1. There are lots of great suggestions here, so I am going to suggest something completely different. Read the book Born in Paradise by Armine von Tempski before you come. It’s a fascinating look at life on Maui around the turn of the 20th century. Reading about this magical place in an earlier time will let you see it in a different way while you are here.

  2. Lahaina is very historical (it even has the oldest high school West of the Rockies) - and lots of history predating education!

  3. I'd suggest doing a bit of research about Hawaiian history and the development of the islands then you could get a better sense of what traditional aspects you would want to experience, then you would discover how viable that idea is.

  4. Gypsy app talks about the history of the island. It is interesting to listen to as you drive around Maui. For example, we learned about the Olowalu Massacre.

  5. Take the bus. They say the less you spend the more of a local experience you get. I took the bus stopped at a random busy beach in Kihei to watch the sunset with while I ate a bento.

  6. Check out Sam Sato's restaurant in Wailuku, maybe on your way to/from the airport since you're going to be out in Lahaina most times. Doesn't get more authentic, local than that.

  7. Visit Maui Feather Lei in Wailuku, and leave yourself some time to talk and listen.

  8. We had an incredible hike today to Waihee Ridge. Please know it is a challenging uphill incline…but the scenery exceeded every possible expectation and we encountered locals and tourists alike! If you park In the overflow lot it will add distance to the walk but it is not far…

  9. The Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum was a very interesting stop. In this Small, three room building you learn a great deal about the history of Labor and mechanical engineering in the industry. It taught me so much about the courage and determination of the field workers. It is a brief visit (maybe 45 minutes) and is a lot of reading (self guided tour with 1-2 videos). Large machinery on display outside. The cost was $7/person. If you are expecting a wildly interactive Pixar/automation showcase…you may be disappointed.

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