1. Something powerful, reliable, easy to get parts for and that has a well documented swap into this car done by other people, ideally with a kit available.

  2. The most common swaps seem to be Honda units. If you want to keep it all Italian, the driveline from a FWD Alfa Busso V6 has also been done many times.

  3. Toyota/Yamaha 2ZZ reliable and will provide good power compared to the original Fiat engine. Also might package well into that space.

  4. Would be cool and unique bit k20 is similar dimensions, more power, better aftermarket support, just as reliable etc etc etc.

  5. The Toyota 3S-GTE was packaged in a similar midship design on the MR2, you could probably take the engine and trans from a donor car to minimize headaches with mating to the existing transmission.

  6. I have an MR2. The turbo engines and gearbox have become very expensive. I wouldn't recommend them as an engine swap.

  7. I had an X-19 back in 1984 and I believe there was a kit to swap in an RX7 rotary engine - they were small light and space wasn’t an issue for this swap.

  8. While I think the Nissan Leaf motor on paper is an underappreciated option for EV conversions, a battery pack would add significant mass to the car and probably ruin its handling.

  9. Look at any 4cylinder from toyota or honda. Reliable and decent power and probably a huge jump compared to the stock engine in that.

  10. LS4 would be hilarious, but I think K24 is the answer here. It’s a pity they look like you left your toolbox in the engine bay.

  11. fun fact, these cars are really heavy for what they are. There was some proposed federal crash test that was way above what was being required and Fiat designed their car round the regs which were never passed.

  12. Yamaha f250 2stroke v6, Issa boat engine so some engineering will have to be done to run it non vertically but I think it’ll be sick

  13. You paying someone to do it? Or is there a chance this will be listed on ebay in ten years as a work in no progress, all parts are there! I'd find someone to turbo it, balance and blueprint engine then upgrade the brakes, strengthen the gearbox, rework the suspension, then give it a paintjob..

  14. I think you should leave it as is because these are few and far between and you'd be taking away all of its character and uniqueness by making it "lol so fast race car xd".

  15. Either a rolls royce merlin or a sport motorcycle engine, the kawasaki z1300 i6 engine makes 75 hp at 9k rpm and is shaft driven for easier instalation. Other options are golf or ford st engine

  16. While I ADORE the L67, I’ve done a couple swaps with it myself, I’m pretty sure just the blower without the engine would take up the entire engine bay.

  17. 5.3l chevy ls from a van, you can pick them up for a couple hundred dollars and that’s a easy 600hp from bolt ons and cams

  18. An F20c from a S2k would be a headache, but would scream. Or maybe a VW VR6? Subaru FA24? I’m sure there are plenty of totaled Subies to grave rob from.

  19. I wqs sooooo close to buying one of those on friday but got an integra GS-R instead... still not sure which was a better choice. Integra is better now, but an x1/9 with a honda swap would just be stupid fun....

  20. The motor you put in is only as good as the person who puts it in. If you’re doing it yourself great, but if not, you’re signing a life long contract with him/ her. Did a swap on a Merc W201 some years back, had a fall out with the mechanic, as one does, and the story ends there. Been garaged and stored for 5 years and counting till I can be motivated to get her running again. I’d mod the engine on yours. Those old fiat engines are very workable…

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