1. I don't know why they don't just release Afgan, Terminal and especially High-rise since they are all part of Al-Mazrah. The hard part is already done by coding them into the game, just add them to multi!

  2. They will, they just want to juice it out for hype all the way into season 10 or whatever. Games these days ship with dlc built ready to go, and wait to release it to keep things relevant

  3. All those maps should’ve been in S1, but if I had to guess they’ll dripfeed those like Afghan in S3, Highrise S4, Terminal S5…

  4. Rust is in Al Mazrah as well. Quarry is there but maybe not exactly as the original map. I’m sure someone can tell us if it’s the same. Point is, it’s mostly, if not all, there.

  5. They’re going to hype them up for months and slowly release them individually. Because why just give the fans of your game something they want?

  6. I’ve read some where it’s pretty standard that too much maps is a bad thing. The majority of the player base is either gonna only want to play one or two maps anyway and will have a bad time if they don’t get them or casuals will always be overwhelmed with different maps. Games like gears of war and RB6 take the dammed things out of the game completely.

  7. i feel like instead of getting MORE content in MWII (because it lasts two years) they’re going to be spreading one year’s worth of content over two years which would explain lackluster content release schedule but we’ll have to see when season 2 drops

  8. I think they want to make it boring so players play Warzone, DMZ. Level your guns mindless chicken in shipment, $70, please.

  9. Which it won't, because the new generation of gamers is just used to paying out the ass for cosmetics.

  10. Have you tried DMZ? Granted I'm a filthy casual and haven't played mp since MW19 or do much gaming, but downloaded WZ2 to try DMZ and have had a blast.

  11. In fairness 2 hrs really isn't enough time to give it a fair chance. IMO resurgence was much more fun then MP bc it was fast paced but still had the BR excitement to it.

  12. It’s not just maps. Even the lack of proper challenges. And nothing for emblems. The challenges are the most basic things ever.

  13. Yeah Id do anything for Black ops3/4 style challenges again, tons and tons of challenges broken up into categories (kills, objectives, victories, lethals, assault killstreaks, support killstreaks, etc....), 3-5 tiers for each challenge that give increasing xp, some extremely easy and others extremely niche or grindy, and MOST importantly, a page that shows you all of those challenges that you are closest to completing.

  14. I think this is my biggest complaint with multiplayer. Remaster as many of the old maps as they like, hell bring all of them back so we have an enormous catalogue of maps to play on. Limit which are used for league play if there are balancing issues. Then we could have a true bloodbath moshpit playlist for people that like that. There are at least a dozen maps I would love to see that I feel like everybody just forgot about because all we ever see is Shipment and Nuketown regurgitated. I don't understand the fascination with them, CoD feels fast enough without playing in a basketball court sized map, and why would you subject yourself to that so you can equip the same camo on your guns as everybody else?

  15. Camo grinders and an emphasis on FOMO tactics to make you buy the battle pass and to want make you want to complete it as soon as possible are the real culprits here. The easiest way to fill out the pass is to throw on XP boosters and run around on the smallest map possible racking up score.

  16. I skipped Vanguard and Cold War. Wasn't even going to buy MW2, but I was really wanting something new to play. I knew better, but I honestly thought that after all the progress they made with MW2019, MW2 would have been a slam dunk. How could they fuck it up when they already had the best groundwork laid? I was expecting all the DLC guns from MW2019 to be present, custom blueprints, new perks that were interesting and fun. We got super ripped off. Shame on me, I suppose.

  17. It's a weird situation. With this CoD game, for $70, you get at least what, 10-15 free maps with the seasons. And the game is supported for two years. No clue on year 2s maps, but not even including that this game has more legs than any other CoD game has ever had. It used to be you'd spend $120 or so on the game and season pass and the game was dead after 10 months.

  18. Honestly I don't understand why multiplayer is the only game mode you can play with more than 4 in a party. It seems backwards to me that having a bigger party means you can only play on the smallest maps

  19. Agreed. Ground War is only fun for me like once a week, so I'm really craving some form of Big Team around 12v12. Why the hell not? I guess the maps were designed for only 6v6 and Groundwar with nothing in-between, which seems really odd to me.

  20. All the people that optimize their camo grind want to play on exclusively Shoot House and Shipment. It's the reason Shoot the Ship was so popular in MW2019, to the point that players actively complained whenever it wasn't in rotation. Have you noticed how many videos on this subreddit are on Shoot House? This ridiculous overoptimization of the camo grind is ruining map variety since all anyone wants to play is these tiny maps and get their camos as quickly as possible.

  21. right, but they definitely could’ve released those two maps, knowing people want them for grinding

  22. Or they could have just brought combat pacing over which replicates the small map level of action on all maps.

  23. I wish they would change the way that camo grinds work. It's less painful than on MW19 but it still encourages weird behavior from players, this wasn't as much of a problem on older COD titles when it was just get X headshots.

