1. Ibxtoycat uses bedrock more often, but he'll also be the first one to lecture you on why it's stupid to think one version is superior.

  2. Doesn't he make children's content? I remember randomly stumbling across one of his videos and absolutely hating it for some reason.

  3. Holy shit he's still making minecraft videos? I remember watching him even before he makes minecraft videos

  4. Silentwhisperer, potatopie25, ignacioblade, evidentp, jakesteryt, turbopiggy, dannyisdahbomb, plushie, diecies, deezee and more (most of them are hive YouTubers from what I know)


  6. logdotzip had a shitty spinoff YouTube channel in which it was essentially making fun of bedrock's audience. (He put in lots of childish stuff like an anonymous player controlling a "girlfriend" and he also talked like he was in an episode of Blippi)

  7. There is probably more java youtuber mostly because it's easier for montage and upload when you record on your computer than on your xbox 🤷‍♀️

  8. There are many different pvp youtubers of bedrock such as potatopie25, ignacioblade, evidentp, cranexe, rageelixr and Ignacioblade also walibear played bedrock once. For youtubers who explore glitches on bedrock similar to, docm77 of Java, for example, there is silentwhisperer.

  9. they do but like most of them are so oriented to kid firendly, oversaturated clickbait that the algorithm doesn't even consider giving their videos to normal people

  10. I’d say there are more Java YouTubers due to the abundance of mods, servers, maps, and more for free. Not saying that Java is better, it just has more community content.

  11. These posts are just massive circle jerks. There are Bedrock Content Creators if you know where to look. Obviously there will be more for Java cause it's more popular on YT but Bedrock is still the most played version. Bedrock gets content just like how the current snapshots are primarily Bedrock with frog lights and stuff. Bedrock got part of the cliffs and caves experimental experience first before java. They get lots of updates before Java does. The crying and complaining is so annoying.

  12. Toycat, EckoSoldier (I think), the entire Truly Bedrock community, many others. Bedrock definitely isn't as popular as Java on YouTube, but it doesn't matter. They both have their pros and cons.

  13. For bedrock players who want redstone tutorials for bedrock: you have someone who's YT channel is named "OinkOink", and he makes redstone tutorials for bedrock.

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