1. If you really, really, really need to say something, “man, I love the colour and pattern!” often makes people smile back.

  2. Yeah I can’t remember the last time I was at the beach and had a single thought about what people had on. My thoughts are usually more like “I’m so glad I’m not working right now” or “Maybe I can run away forever and just live here”

  3. It's the beach. You have thousands of square feet of empty beach to play bocce on, but you toss your god damn balls right next to my chair every fucking time.

  4. Does anyone care or need to care? Just nod your head in greeting perhaps - smile and you and everyone else there enjoy fun in the sun and water.

  5. when my son was learning to swim his swim school hired an instructor who wore a burkini. my son (who was 6 at the time) asked me why she was wearing it and i told him that different people feel comfortable in different swimsuits - some people like being covered and others like wearing as little as possible. he thought about it for a moment and said "okay" (he then asked if we could have mcdonalds on the way home which had nothing to do with the burkini and everything to do with the mcdonalds that was right next to the swim school)

  6. This is true in virtually every unfamiliar scenario a kid asks you about. They just accept it and move on.

  7. Why do I feel like I've read this exact story before, but the kid was asking a different question about two men kissing or something (not burkini), and wanted ice cream (not mcdonalds)?

  8. When I went to Oahu with my parents in 1986, I got a trip to the ER for a limited-area sunburn (shoulder-to-shoulder). They said it was a 2d degree burn.

  9. My Texas born and raised ass saw my first burquinis on vacation recently, and I thought they were lovely. The designs the women I saw were wearing seemed very fashionable.

  10. You can burn thru certain materials. There are special long swimwear made for UV protection. My daughter has to wear a full longshelve when we are at the beach.

  11. I bought a men's long sleeve swim shirt and women's swim pants. I look kinda silly but it covers most of my body. I'm ginger and burn a little even with sunscreen on.

  12. I enjoyed your use of religiously when talking about the sunscreen and the interplay between it and the burqini a screen for religious purposes.

  13. There’s a reason that Middle Easterners where things like burkas and thobes. Westerners will look at the long sleeves and wonder how we “survive” in the heat. In actuality, the open design allows air to breathe and is much cooler than it seems, and the long sleeves and scarves protect your skin from the sun. That’s why traditional MENA clothing predate Islam.

  14. Huk makes Sun Masks… Hooded Sun Shirts Huk Sun Gloves … Sun Pants…. And I recommend XtraTuff AirMesh shoes blue…. Zero sunblock and you ready to fish 🎣

  15. I hate showing a lot of skin in public and also hate waterproof sunscreen, so I bought a swimsuit marketed toward Muslim women, minus the head piece. I adore it and get lots of compliments from other women both young and old. Plus it keeps my skin safer. It sickens me to think I would be getting judged instead if I didn’t look so white and if I wore the hair piece. How stupid is that? How cruelly stupid?

  16. Do people realize companies make uv-clothing ALL THE TIME? There's fishing shirts that basically have a mask/gaiter to block reflections from the water, swimwear that keeps working even in pools/ocean, etc.

  17. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I imagine this person fuming while taking a picture of a stranger who is having a wonderful time on the beach. I hope she had a great day and they had a shit week.

  18. I am not a Muslim but wear full covering for swim suit because of medication I take for skin conditions and looks I get . I don’t want to die so am listening to my doctor isn’t what I need to explain to every stranger on the beach . People just need to mind their own business

  19. I get this. Any sun exposure and I look like I have alopecia (which I dont). I love face masks for this reason!

  20. I still don’t know why there isn’t a mass 18th century swim costume swimathon, everyone dress like true Europeans should respectfully dress with not a hair or ankle in sight just as they did back then.

  21. Perhaps you joke, but my SO is a pale skinned German-Norwegian and gives zero fucks about donning her swim dress thing (sorry i don’t know and never cared to ask what that type of swimsuit is called), a Canadian tilley hat (her hair is curly and apparently this matters?), and neoprene water socks.

  22. I wouldn’t mind it. I wear long sleeve “rash guard” like shirts to the pool now and people look at me like I’m a weirdo. Sunscreen washes off “fast” in water and I hate when my dermatologist wants to cut off pieces of my skin to test for cancer. If I could go back in time I’d never have gone out without a shirt. Skin cancer sucks.

  23. I actually dress in a pre-1910 swimsuit with bathing slippers whenever I go to the community pool because I’m an insecure mess, but it only made me MORE of an insecure mess because now kids point and say “Mommy, what’s that girl DOING!?” and the parents then allow their children to shoot my grown unarmed ass with water guns like I’m Godzilla.

