1. According to the Parable of the Talents, Jesus doesnt save, he invests. If you bury your assets in the ground, youre going to hell.

  2. My great uncle Morrie, who was a Polish Jew by heritage always said "Jesus saves, but Moses invests!" when the subject of the chosen people being good with money came up.

  3. Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

  4. I will continue to say that TST has much better principles than most other religious groups,even though they aren't religious and state in their tenets to believe in science first.

  5. CoS since 1991 here, please don't lie about the Church of Satan. We don't "support" anything but individual, personal freedom. One of the things to get very clear about the difference between the CoS and the TST is that the CoS is a collective of individuals of extraordinarily varied opinions and lifestyles, while the TST is fairly homogenously "we will defend you" types.

  6. Anton LaVey was a carnie and a huckster. I applaud his hustle and the theatrics that surrounded it, but today the Church of Satan is nothing more than a Twitter account run by his daughter (I believe).

  7. Lucius Greaves, however, is an anti-Semite and his lawyer defended Alex Jones and other unsavory neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

  8. Wasn't the Satanic Temple also one where the founder was making wildly anti-semitic claims, associates with a lawyer that fought for the alt-right, they fail to be really open about anything regarding their finance and are if I remember right, four really closely entangled organizations, some of which are tax-exempt and some of which aren't, and doesn't really do much for reproductive rights besides mostly empty gestures(besides of course, pressuring people that came to them for help to stay in the lawsuits they are using for publicity), as well as ignoring abuse in their own ranks? Illuminaughty had a good video on them.

  9. It’s nice to see that when the church of Satan is brought up the top comment ends up being “Please don’t confuse these people with The Satanic Temple“.

  10. Go read the satanic bible and then come back and tell me that it supports authoritarianism. That goes directly against their beliefs.

  11. I think one could argue that the Jesus of the bible and the guy named Yeshua whom he is based on have so little in common that Jesus is basically fictional. Virtually everything that uniquely defines the Jesus of Christianity is magical/supernatural in some way. Add to that that we have no idea what Yeshua's actual teaching were, if he did in fact teach at all. If you strip that, you're left with a Jewish guy who was baptised by John the Baptist, then pissed off the Roman occupiers for some unknown reason and was executed for it. That's hardly the same person Christians worship.

  12. Wait til y’all-Qaeda finds out that Jesus was born in the Middle East and was almost certainly not white.

  13. well, the latest myth theory that's got steam (see: Richard Carrier) is that the original christians weren't even talking about a guy on earth - they were talking about an angel whose existence, death, and resurrection took place in the sky (in the "firmament" area of the jewish cosmos), and the secret of which was gained through visions, likely inspired by novel allegorical readings ("Peshers") of jewish scriptures of the day.

  14. Jesus, the person people refer to when they talk about him, the character in the bible, is the demigod son of the Canaanite sky/war god Yahweh. A wizard who went around Judea performing miracles like bringing the dead to life and curing blindness with a touch, walking on water and turning water into wine.

  15. There's plenty of references to people named Yeshua (where we get "Jesus" from) from that time, because it was a common name. There probably wasn't one dude who went around preaching.

  16. What the fuck is Reddit’s fascination with these people? They haven’t actually been successful at basically anything but reddit acts like they’re heroes or some shit.

  17. Redditors are so removed from what society is like outside their circle, most of them are leftist 20 year olds, so they’re into stupid shit like the church of satan. I mean the most popular sub was atheism 13 or so years ago. Church of satan is basically atheism cosplay.

  18. The Church of Satan holds no admiration from anyone except for their random snarky comments on twitter every now and then.

  19. "We do not have chapters and our Grottos were disbanded as being unnecessary. Our organization does not have church buildings as that would be against our individualist approach to living. Originally, Anton LaVey used his home as the headquarters for our church and performed rituals there, but he stopped that fairly early and members began to make their own places for ritual in their homes. We are a worldwide organization and our central administrative office is currently in the Hudson Valley. It is not open to visitors."

  20. Oh he was a real guy. It's just that his name was actually Jesephet and he was 1 of 3 people to be crucified that week for claiming to be the son of god

  21. TST does not worship ‘satan’, nor they consider it a deity. They chose the rebellion against authority imagery that is attributed to the satan character. In doing this they attained religion status which allows them to reclaim rights usually granted to the christian/evangelic world, so to claim equal rights to all religions; this, usually highlights that state and religion are still linked. Check out their seven tenets, much better in today’s world than most religions’ set of commandments

  22. The Church of Satan is older but is essentially a pyramid scheme now whereas the Satanic Temple is an activist organization started by people disappointed in the Church of Satan

  23. I recommend the "Hail Satan?" documentary on Hulu. It is about the Temple of Satan, an organization aiming to expose and balance the Church overreaching into government functions.

  24. Jesus was a historical character not fictional. What ever your views on the Bible about who he was or was not. Most historians agree he existed.

