1. A lot of it depends who you are. If you're just some disposable scumbag then whatever happens to you is probably based on what you did and who you know. The revenge violence and "protection" you see typically belongs to people who run crews.

  2. prisons in México are like a big shitty community, but those who have enough money live like at home, do whatever they want, they can have comforts and obviously this is only possible with due bribery, it is known that inside there are drugs, prostitutes, cell phones, and other shit come in.

  3. Cartels usually manage the prisons themselves through bribery or death treaths . If you look at the history of prison riots and prison escapes in Mexico it’s crazy. Sometimes prisoners will walk out the front doors of the prison and leave with no resistance. I remember a famous one back in 2010 or 2011 where a cartel surrounded the prison grounds so the warden and all the guards just let the cartel prisoners walk out. They literally walked out of the front doors into waiting trucks and suvs and drove off

  4. Mexican prisons are amazing for the wealthy and connected. Personal chefs come in. They have cells with their own private backyard area and tell their chef what to cook that day. Prostitutes on call. See their families whenever they want. It's chill mode fr.

  5. From what i heard the Brazilian prisons are the worst for violence and organized Crime activity! The biggest cartels and one of the most powerful cartels are from Brazil.. PCC and CV for example!

  6. Yikes, another sheeple that watches too much netflix thinking hardened sadistic criminals have a moral compass against people that "hurt children and women " 🤣

  7. This is actually true in prisons in California. There is a hierarchy. Pedophiles and rapists are stab on sight at Level 3 and Level 4 prisons. Gang dropouts are down on those lower rungs of the ladder as well.

  8. These comments are just as bad if not worse than the people who dickride the narco lifestyle. The thing is for every comment about sucking mencho or ovidios dick there’s like 5x as many assholes who think they’re any better for belittling everyone in here.

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