  24. I'm genuinely curious as to what's the problem with this? Looks literally like a swimsuit but just a big dress over it. The cap looks like a swim cap people use in competition.

  25. The big deal is that women in the middle east and parts of Africa don't have that choice. But must wear it or get punished severely. It's one of many thing they are doing to suppress women's rights.

  26. I don't give a fuck what anyone wears unless it is jeans running or jeans to swim. Then I feel like you probably need a psych eval.

  27. It's crazy. In France it is against the law to wear swim trunks in public pools. You must wear Speedos. Let people wear whatever is comfortable for them

  28. I got my historical swimsuit from Historical Emporium. I don’t recommend them for historically accurate everyday wear, but they do a pretty good job on historical swimsuits. They arrive quickly and cheaply and are good quality. Not dropshipped, either.

  29. Okay I'm so getting downvoted for this. I fully agree for obvious reasons she should CHOOSE to wear this. But at the end of the day, banning it is only gonna result in this woman not getting to go to the beach AT ALL whether she chose the burkini or not.

  30. yeah that's what i don't like about this post. if a man is forcing a woman to cover herself like that on a hot summer day while the man cools off in his shorts, let's not mind our own business at all. let's change this.

  31. My life changed the day I started wearing long sleeve shirts in the pool and at the beach, and stopped coming home with third degree burns on my arms and back

  32. Less than 100 years ago, women’s swimsuits were measured at beaches to make sure they weren’t too short. Now, it’s controversial to wear a modest swimsuit.

  33. Yeah, I would honestly love one of these. I've considered buying a surf/wetsuit to wear to the beach because I don't like bikinis and finding a one piece that doesn't show cleavage is a pain.

  34. I mind my own business but one of the saddest things I ever saw on a beach were 2 women with full black burkas inside the water (they even had black gloves covering their hands) while their husbands and their little boys were swimming with only shorts having the time of their lifes.

  35. I saw one for the first time this past week at the beach in Alabama. Did a double take, thought “huh, that’s pretty cool”, noticed the woman had pretty eyes, and went about my business. I’m tired of society convincing us we have to care about every little thing.

  36. Some women are more comfortable in a bikini, while others prefer a more modest one-piece. Why? Because of how they were raised? Because they were molested at a critical age? Because they tan (or burn) easily? Because their religion (or lack thereof) informs their clothing choice? Because there's a boy/man they want to impress? None of my business, and none of yours.

  37. I used to live in a super diverse city with a mix of just about every cultural and religious background. In the summers I would take my kids to the local water park and you would see every level of skin coverage across the board. It honestly made me happy to see people of all backgrounds just having fun with their families in the sun. Everyone gets to wear what they want to wear, and nobody else cares. That’s how it should be.

  38. Why does everyone feel the need to impose their life into everything they see. Why is it so hard to understand that you don't need to react to, have an opinion on, or involve yourself in every damn thing on the planet.

  39. Allowing religious freedom and condemning religious tyranny are two different things. It's possible to do both but bothering someone at the beach does neither.

  40. Agreed. I wear a shirt when swimming because I don't want to wear and reapply sunscreen. That's my choice and a choice I am unconcerned about my wife making on her own (she taught me it and I have a family history of skin cancer)

  41. Burkini and swim trunks are banned only in public swiming pools not beaches (unless the mayor of that specific city made the decision to ban them) and the reason is health/hygiene/safety though there is law that forbid "religious symbols" in public space but it's not the reason for the ban.

  42. If its a muslim thing reddit is like “mind yo business” but if its a christian thing reddit is like “OMG THIS IS WHATS WRONG WITH THE WORLD SHE IS LETTING HERSELF BE SUBJUGATED SHES WITH THE PATRIARCHY TRUMP RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”…

  43. Frenchies be like "NO! We will stop you from wearing what you want and totally miss out on the irony of acting like your culture is being oppressive even though we're now doing basically the same as what we claim they do"

  44. Why the fuck do people care what others wear? Especially if its covering up shit instead of exposing it? It's not like some 50 year old pedophile flashing his nuts at kids

  45. you're not offended when 12 year old girls run around in basically underwear with their asscheeks showing below their jeans short which is basically just a hipster brief made from jeans material, but a woman in a burqini?

