1. Picked up this Ruger American 300 blackout today from the pawnshop. Needs a new optic and a little bit of love but will be a great host for my banish 30

  2. They actually had more nice guns than I’ve ever seen. Usually it’s one or two nice guns on a whole bunch of crap

  3. Man I’m super jealous. I’ve been looking for one in 300 blk local to me for forever. May have to just suck it up and buy online. Is that the stock barrel that’s threaded?

  4. Good to know, thank you. I'm not dead set on 14.5 can't decide if I want 12.5 or 14.5. Have a 10.5 300AAC AR pistol and I love it. Had a 2 different uppers in 16in and they both grouped worse than my 10.5 at 100yds. So I want to get something in between to experiment with.

  5. Haha! I did some scope work on one of those not long ago. They’re fun! I put my Omega 45K on it after the scope was mounted leveled and torqued. With subs the thing would would be a great coyote rifle. Nice snag!

  6. Excited to get mine, saw a few set ups on Reddit and snagged one on GB for 529. Didn’t think they were unobtainium but I’ve seen a few people now say they are scarce or high priced when you do. 350 is a steal.

  7. My Dad got the .308 version, not a bad little rifle. Very light and handy. Only thing is, I'd 100% trade it in for a .300 AAC or 7.62x39 model, as the .308 has a very strong recoil for how light the gun is. Not the best match TBH.

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