1. Off topic but how many promotional material/ads/interview is Dwayne Johnson going to say that. He is calling it the “black Adam dc universe” lmao

  2. ATJ is one of those actors who I think people forget is famous/successful because he never really sticks to a franchise but he also doesn't do a shit ton of serious dramas or indies. He's been in tons of stuff, and well received. But he's never been a mainstay so people write him off.

  3. People are joking, but I will not be surprised when El Muerto is a huge hit 😂. Man is just printing money in every venue. Bad Bunny is going to market the shit out if the film.

  4. Given how amazing Sony PlayStation (Horizon, The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War…) and Sony Pictures TV (Breaking Bad, Community, Better Call Saul, The Boys, The Good Doctor, The Crown…) productions are, it’s so sad that Sony Pictures Motion Pictures is like this with their crap Marvel projects… they could be way better with better higher-ups and us, as consumer, would get good movies.

  5. Worth noting, those games aren't made by Sony, they're the publisher with the exclusivity deal with the game studio and they don't have a lot of creative input on a lot of those shows, they're just the distribution/production company.

  6. If Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine (the Insomniac games) are good Sony should seriously consider having those writers write their Spider-Man universe movies.

  7. 100% agree. The whole Spider-Man thing leaves a very bitter taste. Wish they would just get the message, sell to Disney and move on.

  8. Like half the threads on here are leak and the other half are weird fluff pieces and statements that barely count as news so I wouldnt doubt astroturfing

  9. El Muerto is going to end up being a great movie, and I'm going to question everything in my life.

  10. You can just see it being to Sony what The Dark Knight is to DC or some shit and get Oscar buzz. Out of everything its fucking El Muerto that's going to be the massive billion dollar hit with critical acclaim and tons of awards.

  11. Y'know at this rate I think Sony might damage the Spider-Man brand worse than Fox did to X-men and FF. Even DC upped their game with the movies.

  12. I love how the lack of capitals makes Tony seem so dismissive of Aaron. It's not "Aaron IS Kraven", it's "Eh, I guess he is playing the character"

  13. It's so infuriating. Just let Marvel Studios make your films, they'll do it for free probably for the damn distribution rights to the merchandise.

  14. I have no idea what this title is supposed to mean. Who is Bad bunny and what has Kraven got to do with it? Who are the Bullet train actors mentioned and what is their relevance?

  15. I see lots of people on here saying Aaron Taylor-Johnson is already famous, but I had to look him up. Turns out I’ve seen him in several movies, so I’d definitely say he’s been successful, but I don’t really think he’s that famous. At least not “household name” kind of famous. Maybe this role will help boost is career or at least his mainstream notoriety. Wasn’t he already in the MCU? I know Sony’s movies are separate, but he’s going to be playing a villain I associate with Spiderman, so it gets kind of confusing as to wether there will be crossover.

  16. I only know who ATJ is because of his, admittedly funny, part in Age of Ultron. Bad Bunny is a pretty popular Puerto Rican rapper who's apparently now breaking into acting.

  17. Bad Bunny, a big Marvel star? The same guy who songs talk about using women as sex objects and then leave them? Yeah, he's going to be a big star, lol

  18. I am latin american, but altho Bad Bunny ks a big music guy... He is also a big joke xD, his music sucks, it is only popular because it has catchy beats and overly edited voice

  19. Sony execs always sound like they've modelled themselves after their Hollywood interpretations in the 60's, 'Yah gonna be a star, kid!'. Coupled with those leaked emails a couple years ago, I feel like some still don't really know what superhero movies actually are right now, but pretend like they do

  20. Bullet Train actually looks VERY good! I’d recommend checking out the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m stoked to watch it when it comes out Friday.

  21. Like if you're the CEO of "Sony Pictures" , isn't this like your most important thing to remember? Not like you have to remember all the walkman and playstation models

  22. imagine if they announce it as Marvel Studios like Production Weekly reported. The meltdown here followed by ppl saying the movie is going to be great.

  23. If Marvel Studios made it I would definitely think its gonna be good. Theyve made 29 movies. Out of those 29 Id say 1 was bad, and 4 were mediocre. Theyve built a track record I trust. Id trust them to make a great movie about Foggie Nelson. Meanwhile Sony hasnt made a good live action comic movie since 2004. And that includes 3 Spider-Man movies. Let alone a character with 2 comic appearances and zero fans.

  24. I feel so much hatred towards this man. The way they continue to destroy the Spider-Verse, despite the success of the animated movie and Tom Holland's Spider-Man, when we could have had live actions Miles Morales, Black Cat, Spider-Man 2099, Silk, Spider-Woman, Silver Sable, Spider-Gwen, a full cast of Symbiotes, etc. by now... instead we get ATJ (who has already been a recognizable Marvel character) as... Kraven the Hunter, and... Bad... Bunny... as... El Muerto... SERIOUSLY, what the hell are they smoking?

  25. You have hatred for someone because you don’t like their super hero movies? geez there’s more to life than marvel movies.

  26. Aaron Taylor Johnson, an actor with a career spanning many blockbusters, crying when the Sony exec thinks that Kraven will launch his career.

  27. who the fuck greenlit a movie about a character who appears in a singular issue, would've rather had a 2099 movie instead imo

  28. I absolutely refuse to follow a professional actor who choses the moniker of “Bad Bunny” . Imagine the awards shows …”best actor goes to…chuckle…Bad..er…Bad Bunny “

  29. The movie doesn't even need to be good, Bad Bunny's fans are so loyal they are going to see it anyways adding that with the casual/meme viewer, this movie is going to print money. I am already imagining the trailer, they will have a scene and Bad Bunny is going to be shredded, moisture will fill the theaters and living rooms instantly.

  30. Mr Cheezle this is sad!! But seriously, Kevin feige must be crawling in his own skin watching these terrible Sony marvel movies being made and released

  31. I clicked on this thread and article thinking this was the catch me outside girl Bhad Bhabie and and am severely disappointed.

  32. Come on Sony sell spiderman rights to Disney and use that money to make more Studio acquisitions for PlayStation:/

  33. Aaron or should I say tangerine 🍊 . I loved bullet train and I will admit bad bunny was great in but for the love of god your with the wrong marvel company to be hyping up marvel movies.

  34. Bad Bunny isn’t really that bad at acting, after seeing his portrayal in Bullet Train. He’s not godly or anything, though he’s decent.

  35. So I kind of feel like they are going to have all of these villains come together and fight some version of Spider-Man. Perhaps a Carnage-Symbiote bonded version? Spiders-Man? Either way, I just have this feeling that there will be an evil Spider-Man somewhere down the line.

  36. Wait a second.........that was fucking Bad Bunny in Bullet Train?????? The Wolf was Bad Bunny?! Holy shit man, I didn't even recognize him, and also, had no clue what his real name was. Props to him for not pulling star power and being credited as "Bad Bunny"

  37. PR like this makes me look forward to Venom 3, a movie series that has been at the very bottom of my interest pit since 2018. What is happening?

  38. As a lifelong El Muerto fan, I’m worried that this adaptation isn’t gonna live up to the source material.

  39. Almost 80% sure I’ll be more entertained by these two movies than most upcoming MCU stuff save Namor tbh

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