1. Couple vacations are nice, but (edit because my cat decided to post this) knowing you can trust and take vacations apart are goals.

  2. Yep. Taking separate trips is great. Although last time I was gone my husband let the dogs have a taste of cotton candy LOL. They probably love it when I leave.

  3. Amazing!! I’m so happy for you and what this means for your wife and family. It must be so freeing for her and dignifying for you.

  4. Reading the post and comments just seems a bit strange to me. Sounds like people want the comforts of being married and the liberty of being single. Usually a destructive end.

  5. I love these comments because it reminds me to be thankful for the freedom and trust in my marriage to do stuff like this and things make me happy and get to fully experience life, rather than be married to a man who keeps me on a tight leash with no independence because he’s insecure.

  6. Wow, just because you got hurt doesn’t mean everyone here has a bad spouse. Quit projecting your bitterness here

  7. Haha my husband and I take solo trips all the time. Not thinking that that is exactly what they are doing is sad. Sorry your life sucks.

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