1. These guys are creative and commit to it huh. It looks like it’s a lot of physical work to do too 😐😐

  2. It's like a cycle, these guys torture and kill someone and then they themselves get killed.

  3. A lot of times it is just low-level people (lookouts, low-level soldiers etc) that have this happen to them.

  4. yeah one of the videos ive actually seen before i started dreaming this shit and stopped, there was an old timer saying to the camera that remember younsters I've done the same things you're about to do to me and one day you will be the one that gets caught slippin, then they proceded to decapitate him

  5. Yeah but the CJNG people torturing people this badly are highly unlikely to be tortured this bad if they ever get captured. Not all cartels do this. The person doing this would probably just get decapitated if they were captured by rivals.

  6. El Payaso from CJNG did this. I forgot the exact town but it’s in Michoacán. The border of Jalisco and Michoacan right now (on the Michoacan side) is fucked. This isn’t far from where ghost rider’s torture was filmed.

  7. This is fucking horrible. Scary that stuff like this is reality, this is really happening. Imagine if that was YOU. The fact that it’s possible that it could be is so scary to me.

  8. Which is what I find so bizarre about humans. Like, how we enjoy horror movies like Saw where they do horrific stuff to people. It kind of stops being entertaining watching those movies when you know it's basically real life in a lot of ways.

  9. Very true I was implying no one deserves it but I would certainly understand it more if the person did a terrible thing like rape. Somepeople think death is an easy way out and I myself also believe that too. Not saying that they should be tortured. Just locked away for a very long time.

  10. Dehydration must be crippling at this point. Think of how much fluid he’s lost and the heat as well. His brain can’t do anything about the pain (which will be indescribable) but water would be a quick fix for his immediate survival needs.

  11. EMT here. When people go into compensated shock they become insatiably thirsty. He is probably moving from compensated shock into decompensated shock due to severe blood less. I don’t think it needs to be said, but he is on the verge of death.

  12. The guy in the video from Brazil where they melt burning plastic on him then forcefeed him his own severed fingers was asking for water too. I was like "WTF"?

  13. I think the absolute best punishment is to lock these guys in a 5' x 5' room where they can't quite lay down, turn off the lights, and let them spend the rest of their life hallucinating and reimaging the tortures they committed. Imagine the nightmares these people must have.

  14. You know, ive been here for a while just lurking. I think this is it. I’ve seen a lot of what has to be seen and I think I’m done here

  15. My school is full of people who think cartels are cool. I’m thinking on showing them videos like this.

  16. Yeah, this has been debated for a while. I even seem to remember some isis off shoot saying they would win a turf war with the cartels. I just think the cartels are on another level of creative fucked up shit.

  17. isis at least does it for "something higher". These guys just do it for money. Fucking money. Like isis belives It's for the greater good and have "some" standarts the least. This seems so pointless. Money is only worth something if you live and can spend it and these guys still kill and die for it

  18. By the way, at the end, it sounds like they're saying 'no se' to the 'do you know who I am question', which means I don't know.

  19. Could somebody possibly draw this in MS paint and post that? I 100% know that what I’ll see in the video is worse than what I’m imagining, but my monkey brain needs to know as much about this without actually seeing it.

  20. It's one of the most nightmarish things ever. Seriously whatever you can imagine it's worse. Just open it and take a look at him.

  21. Yea i recommended not watching it if you have a faint of heart. They edited the video to make it feel a little more offsetting

  22. How was that “no se” unintelligible Lol he clearly said I don’t know and he didnt say tell me “tough guy” he said “tell me louder” basically

  23. Nope, thats a dead man talking . Wouldn’t be surprised if he was still alive due to the intense shock he went through.

  24. That's why you avoid getting kidnapped at all costs, dying while being abducted is way better than risking the chance of this happening to you or a loved one, I learned this from living in Venezuela

  25. I remember seeing this and apparently what the guy shouts indescribable but he said “no I don’t know who you are, you’re a nobody!!” Super tough even though at the point of dying

  26. It's time the US military gets involved or something, these coward rats need to be removed from Mexico. You'd think we'd be more worried about ISIS-esque freaks that are only one border away but I guess not

  27. Do you honestly believe these men are cowards? They are definitely equivalent to rat shit but i wouldnt categorize them as cowards..

  28. What would happen if someone decided to do a documentary about the cartels? Would there be trouble or no one knows what might happen? When i say documentary, i mean interviews, videos and pictures of the cartel members, their weapons, cars, lifestyle etc

  29. It would be an extremely dangerous job for a journalist so first thing would be to get a volunteer. And even with that being so there's material like a mini documentary vice made where they interviewed meth producers, there is cartel land and then you have Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo interviewing El Chapo, there is also a clip from Telemundo I think on how CJNG recruits new people which is very fucked up.

  30. Check out how much trouble Narcos had filming in their later seasons just for a dramatic recreation of events.

  31. I dont understand how the world was so up in arms about nazi's killing people... but this, this sort of thing can slide on a day to day basis. Fucking hate this duality of man i keep coming across.

  32. You’d think these people would start carrying cyanide capsules to suicide themselves quickly before having this happen to them.

  33. No, not really that bad to say IMO. The question is simply whether a border wall would stop this from happening and also whether a border wall would stop criminals from entering the US (which the border wall guys' main argument is).

  34. Like a wall has worked for keeping unwanted people or invaders out of a territory throughout history, not even the Chinese wall worked.

  35. Some people will do anything to convince you that it’s bad. But the truth is it’s a very human reaction.

  36. Imagine if these fucking animals came to the US.... man honestly I would love to reeinlist. And I know lots of other vets that would love to come along and teach these piranhas lessons in humility spellt out in well placed shots to the head.

  37. Do you guys think this is gonna changed one day? Or they just keep killing each other till they all gone?

  38. There will always be power and money so there will always be competition for it. While there is always competition for it, there happen to be those people that take the "How bad do you want it" factor to the next level. So I believe this will never stop. It may change locations, but it will not cease.

  39. I’ve been so desensitized by the internet that seeing stuff like this doesn’t bother me anymore. I think I need help lol

  40. They still have a long way to go to catch up with the Catholic Church. Flaying alive was not only a somewhat common punishment, but it was done publicly, usually in front of a church or cathedral, and the skin was then cured and hung up as a reminder.

  41. I saw the whole video.. The screams he makes are haunting. Could not sleep that night. And I reconsider on visiting Mexico.

  42. Hahahahaha the bro that did this and is askin questions is so terrified himself I can tell by the way he talks hahaha fuckers van all rot it hell fuck them sway can’t we all just get along g what is the need for this honestly why can’t they just work it out deal it out money is clearly not a problem or these fucker give respect get respect we all need to unite for ww3 when the aliens come back 2020 was fucked 2021 is just gonna ramp up

  43. This is fucked but there’s a video that literally ups the notch by like 1 more point and it’s where some cartel has to guys hand tied back to back shirtless and ones older abs one younger. Older fellow is a cop and the younger guy is his son and the skin off the face of the cop in front of son and I believe either shoots or beheads kid then Dismember

  44. Naw this was a cartel vid from earlier this year or last year. They're taunting him and he's begging for water ("agua").

  45. His nickname was Ghost Face so they literally burned his entire face. They didn’t peel it, they burned him alive.

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