1. The reason they do it is because on the off chance they guess right, they then have false credibility for the next time they make some shit up.

  2. Tom Holland didn’t even have a cameo in the venom or morbius movies, and he’s not even linked to Deadpool; 52k morons liked that tweet

  3. I loved it when in morbius and said it’s petering time and petered all over those innocent people who testified against him later in the court of law

  4. These accounts suck, I saw one make a post saying “Tobey will cameo in secret wars with his iconic symbiote suit” 3 days after secret wars was revealed at D23

  5. I mean there’s a chance of it happening, but that chance is small, more likely Tobey will tell off Tom for abusing the symbiote as he knows what it can do

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