  24. Sadly, Warzone is their big money maker. Plus they know most WZ people will buy the main game for unlocking guns and camo challenges anyway.

  25. i'm halfway through the camo grind and all I can say is boooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg! All I have left is SMG, Shotties, LMGs, and Snipers....and I'm like meh...whatever.

  26. I dunno, they add maps and content for it at every season start and mid season. There’s gonna be remakes for sure but if they plan on supporting this one 2 years instead of 1, I kinda expect it.

  27. I don't mind remakes, at least bring back some maps we haven't seen in a long time combined with original maps. My biggest gripe is the lack of originality.

  28. I was a Battelfield fan since Bad Company 2, so I was quite pissed with BF2042. This is my first CoD since BlOps1, so while I can technically say I got my $70 worth at this point, I can understand the frustration from folks who are fans of the franchise... I think. Would really like to see some Big Team (IDK, 12v12) and some better maps, but I've already put in twice as many hours as I got out of BF2042

  29. I just wish they gave me options. Why can't I just purchase the multiplayer for $40 or something? I never touch CoD campaigns and have no interest. I only play 6v6. Why am I forced to pay $70 for that? Also, I think it's bullshit that people who paid $70 for the game don't at least get the first battle pass included.

  30. My only problem with the value of this game is that I paid $80 (got the battle pass) and I still have to sit back and watch kids play with blue laser beams and power ranger outfits from the store, while I jerk off with some bullshit gun decals and stickers, and work on unlocking a bunch of gun camos that look the same.

  31. As someone who brought the vault edition and has enjoyed basically every aspect of this game, to see shoothouse and shipment added in season straight away is a joke.

  32. As I am totally with you on that, I am happy they added shoot house and shipment soon, as I love to speed up the camo grind.

  33. I don't get it either. They cater to Warzone which is free, and PLENTY of free to play players will never come close to paying $70 for warzone skins or whatever, and yet we are treated like chopped liver.

  34. I want 3-4 new maps, or remastered maps from old games. It's ridiculous at this point, just give it to us. We bought the damn game, make it feel like it matters!

  35. I've been out of CoD for a few years and was really excited to get back into it with this one. My roommate got a ps5 and it was fun for a week. But the lack of maps is a massive deal-breaker. I'm already bored with the few maps at release and adding the 2 small ones isn't really enough.

  36. This is the last Call of Duty I will be buying. I didn’t feel this way in the past but if this is their best foot forward, I will not play another CoD again until Activision is out of the equation.

  37. Season 2 got leaked and it’s a bad time to be a 6v6 fan. This game is just a huge disappointment. Three Thousand Devs man. An Indie game with couple of devs could pull something better than this crap game

  38. Yeah. We're getting fucked. Radio silence from IW. No communication as to what, if anything, they plan to fix. Why did I buy this when I could have gotten the real game for free??

  39. "Multiplayer is just getting the short end of the stick again and will be fueled again with 80 to 90% remakes, with some of them being remakes we've seen by now. We've had Shipment in MWR (obviously since it's a remaster), COD:WWII, MW2019, Vanguard and now MWII right after Vanguard again."

  40. I do enjoy remastered maps, but only once in a while. With this year's selections, I definitely think IW has gotten lazy about original maps. A good chunk of what they have in the game currently, is just small sections of Al Mazrah. And the dripfeed of maps, can be boring.

  41. Heck even OP does it themselves by complaining about the lack of new maps and then listing like four old MW2 maps that are in WZ that they want in the game.

  42. So much regret getting this game thinking it would be the quality of 2019, it's ass and I stopped playing already. New engine but a step back in most departments.

  43. There going to feed it gradually but I’m more pissed I bought the game to play with friends when mw2 originally came out and we don’t even get an iconic map. What the fuck lmao

  44. The community voted with its wallet. The community got what was developed. What's the problem here ?

  45. You guys are surprised by this? They’re gonna give you remakes of shitty maps like Castle for now to say they’re dropping content and then charge you for the maps you actually want in about a year from now since they have to make the game last for 2 years.

  46. On the other end of the spectrum, feel like I'm the only person who doesn't want to see every new map slot taken up by remakes of old stuff. Some of those old maps that people are begging for are straight garbage. I want new content designed with more modern level design ideas.

  47. Seems like they are focusing more on DMZ, Warzone and their Free to Play options. I get it...you make a shit ton more with the Free to Play modes over time, but man....the game is getting a little stale for multiplayer. I hope they don't just dip these maps in, but I'm afraid they will.

  48. You're not getting the short end of the stick. You spent $70 on a new COD game. You bought a twig. This was like your 19th chance to learn from past mistakes.

  49. MW2019's MP support was world's better than this. Compare to the two Season 1's against each other. Night and day. And that isn't even counting Shoot House in MW2019, which was released after release day but before Season 1 started.

