1. Hey not to offend you but why do people hunt wolves in the first place? I'm genuinely asking, Im from latin america and here we only hunt mosquitoes

  2. Guys, she has to have been reported to them hundreds of times by now. I know everyone wants to remind themselves how great of a person they are, but what if there is literally any other incident that they should be aware of and they don’t see it because they’re completely bombarded with all these virtue signaling reports?

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Hunting/comments/xn7s4a/guys_i_cannot_make_this_up_this_girl_shot_and/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  4. Here in Poland, hunters that shot a person always claim they thought it was a boar. Happens at least once a year, at least it seems so. Here's a "hunter's guide" that pops everywhere such an incident happens

  5. This is such an obvious public good restriction but with the crazies that run this state, they don't care about the public good.

  6. Don’t know so curious. Are you expecting to see a pure bred Husky in the woods of Montana? She may have never came across a wolf before, so could see how she would be confused.

  7. I could accept someone mistaking a husky for a wolf at a distance because they don't know shit about wolves (and shouldn't be shooting anything) but the level of brain deadness here goes beyond that. Even if you thought it was a wolf at first you'd have to be an absolute moron to stick with that and post pictures of you skinning it. Does she shoot feral cats and post pictures of her mountain lion kills?

  8. A while ago, I think around 2015, 2016? A lady used a bow to shoot and kill a cat in her backyard. She posted it all over her Facebook. She claimed the cat was a feral cat, but it was quickly revealed that it was her neighbor 's cat.

  9. She’s been reported to DFW, to make things Worse for her she didn’t have a wolf permit, and got one after this stupid post….she’s so screwed. On top of being a complete piece of sh!t hopefully she gets fined so MUCH!!!. Side note the dog wasn’t a pet, some other piece of sh!t had dumped a pair of adults and a bunch of puppies a while ago, this one had avoided capture.

  10. I'm thinking that she shot someone's dog intentionally, and is trying to cover it up with a bad hunter story.

  11. what's the probability that she gets off on the tag issue on a technically since it's not actually a wolf. Bless the person(S) who reported her ass.

  12. God fucking damn that just makes this so much worse. This poor dog was abused and then killed. I hope their remains are given a proper burial and they are resting in peace now.

  13. What a stupid Ass Hole .... That dog that pup looks nothing like a wolf up oh my God I wish I could kick her ass. Just want to smash her smiling teeth.. she probably killed somebody's pet.

  14. This is seriously disturbing, any person with common sense can see that’s not a wolf. What sort of disturbed individual skins a dog. It’s scary someone like her is allowed access to firearms.

  15. This bitch is dumb. She probably dates Dwight Schrute "I shot a werewolf once, but by the time I ran over to it it had turned back into my neighbor's dog."

  16. Reddit would just ban those posts. Though it's not hard to find. Tmz outright gave it away in their article lmao

  17. She said “take another predator wolf pup” so she’s killed other huskies or can’t tell the different between the wolves she’s killed and this husky.

  18. This is fucking disgusting, even after the fact if it was a wolf pup, one less predator is such a shitty view on wolves. We need these animals to help balance our ecosystem. Take this womens gun away

  19. Unfortunately introducing wolves after being nonexistent for 100 years has created an imbalance. Limiting populations is necessary for a balanced eco system. At least that's what a bunch of dudes with PhD's say. I don't have one so I default to what the Dr. Says.

  20. It's unlikely she'll face any meaningful consequences either. It's an "honest mistake". Happened a few years ago to a dog with a very obvious collar and the hunter didn't even get a slap on the wrist. Too many hunters with unbridled bloodlust.

  21. Hopefully something happens because everything about her post shows she’s hunting illegally. Unless she had the proper tags, there’s no way you legally go from hunting black bear to “smok[ing] a wolf pup.“

  22. Apparently so many people have reported her at this point that the government body responsible for these cases is just answering the tips now like "we know and an investigation has already been opened"

  23. Huskies are very sociable and friendly. Huskies don't act like wolves, heck, huskies don't even act like shy dogs, they're the kind of dog that will come to you, tail wagging, with a tree branch.

  24. I am a hunter and a Montana native. This story has brought out rage in me that I really didn't know existed. This woman should be prosecuted for animal cruelty. Next bear season I will be rooting for the bear.