  46. I (atheist) actually had the pleasure of teaching two Islamic women how to swim. One of our engineering group projects involved boating and they wanted to be safe on the water. We wound up clothes shopping for atheltic wear that would work for modesty (one was from a more traditional sect). I'm very happy that more women are swimming and if burqini's allow them to do that within the rules of their beliefs than I applaud the effort.

  47. I’m not even a Muslim but I think I’ll dress like this next time, haven’t even been at the beach a week and my skin is literally peeling off from burns

  48. But if she covers up further with goggles and a snorkel, she's just someone going diving and no one has a problem.

  49. On a parallel note… that dress-like clothing above the swimming suit isn’t a little dangerous? Wouldn’t it be much harder to swim, since it can get heavy and in some ways hinder your movements if need to actually swim out?

  50. Burkinis are not at all heavy or dangerous. It’s no harder to swim in one than it is in any other swimsuit.

  51. Lol, 100+ years ago, all of our (female) ancestors wore the burquini a the beach, and they were gender and color segregated.

  52. Not to mention that it’s incredibly rude to take pictures of people without their consent. Double rude to post those pictures online for others to comment on.

  53. Looks like a more fashionable diving suit to me. Probably pretty good against jelly fish stings and horrific sun burns.

  54. I live in Turkey so this is normal for me. Do I think they are idiots for believing in a god? Yes. Does that mean I’m gonna spew hate towards everyone? No.

  55. First it was women are wearing too little at the beach Now people are upset they are covered head to toe. Fuck off, mind your business, and stop bringing your Trump flags to the beach.

  56. It really depends on whether you live in a country where women are allowed to freely choose what they wear or one where women are forced to cover up with things like that because God says they're whores if they don't.

  57. It doesn’t necessarily depend on you living in a country that requires it. Many women live in a situation that requires it even though they live in a country that doesn’t force it.

  58. I dont understand what the problem is. Ive seen people at the beach wearing wetsuits. That cover them from head to toe. Why us this so much stranger to people? It looks closer to a vintage swimsuit you see in old pictures. Why do people make a big deal of it?

  59. That's actually not such a bad bathing outfit. Long as it doesn't bind up or anything, but i expect the designers have thought that out.

  60. Yes. The right way is to either not comment on it or, if you must, you complement the color and design, or you ask where they got it.

  61. Yknow what? It's refreshing to see, I don't go to beach but it'd be nice if it was encouraged to wear whatever you like. It's encouraged for men to take your top off, for women to wear a bikini, more or less. Wear whatever you want, excluding nudity, those are for nudist beaches. Wear whatever you want just have fun and be safe. Some people might go more

  62. Imagine the entitlement to demand to see naked flesh in public. She could be SCUBA diving, its a decorative wetsuit, put the toothbrush down Karen - Handmaids Tale is not the sexier sequel to 50 Shades of Grey.

  63. It's funny because the same people having a moral panic about muslim women being held back and oppressed by this are the same people making women a target in Texas. You couldn't write America. you can just be happy that there's an ocean between you and them lmao.

  64. I mean if she's willing to take the extra steps to put that on just so she can swim, then you aught to let her swim without being a prick about it.

  65. Absolutely agree. Why force someone to show more than she is comfortable showing. Why is this even a debate.

  66. I mean if they made the choice to wear that outside of religion, go for it. But thats rarely the case. You can probably find pleanty of videos here on reddit where women get shamed and harrased by imams and other islamic men just for showing their hair.

  67. After acquiring 2nd degree sunburns in Cozumel, let people wear what the hell they want. I'm a white dude in his 40s, and I'd consider wearing a burqini at this point

  68. Looks like a lightly modified diving suit to me. If she chooses to wear it, more power to her. If she wears it due to social pressure, there's a problem, but it's not with what she's wearing.

  69. Pretty sure the dudes over there stone the women if they don’t wear this antiquated attire because getting boners make Allah mad apparently.

  70. I always love when some vegan Lisa in a thing and without a top is against shit like this when 100 wars ago dressing like she did also got shamed. Isn’t the whole purpose of being woke etc to stop shaming people and not that people should be like you want them to be?

  71. The fact that this person thinks they need to react and that their reaction matters to the choices of someone they don't even know says a looooot about them

  72. Lmao this thread cheering on the burkini, that’s like watching the handmaids tale and saying wow what a bunch of girlbosses

  73. Conservatives have way too much time on their hands. All they do is stick their noses in other people's business while crying "freedom" and "liberty". What a pathetic way to live.

  74. The burka and similar garbs being symbols of female empowerment to progressives in the West is so ironic its fucking hilarious.

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