1. A follow up to my last post back in April, this took at least a year if I factor in grinding up various related skills to get the god dungeon buffs. The redwoods were easily the worst part, but getting nearly 2 million bird nests for seeds has lessened the pain.

  2. The beauty of Idle... I'm currently playing planetside 2 while I'm grinding some dungeon chests for gear upgrades .^ Bet OP has a side (main?) game also

  3. Was actually easy once the long stretches of material grind kicked in since I had other priorities in life. At some point the game just existed in the background for me.

  4. Holy hell, I bailed on my grind early to go for completion. I did 17m and I still have 250k dragon bars and 500k ore, I just lost the will to make money after some point haha.

  5. What was the reason for making this many? Is there a challenge or something? I'm fairly new, still haven't 99% everything

  6. The usual reason is money. Dragon javelins are one the few end game strategies for money. Most people won't need to craft more than 1/10 of what I did, but I didn't plan my initial resource gathering very well and as a result it snowballed out of control after the initial ore mining.

  7. If I take into account clearing God dungeons for buffs and leveling other useful skills, almost exactly a year since I started that last Summer. Without that, I'd say 4-6 months with the bulk of that being redwood logs.

  8. You're the first person I've seen that has more than I do. I have just over 20M. I wasn't really grinding them on purpose, but I did jav heads till i finished mastery on smithing, then finished the d javs when mastering fletching. I still have a few heads left, but I'm not going back for more unless i have to with the new 120 update

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