1. Adding to this: With the airbag in place or not, never, ever, ever assume that an unserviced and untested airbag in a 25 year old vehicle will work. Many early airbags were sold with a ten year service/inspection/replacement interval.

  2. I've heard this mentioned but haven't found any actual info on this. I assume you have to take the retract mechanism out to get to the stitches?

  3. I’ll probably get downvoted for saying it, but I’ll say it anyways: removing the airbag in a street driven car is a really bad idea.

  4. I agree, but depending on the model year it might not have come with one. The original miatas didn't have one. '94 was when they added them I believe.

  5. It's a fair criticism and I won't down vote you for voicing it. It's a 96 and I did remove the airbag. It's something I considered when I decided to go ahead and replace the wheel rather than have it rewrapped.

  6. The airbag in the NA6 was basically just a compliance piece for the US passive restraint requirement and not installed in the rest of the world. As such it was designed to act in lieu of a seatbelt for an unbelted 180lb driver. Most coupes and sedans at the time opted instead for those stupid automatic seatbelts to satisfy the same requirement, and performed about the same in crash tests. Using the NHTSA standard of the time (long obsolete, of course) an S13 240SX (no airbag) got 5 stars.

  7. My original steering wheel was starting to show its age a bit, so I bought a new one. This one is a little smaller, and I had no idea how much of a difference it would make for driving. My knees still hit the wheel a touch when I use the clutch or brake but not nearly as badly as they used to. I think I'm going to like this.

  8. Planning to do the same, people in the comments are kinda hypocritical. Miata isn’t a good car to be in a crash anyway. The old airbag was probably dangerous to keep, looks good though

  9. Eeeee I’ve got the same wheel! Actually I’ve got two of them, an original old one out of a 912 and a new one in the box which I can’t bring myself to install

  10. I keep the vent open, but even with that it's much more comfortable in the winter than in the summer. I actually switch over to driving my Jeep in the hottest part of the year because the air flow in it is much better.

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