  50. I want them to keep Shipment. I love the small chaos even if it can be frustrating. I also only buy the MW games and ignore the other CoD's so this is my only chance to play it.

  51. They really just need to add all the classic maps from cod4 and mw2. We desperately lack maps for multiplayer and most of them aren’t even that good

  52. Season 1 is beta. It’s been like this for a lot of games now. Release the initial stuff, make the $$$$ on release, drip-feed content. It’s all about maximizing the $$$, and that means player retention.

  53. Such is life bruh... welcome to the world of capitalism.. Activi$ion doesn't give a fuck about us. They care about all the $$$ they're gonna make on their stupid skins & all that bullshit.

  54. yeah, I keep telling myself it's worth it since this game will eventually get more content. but damn it's just so frustrating sometimes, the lack of content is really felt since I'm not a Warzone player. I also haven't played the campaign but that's on me so. but yeah right now I know the game is gonna get better it's just annoying that it takes them so damn long to start adding in some more maps

  55. It’s crazy that people still think this game isn’t just about warzone. Every “original” map in the game is a cut and paste from warzone and they will keep doing that with any other “new” maps and the OG MW2 maps that are already in the game. All the content we’re getting for this game is in the game already.

  56. Here me out . If it’s modern warfare II, like the modern warfare II we all know and love from 2009, then they should just add in the fucking better emblems, all the cool ass rough looking calling cards , and most importantly, but not least . The fucking intervention .

  57. I might be in the minority but I'm kinda tired of the "battle pass + two maps per season" drip-fed content that we've had the last three years. People use the new guns for a couple days and then go back to the meta (or the meta is the DLC gun).

  58. I feel robbed. I buy COD and convinced my buddies to buy COD so we can play hardcore, which they said was coming at launch. Then they said sorry, we are having issues, wait until season 1. THEN, turns out its not even hardcore, it has a new name and its not even the same thing as Hardcore. That is called bait and switch, and I got fuckin jebaited.

  59. Mp should be f2p. No clue why people buy it, probably just to level stuff up for warzone. But sales are higher than ever so the 6x6 will not get almost any support.

  60. If you are truly baffled then you’re not very observant. This is what they did in the last 3 CoDs, so as to why you expected different is strange. Which again, if you were observant, why would they care? Which one do you think makes them more money? The multiplayer or warzone? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the mode that every franchise is buying into. You know why? Because it sells. I wouldn’t get your hopes of any major content coming multiplayer’s way for that reason. For the record, I hate the BR meta of FPS gaming franchises, but it’s a clear reality.

  61. Almost half the maps are straight out of WZ2. Nobody seems to give a fuck, they just accept it for a full priced launch game

  62. I'm just annoyed the first two 6v6 maps we got were fuckin shoothouse and shipment. I'm over these maps. Lazy content.

  63. I miss the days of COD Ghosts where they had camo packs and individual camos you could buy from .99¢-$5.00. Spending money on the game wasn’t a problem when skins/camos/variants weren’t $25. COD just seems like a money pit for kids w/ their parent’s credit cards nowadays.

  64. If you're looking at this season purely from an MP player's perspective, sure it's poor for content. But if you look at the whole package, it's definitely way more packed than most games out there.

  65. Warzone should not have released so early nor should it be developed by the same devs who develop the paid product. It's a product on it's own and should have a seperate studio (Raven) work on it.

  66. How about two remakes in two originals?? They've starved us of maps so much that we would actually settle for just three. Oh my God!

  67. Not sure how other players feel but I prefer MW2019 maps because they navigate much better than the new maps which generally have a spawn side with clear advantages over the other.

  68. Most inconsistent and boring cod game yet once I’m done with the camo grind I won’t touch the game ever again not even worth sweating it out to get my KD high again.

  69. Even compared to Black Ops 3 though, this game still falls short content wise. Black Ops 3 launched with 12 6v6 maps, while MWII launched with 9. Sure gunplay and graphics are better in MWII, but that is only cool to a point.

  70. Same. I skipped every CoD between BLOPS 2 and MW2019, then played Cold War for so little I don't count it, and now I'm playing MW2022.

  71. I just want to be able to talk to people yet for some reason the game still seems to have mic issues for PC players. This is right after I bought a new expensive headset.

  72. I thought it was just me. Can’t get in game comma working with my mate on ps4 so having to use discord.

  73. Which is funny because its a broken mess of crashes. And you cant rejoin your game once you crash which is insane to me. I played a lot of WZ1 but I rather DMZ tbh.

  74. Heres the thing. Shipment is going to be demanded if it isnt included for the camo grinders, short matches, etc. The Reddit crowd is toxic enough, can you imagine if they didnt give you a map to grind out camos and cards?

