1. Marrying, caring, and providing for a woman you love and want to spend your life with is simp behavior bro

  2. Yes, that's exactly what the red pill philosophy says. "Settling" for a long term relationship is the primary trait of a beta.

  3. Don't give AF if it is.... I've never been happier in my life. Met my wife when I was 31, we were married 18 months later. It's been the best 5 years of my life.

  4. And what exactly is the point of Hooters? Their food sucks and it's not nearly as tittalating as I was led to believe. This horny alpha male would rather just hit up a strip club after vegan tapas with the wife.

  5. Even better. Betas hang with their wives while alpha males hang out at PG-13 strip clubs getting fleeced by the women working there.

  6. The first tradition of alpha males: "We removed all self awareness from ourselves, because self-honesty is scary and we didn't like what we found"

  7. It’s funny but this is the whole “out with the boys to get away from the ball and chain” thing that never made any sense to me. Why would you commit to spend the rest of your life with someone if you dislike spending time with them? By all means, have an independent social life, but to act like it’s some chore to hang out with your spouse is a deeply weird boomer “thing”.

  8. This is the generation that still wonders why the "I cant stand my ball and chain of a wife" joke isnt a staple of millennial humor.

  9. So Alpha not being married and running around to chicken wing restaurants to stare awkwardly at women who want nothing to do with me. Cheers!

  10. Homer is legit alpha. Affords a 2 story house with a 2 car garage, 2 vehicles, feeds 3 kids and a wife on just his salary. He fucks off at work, bowls and gets drunk with his buddies.

  11. That quote always reminds me of a story my dad told me. Before he was married to my mom, he was married very young (like 19) to his first wife. One night he had his friends over and they decided to stay the night. He got them set up in the living room with sleeping bags and the couch all made up. And one of his friends, seeing all the designated "spots" filled, goes, "Wait, where are you going to sleep."

  12. Hmmm... Tapas at a chic restaurant with the kind of lady that enjoys that, or shitty deep fried frozen food served by women paid to pretend to like you. Quite the choice.

  13. Not sure if I'm an alpha or a beta, but I'm 100% sure that Hooters food is hot garbage. Would hit McDonalds up 10 out of 9 before Hooters.

  14. Sounds like you're a beta that cares about having a "loving relationship". I'm an alpha and I swear to God my bitch second ex wife Katlyn and the kids who won't answer my calls don't even cross my mind. I'm just out with my boy Greg who's also so fucking alpha. Like we even give a shit about real food. The girls here ride upside down stools and Katlyn or your dumb wife probably don't even own orange shorts. I don't even think about her anymore. Greg would think you were so beta too and he gets it in a way Katlyn never did. The food here isn't all fried, they got other stuff you fucking beta. Betas don't know shit. You'll never understand how safe you feel when another alpha like Greg holds you.

  15. Nah you don't get it. These kinds of men don't view women as actual people. To them, your wife is just the hottest chick you could trick into becoming your bangmaid. After which you ignore them unless it's time for sex and complain about how annoying they are to your buddies. You aren't supposed to actually like them. After all, women can't be cool with interesting opinions or hobbies. So any guy that is hanging out with his wife is clearly being pussy whipped into doing so. 🙄

  16. Calling yourself an alpha male is like making up your own cool nickname. No one calls you “Samurai” bro, but you did get called Hoover for six years after you got caught with your dick in a vacuum in the supply closet.

  17. There's a guy I worked with that would claim to be alpha and demand respect. The one time I had to interact with him, he says "I'm an alpha male, I don't have to take orders from you, you're not my boss."

  18. Also, who the hell is going to Hooters with the boys? What are we fuckin’ 22 years old? If you see me and my boys out, we’re probably at Top Golf lmao

  19. Lol this is exactly how the 14 year old boys I work with tend to act when they're the odd one out of the guy friend group not dating. So this grown ass man is actually around the maturity level of a 14 year old.

  20. Yeah, this is a great point. "Real men aren't with their wives...." I really don't get this line of thinking. I really just came here to say, happy cake day buddy! Hope you're spending it with the boys!

  21. I love alpha male type dudes. They're good reminders that despite my insecurities, lack of confidence and self-loathing, it could be much much worse.

  22. Oh man I just feasted with some buds at a Tapas place and what a good fucking meal that was. Got plastered on Sangria and ate on different foods until we burst. Granted we didn't get to ogle women or stare at a flat screen, we actually had to keep conversation with each other like a couple of betas

  23. Also everyone likes to ignore that the man who created the “alpha” wolf theory and wrote books about, later realized he was completely wrong and has tried to undo that mistake for a long time. There was no alpha wolf in a pack, the leader was usually just the parent, male or female.

