1. Charlie for this picture, I think Millie is attractive but I don't like her high waisted bikini. Why is she wearing that?

  2. It's almost as if it's her own body and she can wear what she wants. It's almost as if she doesn't have to conform to wearing something because some 40 year old joke wants her to because needs something to wank off to. It's so painfully obvious that you old bastard get no pussy

  3. Tough choice both are incredible but think Millie would be a better fuck, plus she’s got the perfect blowjob lips

  4. As gorgeous as Millie is, Charli is the clear choice. Hot, tight body, nice big ass…I just think she could fuck way better judging by the way she can move that body when dancing.

  5. I prefer Charli tbh she’s flexible and I’m a general fan of her I guess but I only like millies body really I don’t really like her personality tbh

  6. Millie is like the girl with perfect personality but not hottest girl. Charli has the looks but imo she doesn't have a fun personality and humor like millie. If it were up to me I would go with millie.

  7. Charli DUH. Millie looks damn young in this and is definitely a minor, so idk how many pedos are there in this chat who's saying either one of them is hot (allowed if you are a minor though).

  8. Agreed I mean these 2 women are beautiful but these comments are saying they only like Millie for her body that is kinda weird to like someone cause there body and there dying they hate her personality

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