1. I can bitch about the censorship that Twitter does and then I can buy Twitter to give freedom to the people and spout my own facts seemingly without consequence, then get fact checked then I dont like that someone did that AAAAND ITS GONE!! Next please!

  2. I love the fact checking. People have to learn that they can't believe anything they read anymore. And we need to raise the level of critical thinking. Dreaming, I know.

  3. My mom says ridiculous stuff she hears from ridiculous sources all the time. I will pull out my phone after she says something. Apparently I don’t love her because I fact check her, I skips just believe her as she just believed others.

  4. That goes against everything people have been taught in school for generations now. It won't happen simply for being needed.. if it's not interesting (i.e. profitable) for the first class citizens, it won't happen.

  5. Why don’t people just get their news from NEWSPAPERS?! I will never stop preaching the gospel of subscribing to Reuters, Time, AP, and NPT. No angry disingenuous loser screaming “be afraid!!!” at you 24/7, no tweets, just written down facts.

  6. Public school funding is the 2nd step.the first is never letting Republicans hold power because they want all schooling to go private

  7. It's true. Critical thinking should be taught in the public school system at the late elementary to middle school level. It isn't. I didn't pick up committed courses in critical thinking until college... Which is not required, and many never attend.

  8. Dreaming is legit, even people in the skepticism are incapable of skepticism if it contradicts their worldview... I dunno how to unfuck people but 99% of people are fucked by worldview backfire effect and have not the interest, discipline, resources, or rationale to do shit about it.

  9. As a teacher, I would say that schools do spend a lot of time trying to get students to think critically. What we fail to do is teach people how to identify credible sources.

  10. Speaking of, do we have a sauce for the facr-checker's numbers. Facebook driving 74% is believable but also kind of extreme.

  11. Sadly the right wing has labelled all forms of critical thinking and acceptance of others as “woke” and refuse to engage further once that word comes up in their heads

  12. I've only been on twitter for like a year to help with outreach as a streamer- and I learned really fast that twitter stifles tweets that link you to other platforms. If you post your twitch link in your tweet, it will push that tweet real low for other people.

  13. Twitter is nowhere near the top of clicks to other websites. Additionally, as this article points out, in terms of overall traffic, it ranks

  14. Pornhub also gets people to actually click on ads! My friend clicked on an ad titled “the five times Yoda said the N word” bc he just had to know what the fuck that was. Zero porn whatsoever, just a baffling series of events detailing Yoda getting an N word pass

  15. Gotta wonder where he even got this bullshit from. And, what a bum ... he couldn't take 5 minutes to assign someone on his staff to check this claim before broadcasting it?

  16. Seriously?? This was the first time I’ve thought, ‘wow, I like this Twitter feature.’ Musk is fucking pathetic

  17. Musk has been owned a lot on his own platform recently, unfortunately this usually results in him laying off someone or implementing a new horrible feature

  18. If he was good at his job he’d respond and point out how effective this fact checking aspect is and how he learned something. But people born into “success” usually aren’t good at any job.

  19. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if he adds a feature that would disable replying to a tweet, for a premium $30 fee.

  20. Anyone wanna bet when the added context feature will get axed for having the gall to correct the glorious infallible leader?

  21. there's no one left to remove features. it's just musk alone in a twitter motel room begging fired employees to return at this point

  22. Pretty decent chance, actually. Right wingers in general hate fact checks because they are so often the "victim" of them. And Musk is in his honeymoon phase with the right wing press so he might axe them to gain brownie points with the fascists.

  23. it's funny how he's acting like he himself created twitter. I was gonna make an analogy about a person buying a Maserati and then bragging about designing the whole thing but then I realized rich people are probably just all like that

  24. I've been saying for literally over 6 years that I see a lot of parallels between Trump, Musk, and Kanye. They all have their cults of personality around them that will explain away anything their infallible leader does, no matter how dumb or shitty it is.

