1. why's this dude so fishy and so thirsty and desperate to share people his secret download link or whatever

  2. U don’t even need an account all you need is wifi and a phone or computer and it will work on Wii U if you really want it there😂

  3. Look it has all of the old memories everyone had it’s really nostalgic and I want the original servers back up to you. That’s why I’m here you see I did it I got it working and I can even give the link again 😌

  4. RVerse is the clone, with the old data. Forging a Nintendo site is going to be difficult considering it needs and SSL certificate issued to Nintendo by a specific Certificate Authority, which is going to verify your identity before making and issuing the certificate, which they aren't going to do if you aren't the recognized representative of Nintendo. That you won't give the link points that this is fake. You say you have proof, but haven't posted it.

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