what settled it being never turned on again was the story about dogs and cats being put down in humane societies and then sent to the dog food factories. I even had to stop watching murder documentaries. Now I can handle the anxiety and stress way better then I did then, but I still see no reason in the news being on anymore

  8. My approach is to select one curated news source and only consistently use that. By doing that, I know I'm getting something that attempts to cover the important things, not just whatever happens to be on when I turn on the TV. For me that's Up First podcast from NPR. It's 13-15 minutes every morning covering the 3 most important stories of the past day in a fairly calm, non-sensationalist way. They have experts and reporters on to explain what happened,, but basically never have pundits on to provide opinions. The hosts never yell. Sometimes the news being reported is scary or stressful, but the presentation never is.

  9. It's 8 am. I'm laying on the couch with the TV on mute while reruns of Top Chef are playing. My son is in the pack N play next to me half asleep, half grunting out farts. I am trying not to think about the constant debate about returning to work or becoming a stay at home parent and I turned to Reddit for the distraction. I feel this in my core. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Being a stay at home parent is so challenging but also so rewarding, but in my experience it's been super difficult trying to get back into work after LO has grown enough.

  11. I feel this. We moved to a very anti-worker state before I got pregnant and my bleeding heart, shop steward, sass mouth hated every second of work down here. I’m happy being a SAHP for now, but there’s a small chance we may get to move back to the east coast next year and the urge to work in a better hospital is really gnawing at me. Both choices are “right” for us, so I’m struggling with the guilt of wanting to stay home but also with the guilt of wanting to work. Oof. Solidarity.

  12. Parenting is hard. This world is hard. At the end of the day, you have to do what keeps you sane and makes your baby happy, healthy, and loved.

  13. My little guy LOVES Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro so much. There’s something magical about those films. First introduced during a month and a half of sickness, including COVID, at 16 months old and now at 24 months he still loves them.

  14. Great writing! I loved this little short story. So authentic. This is a lot of us, but you captured it really well.

  15. I really feel your first point; I’m terrified of the world I’ll be bringing my children into. I just wish I could fix everything but I know that I just have to hope things will get better for them.

  16. I was 32 weeks pregnant and on a babymoon in Aruba when Russia included Ukraine. Aruba is a stone’s throw from Venezuela and I was convinced WW3 was going to break out before we had a chance to get back home and before I’d deliver.

  17. One thing that helped me get through days/weeks/months like this is my father told me: “kids destroy your life. But, they will build it back better than it ever was before.”

  18. I know you’re not looking for advice but turn off the news. The news is engineered to influence your emotions to get you engaged. Amusing ourselves to death is a great book that goes over this.

  19. You are doing a great job 👏 Very well written post. I can relate. It’s all about survival, just one day at a time.

  20. The gyrating radishes part is hilarious. 😂 Look up "Hey Bear" on YouTube. 😊 My daughter loved those videos when she was younger.

  21. That's really refreshing to hear. Almost everyone I know is taking a full year (pretty common in the UK) but I'm not sure I have it in me to do this for another 6 months. I am not a children's TV presenter, I don't have the energy or imagination. She will have a blast at nursery, I will miss her with my whole heart but I can't give her the experience she will get there. Parenting is way harder than my job (which is pretty demanding). No job I've ever had has been so crazy I haven't had time to shower!

  22. God I feel every bit of this. I just got finished scouring my city for daycares, knowing full well I won’t actually call anyone. My sister works part time and watches her 4 month old the other days of the week. I can’t tell you how envious of her I am, while absolutely slammed with guilt for being ungrateful to be a sahm.

  23. Don’t watch the news !!! Ever lol.. it does nothing good. I think this everyday about what I brought my kid into but then I remember, they have no clue what’s going on and if it happens early that the world ends, they still will have no clue . They are the lucky ones , it’s us that have to think about it every hour about the sun melting us or a meteorite hitting us.

  24. I could have written this myself it sums up how I feel and my exact days lots of the time!! The guilt oh my gosh!! The tiny bit of screen the malaise at how ridiculously tired you are and the terror of having to go back to work / put the baby in nursery even though you need to not do this ALL the time. I also feel completely sapped by cost of living issues and worried about how we will cope. I know we will but it’s all there isn’t it. Thanks so much for sharing your REAL experience xx

  25. You are doing great. You could tell everyone who keeps bugging you to suck it up and leave you alone for a week. This time is not for or about them, it's all about you, your baby, and your husband. Also, try watching those "Cat TV" or "Dog TV" channels on YouTube instead of the news. It's essentially small backyard animals and birds eating and drinking around ponds, in the woods, around bird baths with nature sounds. It's very soothing and often the videos are 8hrs+ long.

  26. Get off that damn news. It’s bad, it’s real. Focus on your LO, we didn’t have them to fix things but by damn, I think they’re going to.

  27. Thank you for sharing this beautifully written and painfully relatable. You are absolutely not alone and spot on! The endless cycle of feeling bad for feeling bad - how do we break it !!!?

  28. I have a Facebook group chat where all my family members are added and that's where I add pictures. Tell everyone they can message you on their from now on, maybe once they see how many annoying messages you get they won't (doubt it, but it might be a good idea to consolidate the place for picture updates and messages? It made my life way easier anyways).

  29. Its so true. I feel so awful that I feel so grateful for daycare. We started two weeks ago and decided to ween into it.. 3x/week at first for a month before bumping it up to 5x/week. That was a mistake, both my wife and I aren't super productive at work on Mondays or Fridays. I don't know why I thought we could work and also care for an infant, anyone who says parents can hold a full time job and care for an infant during the day are straight up lying.. its impossible! I feel so bad saying that I can't wait until we're up to 5x/week.

  30. Wow. I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. In my case I realized reframing my thoughts really helps me. There are some amazing positive parenting pages on Instagram. Maybe replace the news with them? I found Tessa Romero particularly helpful in my case.

  31. The guilt of this shitty awful world when I look at my perfect little girl is almost too much to bear, I can’t watch the news!!!

  32. I’ve quit watching the news. When baby is asleep I listen to podcasts (murder, history, sometimes historical murders to combine the two). I don’t miss TV as much as I thought I would and I used to have it on in the background all the time.

  33. This was beautiful to read, thank you for posting and dont forget that you are a legitimate hero!

  34. Ha. Watching TV with subtitles. That's life now for us all I guess. But is your brightness also turned down to basically s black screen.

  35. OP I feel i come in late but your post rang some bells with me and my wife, we are exactly the same except for the news, i would like to ask if for the gas pain you tried any probiotics? (They seem to help in some cases) when my banshee queen (yes, i call her banshee queen because she screams as a live pterodactyl lol) had some gas pain (not colicky but just gas pain) i would give her something called Biogaia (Reuters Biogaia idk if you have it in your country or not), worth the shot tho.

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