  25. 2 reasons probably .. Because he was losing popularity with the left.. and all he needed to do was switch sides and he gets his "safe space" among Republicans once he claims he's one of them. They shelter and protect their own..

  26. He's not sounding more and more like Trump. Let's please not give Trump the favor of associating him with every single narcissist.

  27. It is almost as if he took trump business tactics to twitter. Bolster how good he will make it when buying. Get to the company and make stupid decisions. Sell off anything of value. Fire everyone. File bankruptcy. Claim to be greatest business man ever.

  28. I was flabbergasted by his actions starting right after the buyout. He literally cannot have any idea how Twitter works to make such big changes. I work for a big corp, and when we hire a junior person, they spend 2 months in training to be able to understand the nuts and bolts needed for their limited task set. And Musk thought he can literally understand the inner workings of the entire company in a single week.

  29. pretty sure those are man made fact checking, which is even funnier considering elon is paying them to own him

  30. The fact that Pinterest, arguably the most worthless SEO’d site on the web has as much referral power as twitter really brings a tear to my eye

  31. Because everything on Pinterest is an external link (but you can't see them without an account. I absolutely loathe when every result of an image search points to fucking pinterest.)

  32. Twitter is an absolute toilet that the vast majority of people don’t use at all. It’s cryptic and hard to follow and just overall a weird experience that only a certain set of people use. It’s absolutely nowhere even remotely near facebook in terms of ubiquitousness. This is Musk so far up his own narcissistic ass that he doesn’t understand that Twitter isn’t nearly as important for most people as it is to him.

  33. twitter has a decent unique selling point - allowing 'official' public announcements by notable people/entities.

  34. Google is so much of traffic that there is an entire multi-million dollar industry sorry dedicated to improving your Google page rank without buying Google ads.

  35. Scary that a cesspit like FB drives so many clicks, just an absolute swamp of misinformation flying around that platform to radicalise the older generations.

  36. so the question weird Elon nerds need to ask themselves is, is Elon a liar or is he just dumb? either way, why would you follow the guy

  37. Musk is just the internet Trump, isn’t he? Spouting whatever bullshit he wants to fit his narrative, no matter how true it is or isn’t?

  38. Don't think I'll ever get sick of seeing Elon getting humiliated due to his impossibly large ego.

  39. His own tweet was fact checked. Doesn’t that show the fact checking unbiased? I don’t like Elon, but you can’t say the same about fact checking before.

  40. So he’s just gone full Trump? Blanket statements, completely and verifiably untrue, just to play to the people that worship him

  41. I feel like Facebook must be a typo or something, cause 74% seems like a staggering amount for a site mostly abandoned by the mainstream audience and mostly used by a much older demographic...

  42. If these stats are world wide, there are countries, especially developing countries, where Facebook essentially IS "the internet".

  43. The older demograph are far more likely to click through and view ads though too. Old people will get curious, young people just view them all as scam clickbait.

  44. I think "mostly abandoned" has been a bit overstated. But I did abandon it myself. I think it still does huge numbers though

  45. Dude, as much as I hate Facebook, and I want people to abandon it, it’s easy to check that they had almost 3 billion monthly active users last quarter. That’s over 1/3 of people on Earth. Not hard to imagine how much traffic they generate.

  46. I think in poor countries Facebook funds phones or phone plans for people but they can only access Facebook for free. Maybe they can access links through Facebook as well.

  47. The numbers I found actually state that this 74% number actually includes Google, and it's split something like 35/39 in facebooks favor. But this stat is just for 'top publisher' sites: I can't find stats on total traffic, but I think Google still wins out there.

  48. Not sure why you got down voted. You're the only one that's 100% right in this thread. I've worked in marketing for a number of years --- clicks and referrals are two totally separate things.

  49. Does anyone seriously believe that together those 3 drive 98%? Leaving 2% to other giants like Google, Instagram, Bing and "other"?

  50. Yeah I think someone's confusing internet traffic with social media traffic. Twitter accounts for about 7% of social media visits.

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