  75. Where’s all that “ton of new multiplayer content”? All I see is a barely tweaked MW2019 copy paste with less guns, maps, and progression then we’ve gotten in any COD recently.

  76. Actually, I never had so much fun before with a CoD game (maybe except OG CoD4 & BO). Ground War, Invasion and even the fast-paced MP is hitting the sweet spot for me.

  77. The maps suck in this one compared to 2019. I barely want to play anymore because of the maps. 2019 had superior maps that never felt like a hassle to play and some maps in MW2 feel and look like Black Ops maps.

  78. Yea this is exactly why I'm taking a break probably until Season 2 to check out Castle. These maps are so boring after a few matches, and not as memorable as MW 19's maps either.

  79. My only real complaint is footsteps are way too loud. It makes SnD nearly unplayable at my sbmm bracket unless I just don't move or I crouch walk the entire map. If they tuned down footsteps a little and reworked dead silence slightly I would enjoy this game a heck of a lot more.

  80. Here's an upvote. I really hope they have more maps, CW and Vanguard each had 20+ multiplayer maps. Right now I feel there isn't enough already... :/

  81. Sometimes I log on, look over my load outs and such, then am just like “meh”, quit without even firing up a round cause I’d rather do something else. Contrary to that, I played MW19 to death and couldn’t get enough of it until they buried it for vanguard.

  82. No, we can't. For those of us who have been playing MW for the past three years, Shoot House and Shipment are our most requested maps.

  83. I can't see castle playing too well in this game personally, ramazza or even picadilly would have been better, the way the movement mechanics are.

  84. This is true i remember grinding old cods and not getting burned out but combine this years game having shit maps and a small amount of maps and it makes it so boring to play i have like 110 hours in the game as of now and at level 117 and dont have any itch to play

  85. Imagine falling for this not only the second time, but the third, fourth, fifth. Find me a cod game that was actually worth the money and not just a basic re-release of the previous game scamming you out of 70+ bucks and I'll pay you back for your lost money. Can't believe you kids haven't figured this out yet, or I guess that's the problem, is that there is always a new ignorant child to prey upon.

  86. At present, I'm satisfied with the $70 purchase. The campaign, multiplayer and cooperative were/are incredible.

  87. I’m not going to read all that but I’m over level 100 so that translates to a certain amount of hours played. For $70, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth in terms of entertainment. Seventy dollars might be one steak at a restaurant or a few trips to the movies or a round of golf. It’s also only season 1 and there’s a ton of time left for them to put out all sorts of content — I know as soon as Shipment comes out, I’m playing even more and there still will be another 8 months or whatever left in the cycle.

  88. I also want to mention that everything about this game is a F lie! Marketing - Lie, battle records - Lie, description in game - lie, items in shop (preview/reality) - lie… SBMM is F BS!!! This is the Most advanced COD ever - lie… wtf??

  89. Do you know what is the best part? That I have paid also to be shadow banned for no reason :) That's why I'm here on reddit

  90. Completely agree, it just feels so lackluster. IMO if they have to do the whole game as a service style with the skins selling and all, they would also have to release new maps for free and ship all the time. We paid full price for the game, not $20 where this would be acceptable.

  91. Shoot house and shipment make the camo grind bearable. They are the only two maps I’ll never be upset about when they are added.

  92. It seems that the community will never be satisfied: If original maps are pushed out the community complains about not getting remakes; if remakes are pushed out the community complains about the lack of original content.

  93. Yup. Stuck playing shoothouse because it’s the only map I don’t consistently stutter, flicker, or drop to >70 fps on. Sigh.

  94. I agree and this reminds me of RD2 in a way. Rockstar didn't give a shit about DLC or anyone that wants to play offline. They made a gazillion dollars that way and that's all that matters. I'd love for a COD MP game ONLY. A ton of maps without Warzone and all the other fluff.

  95. Bought it, had a blast for a few days, promptly asked for a refund. The multiplayer got stale really fast, maps are either re-skins or kind of boring, and as others have said the unlock paths are a pain, not being able to save custom blueprints sucks, etc. Would definitely come back for a sale or if they need it up. But $70 for multiplayer felt insane to me. MW MP is still alive and well and more fun.

  96. Mainly because WZ is their cash cow now. Personally I think that BRs are the laziest way-out of making a game, but to each their own. I don't have fun spending time gearing up, using my time to get ready for a fight, only to be slammed by some dude that I never even had a chance to see or get third or even 4th partied. Rinse, repeat. "Here's the map, here's a gun, here's some gear, now go survive. Yay you died, now go do it again until you don't."

  97. You guys really didn’t play MW2019 huh? It was the same in that game and Ofc it’ll be the same in the sequel

  98. Until we get out of the annual release cycle, it doesn't really feel like having a ton of new maps will be a central focus. By this time next year, we will probably be playing a different COD. I stopped buying COD games for a couple years because of this.

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