  25. It’s actually more obnoxious to have fifty comments pointing out that Jesus was a real historical person—it’s irrelevant. The phrase “Jesus saves” is meant to invoke the idea that an ahistorical Jesus saves your soul, so it’s accurate to reject him as fake. And being anti-traitor lunatic is a good thing.

  26. If all the stories about the person are fictional, it pretty much adds up to the same thing. The magic using wizard from the Bible didn't exist. Some preacher getting strung up by the Roman's? Happened all the time.

  27. If they were referring to the historical figure, wouldn’t they have said, “Jesus saved,” and not the present tense?

  28. There's a big difference between the existence of a human Jesus versus a divine Jesus. There may be evidence that a human Jesus existed, but there's no evidence that a divine Jesus existed.

  29. I really wish they'd change their name so people took them more seriously but I love these guys so much. I wish I wasn't 90 minutes from the nearest one.

  30. Note: The Church of Satan is a group of atheists with a funny Twitter account. Stop acting confused about how they can think Satan exists but not Jesus, 'cause they don't.

  31. True. But the Church of Satan doesn't believe in or worship Satan. They hold Satan as a symbol of their philosophies and beliefs, not as a real dude.

  32. And in fact Jesus wasn’t lol. Whether you believe he was the son of God is one thing but it is undeniable that he was a man who existed and had probably the largest impact on human history that any one singular person ever did.

  33. I mean Jesus himself is not fictional. It's very likely he actually existed, it's just the stories about him are fictional.

  34. What's the point if they are fictional or not, if every story about them is fictional it amounts to pretty much the same thing.

  35. There's a book called "Paul Is Undead", in which the Beatles are all zombies. I'd argue that the titular Paul McCartney, zombie, is a fictional character while Paul McCartney, Beatle, is a real person. The fact that there's a clear overlap between the two doesn't make either statement untrue.

  36. I love how people @ church of Satan and satanic temple shit like this as if the very mention of the big JC will cause the twitter account to catch flames.

  37. This is asinine though. "fictional characters" from The Church of Satan. Jesus was a real person, not a "fictional character". They murdered themselves with their own words.

  38. First, there's a debate to be had about whether or not Jesus actually existed. Second, I see that the entire purpose of the CoS is lost on you.

  39. Shakespeare's Richard III is a fictional character, regardless of the fact that Richard III was indisputably also a real person. If you don't believe in the divine, the Jesus of the bible automatically becomes detached enough from the actual person he was based on that you can call him fictional.

  40. When pretty much every story about the guy is allegory or some other fairytale it pretty much being the same thing. Jesus the miracle performing wizard from the Bible stories did not exist. Some preacher getting strung up by the Roman's? Happened all the time.

  41. I like to think Jesus’ real name was like Stanley. And King James (you remember how he re-wrote the entire Bible that everyone reads today?) was like… “Stanley is a terrible name for a savior.” But beyond that, it’s considered in some historical faction that a guy named Jesus existed and could do magic (tricks). Confidently assuming the whole died-for-weekend thing is where we can lay serious doubt. It is fair to say that simply did not happen.

  42. Church of Satan is a joke. It's run for profit and does nothing to promote religious freedom or civic protection from the government.

  43. COS doesn't even require membership you goon, and they literally state they believe religion should have absolutely no place in politics, they pay taxes bc they believe churches shouldn't be exempt. They dont have physical churches, they dont request donations, and they only have one central office that is not open to visit.

  44. Most scholars agree that he was baptized by John the Baptist and got crucified. The rest is up for speculation

  45. Cringe, The only reason these guys have any popularity is from piggybacking and basing the whole as "religion" as an opposition to Christianity. They preach that they want to save people from organized religion and protect individual liberties but what good have they done exactly? The organization has been around for 50+ years and seemingly serves no point than to act as an outlet for liberals to express their dislike for religion. At this point with their lack of action in anything they might as well just be garnering popularity to get as much people to pay their $200 registration fee.

  46. The fictional character likely based on a Jewish revolutionary figure disliked both charlatans and moneygrabbers, so I'd argue he'd not be a cryptobro.

  47. This is pretty much like advocating for an org called church of Hitler. Actually worse because Satan would be responsible for most/all evil.

  48. The Church of Satan doesn not believe in Satan and does not advocate for Satan. And I can't believe you're saying that a fictional character is worse than a man who murdered millions of people and changed human history. That's gotta be the worse comment I've seen in awhile.

  49. The Church of Satan doesn't really believe in Satan. They believe in freeing people from the persecution of organized religion. Which I myself can get behind.

  50. Has science and history proven that he was the son of god and that he rose from the dead and so on? How can Jesus "save" anything presently, if he was born about two thousand years ago? While an actual prophet "Jesus" is not impossible, I don't think science and history has any record of the virgin-born son of god water-into-wine person who "saves" anything two thousand years after being born.

  51. Ahem, no. Only by people who only managed to get their "research" published at the Jesus Christ College of Religious Bullshittery in Bumfuck, Alabama.

  52. They're not... The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple do not believe in Satan. They use Satan as a figurehead. They acknowledge that neither God, or any other figures such as Satan exist. There's more info on their websites if you're interested.

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