  24. As a woman who speaks to other women, nothing makes a ladies vagina drier than the Sahara than hearing guys unironically talk about "alphas".

  25. the whole point of alpha is that there's one, right? how do you have a social group full of/defined by being alphas?

  26. Alphas are leaders, they look out for their own. True alphas are designated drivers, have Pedialyte drinks for the boys on a night out, probably with pretzel sticks, advil and Neosporin.

  27. I find it hilarious because anyone that starts talking about this bullshit you immediately know is not at all the “alpha” they think they are. It just screams insecurity to even bring it up like a normal thing to say.

  28. I couldn't think of a likelier place to find 'Betas'. Men who doesn't get enough boobs in their daily lives, but are afraid to go to a real strip club.

  29. That's it exactly. The onky.times I've ever gone to Hooters is when someone else decided that's where we had to go. If we are going to go look at tits, let's just eat somewhere good and then go to a strip club. Or better yet, go to some kind of sex positive event where you will see sexy people who aren't there because they are paid. But the kind of people who love going to Hooters aren't the kind of people who are invited to those kinds of things in my experience.

  30. I guess this is the wrong thread to say I genuinely like their wings and the Three Mile Island sauce, and have always had a good experience when I go there.

  31. Strip clubs are probably much more expensive than Hooters, but those men who don't want to to go to strip club probably also have internet access.

  32. So lemme get this straight: as an Alpha male, spending time doing something you enjoy with your wife is a bad thing. And leaving your wife to ogle boobs with your boys is a good thing.

  33. I have no idea who this guy is but have seen his profile picture across social media the last couple of days. And every single time he's been talking about Hooters in different posts. Are they paying him?

  34. That's Nick Adams, Trump toadie and wannabe influencer, and I think they'd pay him to stop talking about them, actually. He does look like his diet is entirely made up of beer, wings, and whatever crumbs his MAGA overlords throw him.

  35. Exact opposite. He's a man-child so concerned about being 'Alpha' that he spends all day saying so and using examples such as this to make himself seem more of a man

  36. I'm not making this up, nick adams thinks Trump is a sports God and wrote a book called "how to make friends with black people."

  37. You might have also seen it a couple days ago, this exact screenshot was posted as a different thread to this very sub just two days ago. 'Extra Spicy Wing, Man'

  38. He’s playing a character. He’s just not very good at it yet. He’s doing a Colbert rip off except reality is too strange and people think he’s real still.

  39. Has anyone ever met somebody who calls themself an ’alpha male’ who wasn’t extremely dumb and insecure. It’s literally like having a calling card that says ‘loser for life’ on it.

  40. Right you are, pal. I have no need to express my masculinity through verbal proclamations, no. You need only a few functional senses to know that I carry myself with a ferine intensity, that I exude machismo with every leathery step of my brick shaped feet, so laying are these fleshy blocks the foundation of a man like no other, one beyond compare, but one utterly admirable from any sex, gender, and credo. Feast your eyes, your hungry, wanting eyes upon my oiled skin, a thick and necessary veneer tastefully decorated with hard earned hair and scars. These legs you see are those of man well walked, a man of squat and push, heave and ho. Shifting tectonic plates of slab muscle dance with precision in my burly thighs, and the heat that radiates from my loins will cause even the hardest heart to swoon. Do I say anything while I carry loads hither and fro? No, ma'am. No ma'am, not at all, and I'd advise you to remain seated as a hot-blooded woman such as yourself is liable to faint from pheromonic overload. Excuse yourself if you must. None would blame you. The only noise I utter is a steady workman's breath of focus and commitment. It's a hard breath, a rhythmic huff that let's you know you're safe in my arms, safe and sound held tight in my brawny embrace, yes sir. And sir, I will advise you not to sit in that woman's seat because you're liable to slip off it. My broad chest is covered with hair that only thickens with age, and as it stands, it's thick enough to hang from. But you won't hear me tell you that, no. I don't find it necessary to express myself in that way. I trust you'll find out on your own just how thick and strong my hair is, just how formidable my frame can be. Though, despite my oxen constitution, you're not intimidated are you? Even as my bronze skin glistens with a labor-made lather of sweat and oil, that's not fear you're experiencing. Haha, well I can't say I'm surprised. Maybe I've dropped a nod of reassurance your way. Maybe you've imagined it, but one thing's for certain, you know with all my manhood that I won't let anything bad happen to you. But you didn't need to hear that, did ya? You've known that ever since my righteous musk flooded your nostrils. You've known that since you felt my heft ripple through the earth. You've known that since you first saw my setting sun-silhouetted body come into focus. I am a man, a man's man, a rough and tumble man's man. And, I'm your man.

