1. Man the more I see it from this perspective the more insane it is that someone hit a small moving target at that range.

  2. He had a scope and the car was moving very slow. It wouldn't be that hard of a shot like a lot of people think!

  3. uhhh something something conspiracy something something grassy knoll something something secret service accidentally shot him

  4. Try shooting a Carcano. The action is gritty and tough to work. The accuracy is meh. The scope mount was mediocre at best. I own a Carcano and I could barely get the shots off in time. I wasn't aiming.

  5. He didn't. He missed the shot just like he did when he made his first assassination attempt on some openly fascist general. They call it the "magic bullet" because it couldn't have been his shot.

  6. It actually sorta makes me believe it more. He’d of caught him when he was 100% sure there was a long enough window of time his driver would not turn at all. From there it’s just lead it a bit.

  7. That's the next window along. In the Sixth Floor Museum (which is what it is now), the original spot is preserved as it was on the day (or at least replicated, can't remember). I've always been fascinated with the JFK case, I spent hour after hour around there.

  8. Don’t listen to the people telling you it was a near impossible shot. 88 yards in a seated supported position using a scope is very doable. The fact he was moving makes it a little more difficult but he was moving roughly parallel to the line of fire, which is a very easy adjustment to make, much much easier than adjusting to perpendicular movement.

  9. Yeah that’s an extremely difficult shot. Everybody is trained not to take headshots because they’re much more difficult due to how small of a target it is and how quickly they move.

  10. Yes, as the other commented said, that’s where JFK was first shot. Lately, someone has been going on the road at night and marking where the car was when the other supposed bullets struck.

  11. I visited there a couple years ago. I was surprised on how small the area is. A lot “easier” then I thought just seeing history clips or JFK

  12. Yeah I agree the whole area is smaller than I expected and the window (right next to the actual one) much closer to the target than I expected.

  13. People always want to stand on the X's on elm and take pictures of the sixth floor from there during peak traffic hours. It's scary driving through there.

  14. Last Podcast on the Left did an amazing 3 or 4 part series on the JFK assassination and LHO’s background of anyone was interested

  15. The more light and evidence that surface about this, the more I'm convinced that Oswald wasn't the person that fired the fatal blow. I do believe that he had intended to kill JFK, but I also believe that he wasn't the one that fired the Killshot

  16. He caused JFK's death but yes was definitely not his own bullet. Modern bullet trajectory forensics more or less proved that it was the hung over secret service agents that hit the brakes and caused a rookie to jerk forward and unintentionally fire his rifle. It's almost incredibly hard to believe odds but I mean they were driving right behind after all. It also seems to be the most logical theory so I subscribe to it.

  17. If people in 2021 still think Oswald killed jfk critical thinking is done and the government are angels who do no wrong.

  18. Yeah, after all cough MK ^Ultra the US government clears throat Tuskegee Syphilis ^Study and the Military-Industral complex cough Operation ^Northwood would never harm poisoning of St. ^Louis or lie to anyone mhm Operation ^Mockingbird, even if they opposed their interests, like JFK opposed Vietnam war or Israel's nuclear program.

  19. He was so good he hit JFK from the rear with a high velocity round and blew his brains out to the rear. Bender of physics that guy was.

  20. Bullets don’t work the way you think they work. The energy dispersal after impact is not only in the direction of the velocity

  21. No it didn't, and people saying that because JFK straightened up after getting shot means he was hit from the front, got all their info on people's reactions to gunshot wounds from TV shows.

  22. I think the headshot came from behind the fence to the left of the grassy knoll. Easy escape through a big parking lot in the back.

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