1. I very much agree with your assessment. So many reviews panned his acting, I too was expecting the worse. But Harry more than held his own, even if, as you say, he was better in some scenes than in others. I thought his weakest moments were his interactions with Miriam, where he seemed flat and one-dimensional. But the woodenness actually helps to convey Tom’s repression and the flatness of his feelings for her. Harry was most effective and expressive in his scenes with Patrick, capturing both his attraction to him and the weight of needing to be furtive and hidden in their relationship so as not to suffer the dire consequences of being found out to be gay in 1950’s British society. I think Harry consciously sought to suppress the very charismatic pop-star persona he is famous for, attempting to portray Tom as a real product of the environment, class and strictures comprising his conservative and banal world. I have great respect for Harry for taking on this role, given the intrusiveness of the interest in his own sexuality since he was a mere boy and the guarantee his playing this part would fuel more of the same. But his presence in the film assures a wider audience than it may have had otherwise, and for this Harry should be thanked. My Policeman is a heartbreaking, touching story and one that is very important to tell. Its themes of societal repression, the harm of not being free to be your authentic self, betrayal, wasted time, regret and redemption/another chance absolutely resonate in a world in which homophobia still exists and being gay is still a punishable crime in many places.

  2. I thought he handled the role very well. He has a long way to go and as he stars in more movies, he will improve. He definitely has a screen presence and with the right role and director, I think he will shine. These were all difficult roles. Rupert Everett, as older Patrick, nailed it. His longing for Tom was evident. And when older/younger Tom finally "touched" him, I cried like a baby. Emma Corrin as young Marion was excellent; as well as David Dawson who played young Patrick. These talented actors helped enhance Harry's performance and I think he has a good future as an actor.

  3. Me and my friend just finished watching this and we thought Tom and Patrick’s chemistry came across really good! I thought Harry’s acting was good in this, I think it’s helped by working alongside some really good actors and the movie having a strong plot too. Really loved this movie.

  4. I think it’s a tough role, because Tom never gets to be as emotionally open as Marion or Patrick. The pacing of the film means we don’t always have enough time to just observe Tom and draw our own conclusions about what he’s thinking. The pacing kind of works against Harry’s acting in places, too. I’m thinking of the dinner argument over whether Marion is going to keep working - the scene is so short that Tom’s anger has to escalate fast, and it comes across as more awkward than it might have if the timing had given Harry the space to build Tom’s anger.

  5. i just finished the movie, and found this group because i wanted to share my thoughts about his role, so i’m going to under this post.

  6. I had no idea who he was but left the movie thinking that he was a pretty good actor, why hadn't I heard of him before? I'm glad I didn't. I think he played the role as it was meant to be played, as a clunky blue collar cop crashing head on with a higher sense of living.

  7. I thought he spoke with a weird melody, it didn't sound natural. Lines like "She really is a wonderful person" ,"I thought, Marion would enjoy that sort of thing more than I would" and his whole dialogue with Marion at the pool sounded very stilted and acted to me. I also think some of his expression are a bit exaggerated, he uses his eyebrows a lot. But I thought he portrayed certain emotions well such as anger, being drunk, feeling conflicted and scared.

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