  41. Also if you’re there with your boys then only one can be the alpha. Meaning most of the “boys” are not alpha by definition. Or are all the boys getting participation alpha trophies now?

  42. This douche is so painfully lacking self awareness. Alpha males don't gargle some orange clowns dried up testicles. This is a case of the Chihuahua effect. Little dog not knowing that despite the barking and ankle biting no person fears them or respects their "power". He is tolerated or ignored at best. So irrelevant and non threatening that he becomes a living joke only worthy of pity.

  43. I've decided that anytime I run into anyone trying to make Alphas/betas a thing, I'm going to start talking about omegaverse fanfics until they go away

  44. Alpha and beta males are definitely a thing. Once we get the bugs worked out, we’ll be ready to release Males Vista, and I’m sure it won’t have any shortcomings!

  45. Imagine caring SO much about appearing manly that you denied yourself the pleasures of eating anything but shitty bar food

  46. One is literally paying for the company of a woman to pretend like she likes him and the other is enjoying time with their family but somehow the one that needs to pay for company is superior lol

  47. I long for the time where the Alpha/Beta male thing dies off. It was based on a study of wolves (not humans) and was found to not even be accurate for wolves.

  48. Sadly it will never die off when you have 14 year old boys looking up to the "alpha males" known as Sneako and Andrew Tate and are brainwashing these kids into thinking that they are true alphas.

  49. One of the nice things about deactivating my Twitter account was that I forgot all about Nick Adams and his is-it-pathetic-or-parody account.

  50. There is so much to unpack about Nick's tweet that we shouldnt and just throw it and him in to the trash. Holy fuck!

  51. I take my wife to lunch at the nice Mediterranean cafe she likes where she orders some delicate vegetarian tapas while I order a family sharer of beef chili nachos to eat. What does that make me?

  52. I literally laugh out loud every time I see a comment like this by a so-called alpha. I mean, do they really think us “betas” give a shit?

  53. The dude is an idiot, honestly. He's even more MAGA than the orange dude himself, and spill out even crazier conspiracies.

  54. I remember when I found out that Nick Adams (ALPHA Male, 6'3" IQ 160) was not actually a parody account. It forced me to close up my Twitter because I knew I could never keep up no matter how insane I posted.

  55. If we go by the wolf pack thing the alpha provides for the pack. So technically people who don't go to hooter are alphas and whiny piss baby over here is a beta or even omega

  56. The whole “Alpha Male” theory was debunked, by its author. It also pertained to wolves. Now, hold on to your socks since this might just blow them off your feet, but human beings have a somewhat more nuanced approach to courting one another than fucking wolves do, and if you continue to emulate the behavior of wild animals in hopes of attracting a mate the only company you’ll end up in is with a bunch of other dumbfuck “alphas”.

  57. The ideas some people have of what a man should be are truly warped. Imagine being such an insecure little bitch that you can’t eat tapas? What a fuckin tool.

  58. These people don't know how stupid they look saying "alpha male" and "beta" unironically, cringe culture is dead except for them.

  59. Alpha males are always gay because man on man sex is the most manly sex because there are no women involved.

  60. I work for a trash company and have a hooters as a new account. Had to stop by to talk to the management and I've never eaten at one so I said fuck it let's get some wings.

  61. Real men are secure enough in their masculinity that they don't feel the need to constantly "prove it" to people by acting like they're the main character of an Adam Sandler movie

  62. “Yeah look at those betas! Going home and having sex with their wives while all the real alphas go back to my place for a super alpha after party circle jerk while we think about all those hooters girls and not about each others dicks!”

  63. At least pick a better Sports Bar dude. Hooters is terrible. So many better places you can actually get decent food at and have a more relaxing environment to watch your team play in. Every time I’ve eaten at hooters I’ve always come away feeling nauseous.

  64. Imagine carrying a child for 9+ months, spending 18+ years raising them, and they turn out like this. I have 3 sons and if any of them ever pull this bullshit I’m going to mom roast them so hard

  65. Beta sounds better if the alphas have to spend their time with other alphas - those guys sound like a bunch of self-absorbed assholes.

  66. In The Manchurian Candidate (1962), James Gregory plays a senator who makes outrageously non sensical statements which feel like something how a comedian would parody right wing talking points, and it results in him becoming a laughing stock who is taken seriously by no one. Turns out, he was being instructed to do so by his wife who secretly wanted to humiliate the power in place by presenting such a buffoon as someone legitimate....is something like that happening with Nick Adams?

  67. Alpha males are a thing, and always have been throughout the animal kingdom, but here's the thing......if you need to tell people you're an "alpha", you are very much not an alpha. What you are, is insecure, and a source of "little dick energy".

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