1. User serviceable, Obsidian. Rifle caliber with 9mm on the side, Omega36. Subgun, Wolfman. Value oriented, R9. Honorable mentions, MG7 and Mod9.

  2. For 9mm I personally love my Omega9k for size and looks. Light weight and compact when on the front of a handgun then on my mpx and sp5 it keeps it nice and short.

  3. Between wolfman, Mg7k, and r9 the r9 stays in the safe. Toss up between Mg7k and wolfman when it’s in short configuration which it always is.

  4. Rugged is my pick for pistol cans in particular due to the warranty. Buffers, trilug, and pistol qds get squirly too often. I’ve seen more pistol baffle strikes than rifle, and that’s saying something given how much more I’ve been around rifle cans.

  5. We actually released a blog post about this recently (I can't link to it, thanks Big Tech), but you can find it in the blogs section of the site.

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