1. Maybe it makes me an asshole, but the first two made me chuckle. I’d never buy them or give them, but they are kinda funny.

  2. I am an asshole right here with you because the first one made me laugh too. I guess because it's not making light of a horrible thing that happened to someone, it's more making a crack about yourself and your partner. And I've told my husband before that if he does XYZ thing (usually something silly) one more time, I will go berserker on him and it's really the same thing. I'm joking that I might kill him for drinking the last bit of coffee and not making more, you know. The other two made me feel a little yucky so I guess I don't get those but on par, these aren't too bad in my opinion because they aren't about someone else's horrible experience, they are just really dark.

  3. Ehh yeah they’re not something I would give to anyone but they’re not that bad. At least they’re not glorifying serial killers or an actual murderer

  4. I've never thought this stuff was funny, but the first one in particular always make me cringe now because a girl I know went running and was murdered. The guy knew her and hid her body then helped the family look for her. So when I see stuff like this I think of her, her mom and her family and it's just not cute.

  5. First one is ok. Last two, no. Very much "pick me" vibes. Going to the extreme for humor just isn't my thing now that I'm not in my early 20s where hyperbole is humor.

  6. the first is almost a little silly but definitely NOT in the way that they were all meant to be…which was…romance?? wtf.

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