1. Ah damn just wrote the same thing before seeing your comment. That whole album is beautiful, but Eiley is just such an emotional masterpiece.

  2. This. This is the answer. I have never heard so much emotion come through in the way vocals are performed. I don't listen to it often because holy hell does it hit hard but when I do I am amazed at the way he makes me feel the pain that he had felt. Nothing else I have ever heard comes close to this. No disrespect to any other artists emotional songs and there are definitely other tracks out there that can draw a tear outta me but nothing just makes me feel devastated like this one.

  3. I came here to say this song as well. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to listen to it without tears streaming or just flat out bawling!

  4. As someone who lost my older brother, I can honestly say this song does not EVER fail to choke me up. I cannot listen to it unless I’m in a place that I can be vulnerable with that emotion and I love it dearly but I also know the effect it has on me without fail

  5. Damn I never read the lyrics just listened to the song and always took it as they hope that’s it’s cancer, not anything like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or like MS.

  6. Man, Jake Luhrs from ABR does a review of the music video on Youtube where he basically breaks down in tears. Gets me every time. Heavy stuff for sure and then the music video drives it all home when seeing their struggles and injuries.

  7. Same with White Light. I grew up in the same apartment complex as Vigil and his brother Ryan and their dad, spent a lot of time skating with Ryan as well. Vigil has been a hero of mine since watching them at the El Segundo Teen Center as A Dying Dream. He even gave me a TGI poster before heading on tour when I was like 15 and man it meant the world to me. Always in my top 5 fav bands.

  8. I one time had a very rough night during a rough bout with my depression. Left a party, was driving home and listening to Joy by Thornhill - when the final bridge comes into the last chorus, I had to pull over to the side of the road and broke down crying.

  9. The Price of Grace…man, what an unbelievable tune. Convictions seriously strikes your soul with their lyricism.

  10. Save yourself gets me bad, I had to end an 8 year relationship because it was just better for the both of us. The spoken word on that one is just exactly how I still feel about the situation even though it’s been a few years since then and we are both happier now but still, I’m glad she’s doing ok

  11. was about to say it, this song is a banger but when i listen to it in the car idk man it just hits me so hard

  12. Seeing Doomed preformed at the Royal Albert Hall and seeing all of those people singing back the lyrics to them gets me every time. Seeing so many people connect with the fact that at some point or another they feel so helpless that they just say come rain on my parade because they want to feel it. It’s unreal.

  13. Probably my biggest metalcore example is Will We Ever Learn by Wage War, but Snuff by Slipknot has pretty much always been the best example for me as a song in general

  14. i havent had a pet since i was a toddler, but reading what murphy has said about that song makes it hit me in the feels every time, can just feel what he has felt and it makes me really sad

  15. You're Not You Anymore by Counterparts. I swear someone's always cutting onions around me towards the end of that song

  16. This. Be Quiet and Drive just does something to me …every listen conjures up some longing that I didn’t know I had. Perfect.

  17. Martyrs by August Burns Red has the same kind of emotional explosivity as Ghosts, you should definitely check that song out. I like it even more than Ghosts.

  18. To the Key of Evergreen by TDWP gets me every time. Even if I can make through most of the song, the final 2 minutes puts me on my ass.

  19. Just the few that came to mind immediately (I don’t have it in me emotionally for a deep dive right now): “The Attendant” Make Them Suffer

  20. Pretty much anything from 2009-2012 makes me cry, my best friend and I really bonded over metalcore around that time. He’s no longer with us, and anything that came out around that time reminds me of him and makes me sad.

  21. Heart of the Young by Coldrain and The Arms of Sorrow by Killswitch Engage. The first one makes me feel deeply nostalgic, almost to the point of crying. The second one allows me to sit with my sadness and frustration and then gradually turns it into determination to push forward.

  22. Reflections by Counterparts. The whole atmosphere of the song including the sort of 'backwards' guitars is just devastating to me.

  23. Born to Sleep, and Forgotten Hope by Words of Farewell. Born to Sleep specifically because I discovered that song just before my grandmother passed away. I found a lot of comfort in that song. I shared that sentiment on the official music video of that song and the lead singer reached out to me and offered me his condolences and that he was happy his song helped me. I will never forget that.

  24. Pain Remains 1,2 and 3 that Lorna Shore just released. It’s one hell of a ride just by themselves, but if you can make it through the videos without at least getting choked up, then I’m impressed. That shit is powerful

  25. Know Your Worth by While She Sleeps has had me on the verge of tears, especially when I saw it live. The lyrics are very powerful and motivating, and the song is an awesome mixture of high energy riffage and sombre tones which helps to convey the duality of questioning your reality and being content with yourself.

  26. Not metalcore but the bridge to Victim by A7X gets me choked up. I was listening to that album a lot during a rough time in high school and it still hits me to this day.

  27. Aries from The Oncoming Storm by Unearth. It’s not the lyrics, I don’t know what it is, but I was driving to work one morning(hour commute at 5 am) and it played and for some reason made me think of my baby girl and made me miss her and I was choking back tears. My daughters 12 now, and ever since that first time, it always makes me a little teary if I’m listening alone. No idea why.

  28. Trivium- Caustic are the Ties that Bind. The acoustic interlude going into the harmonies and solos are just perfect to me.

  29. As far as metalcore goes, burial plot by dayseeker hits me heavy. As for any music, I miss you by blink 182, give me Novocaine by Green Day, or snuff by slipknot hit pretty hard.

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