1. Man, I love Black Bolt. You can get overpowered characters in comics a lot, but how conservatively he gets used really adds to his appeal when he shows up. Blackagar Boltagon for king of everything.

  2. I agree -- he's just a different kind of hero and his conservative use of power in tandem with his position as leader of the inhumans makes for a badass character. I've only really encountered him in Hickman's Avengers though

  3. I also like that even though he can he used just to get beaten to show how strong the villian is. He just as often gets to wreck house.

  4. See im on the other side of this in that I think he's a dumb character all around. The worst offense being his name.

  5. Yes, 100%...Thats what made Wold War Hulk Tanking his scream and crushing him all the more impressive.

  6. Damn this looks cool asf and also black bolt is amazing asf he’s so overpowered but barley has to use any power to win fights

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