  25. Is this for real? I’m not saying it isn’t but I haven’t seen where any MT news networks have picked up on it. Seems like they’d be all over it. Enlighten me please.

  26. Wolves are legally allowed to be hunted. They have no predators like deer or elk, so they can decimate those populations if left unchecked.

  27. Idiots are out there. Just a note, if you have your dogs out on public lands during hunting season, it’s a good idea to get them a blaze orange vest.

  28. What’s wrong with my brain that if this were actually a wolf, I wouldn’t be affected by the photo, but since I know it is a dog, it feels like looking at a dead person’s body?

  29. As a hunter, it's easy to know the difference between a dog and wolf. This bitch has donkey brains. Quick, revoke her license before she mistakes a cow for an elk.

  30. You don't get to make that choice. This woman, Amber Rose, is a Montanan. As is the person who dumped this poor dog in the woods, if that's indeed what happened. Montanans don't get to pick and choose who is or isn't a Montanan.

  31. Why the fuck are Wolves a target worth celebrating in the first place? Didn't we just spend decades rehabilitating their population?

  32. My understanding is that the Cattleman's Association overriding FWP in the interest of ranching over conservation is the driving force behind hunting wolves. The state recently increased the number of tags issued for wolves despite the conservation effort and money spent to increase their numbers. Feel free to correct me if that doesn't check out.

  33. Agreed, the fact its such a huge issue still in Montana is depressing. Everyone complains about the deer all over the road then goes and shoots the predators that eats them and advocates for more to do it. I'm all for ethical hunting, but to kill wolves because they're a "menace to farm animals" is fucking stupid and ignorant. They are so much more to our land and we should protect them.

  34. Wolves rebounded and are currently in very healthy numbers. All our predator populations are very healthy in western Montana. The increased hunting pressure on wolves is justified.

  35. So is it a mental challenge, or are there drugs involved? I just can’t believe that this woman has never seen a husky before, or that her boyfriend didn’t tell her either!

  36. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve taken a hunters safety course (I don’t and never had hunted for clarification) but I thought you weren’t supposed to kill pups of any animal period…

  37. I was so livid when I saw that this was a montanan woman WTF like I actually yelled in my car, stupid bitch I hope she gets charged.

  38. i believe she’s been arrested but there’s also one of her friends defending her and threatening to shoot other peoples dogs..

  39. This was taken way out of context. This animal was taken way out in the wilderness not someone’s back yard. Sheriff and FWP both involved.

  40. Well I live in a country where that doesn't happen. So yeah I am fine with eating meat. And I am upset that this woman thinks she a damn hero for skinning a dog.

  41. Also as someone who hunts, I don’t understand posing with an animal you killed. I could understand skinning a wolf, but why tf would you skin a wolf pup?

  42. Shouldnt be hunting wolf pups anyway should you? Wolves seem to be in a precarious position in the ecosystem everytime I read up on them. There's plenty of game in the woods that isn't a canine

  43. Even if it was a wolf pup, what a disgusting human being!! Wanting to kill a young animal, and then killing an even more innocent animal!

  44. No gadamn way seone can be knowledgeable enough to solo bear hunt... and NOT know that is a domesticated dog... and in her post, she says she got ANOTHER wolf pup... HOW MANY DOGS HAS THIS WOMAN KILLED AND SKINNED IN COLD BLOOD!?!?!??! ANIMAL ABUSE CHARGES GALORE COMING

  45. If she mistook it for a wolf from a distance and among bushes that'd be weird but, like, BELIEVABLE. But the she got up close, SKINNED it and still didn't realize it's a dog lol

  46. How did she not realize an obvious dog is an obvious dog long before she started posting pictures with it? I wouldn't be happy and still would think she's a moron that shouldn't have access to guns but I'd at least understand how someone could make the mistake initially but to then go on and skin the damn thing? Even posting it to Facebook. How was she so convinced this was a wolf??

  47. Ugh literally killed a stay dog. I hope everyone in her comments fucking chewed her out. And I hope she gets arrested for animal cruelty. Also, why the fuck would you want to kill a puppy? Isn't that also against whatever code lies behind hunting? What a fucking idiot.

  48. Just a few days ago I was thinking about a guy who shot a great Dane and tied it to his car thinking it was a deer. Not all idiots live in New York city.

  49. I called Montana fwp and asked if I needed to take a ratard test to get a hunting license. Also, I think the boyfriends number is listed on his parole page.


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