1. That's a good summary of the article, I would also add that Quick Draft and ICR's will only be from Midnight Hunt forward, in preparation for rotation.

  2. Very much looking forward to the Explorer Anthology. I hope the offbeat favorites don't mean too many completely useless cards - some fringe playable cards are fine, but this can mean anything and my experience with previous anthologies tells me I shouldn't expect more than 5-10 actually useful cards.

  3. This is my first experience with an Anthology - how do they work? Do you pay some sort of fee to obtain the cards, or do you just have to use wild cards?

  4. This is hands down the best part of this announcement. I don’t want to buy the anthology if only half is pioneer legal cards

  5. separating the anthologies is a great move! more flexibility for explorer to gain tools toward diversifying the meta and historic anthologies tend to bring bonuses to existing or creation of a new meta.

  6. They may have just transitioned to having Jump start packs with every set from Dominaria United, or that's what they've announced anyway. Whether they'll communicate the switch i don't know.

  7. Plus I remember the Ravnica draft formats being pretty good. I know not everyone loved WAR but I love my battlecruiser planeswalker format.

  8. I absolutely hate drafting, but when they had that dual set Ravnica draft a few months ago, I splurged and had so much fun drafting with it. So glad I had a free draft token to use, otherwise I would’ve never had the experience.

  9. If its gonna be more or less like the previous anthologies, probably 18 of the 40 are straight up unplayable (think [[Darksteel Reactor]] or [[Terravore]]), 16 are decent but nothing special (think [[Maelstrom Pulse]] or [[The Gitrog Monster]]) and 6 are really good and will see play (think [[Thalia Guardian of Thraben]], [[Burning Tree Emissary]] or [[Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger]]).

  10. No matter how you feel about Alchemy, this level of communication should be appreciated. And with the announcement of Anthologies for both Explorer and Historic, it’s clear they’re trying to support all the various formats and players on the platform. This is all good news to me personally.

  11. Yep, first off super appreciate the idea of stiring up the historic metagame, meathook, cat & unholy heat were definitely choking off lots of archetypes. (looking at u 6/6 Niv)

  12. I like how as part of the reasoning for banning Ignus instead of rebalancing, they explained how they felt it was okay in Historic. Glad to see that they are at least acknowledging the rebalancing effect on it.

  13. So time to ban luminarch aspirant in alchemy then? I suspect the vast majority of nerfs for alchemy would not be needed for historic.

  14. Gotta love that "The Rising Tide of MTG Arena" blurb to head off all the Alchemy hate and reassure everyone playing other formats they'll be getting cards soon too.

  15. Well if anything it assures me that Historic will be geting cards soon, that was the one format I was worried about (since I thought they'd just do pioneer cards for explorer and forget about historic from now on!), and historic is an alchemy format!

  16. Only 20 Explorer cards ? I hope they're gonna be staples. We don't care about draft chaff for now, and we'd still want backwards set in the long run.

  17. They were talking about the cards that did get transferred over with relatively minor, if any, adjustments. The entire new cards are described in the next paragraph:

  18. The face of the set, Tasha herself, is not being brought to Arena except her art. "Relatively minor" changes.

  19. Have they said how specialize cards will work in the 99? Can they only be in 5 color decks or does the pick one other color apply too?

  20. I don't think they've said it, but I assume you can just include them in the 99 as long as the main card coincides with the commander's colors. You won't get to specialize in any off-color anyway, since you won't have any off-color cards to discard for the ability.

  21. Not that I expect my opinion to change anything, but simply for the sake of my own catharsis, I want to say how much I hate Alchemy. I hate that on one hand, Alchemy rebalances many cards that seem mostly fine to me, while on the other hand, producing many insane new cards that generate absurd value at a low cost, or card advantage out of thin air. Luminarch Aspirant? A 2 mana 1/1 that becomes a 2/2 but still dies to almost any removal you can think of? Too strong we gotta fix that. But Carabetti Revels? An enchantment that basically gives all your creatures Cascade for only 3 mana? Sure that's fine.

  22. I would prefer having old, non-standard sets in Premier Draft, but at least having the option to draft non-HBG sets is something, I was worried that I wouldn't draft at all until Dominaria hits

  23. In midweek magics Standard 2023ish queues I found the available cards wildly underpowered and swingy af. Once you established board presence you were top decking to your bombs, with very uneven mana.

  24. When did they release it last time? I feel like it was relatively close to rotation, no? And that was when old standard was in, quite frankly, a horrible place lol

  25. This game has so many cards. I just cannot be bothered to even attempt to keep up with the alchemy changes. Hearthstone was different because of the limited set size.

  26. It's specified "historic-only legal". If they split the Anthologies but we still have to buy both for Explorer, we riot.

  27. Very excited to see the announcement for Explorer and Historic Anthologies. 20 cards may not be much, but I hope it'll contain enough staple cards to not only strengthen the existing decks, but spawn new deck types in Explorer. I will keep a close eye on Historic as well. 40 new cards for that format should be able to shake up the meta somewhat. I am excited to see where the formats will go from there.

  28. 20 Explorer cards only? Full sets or nothing I'm not taking random potshots of potentially good or shit cards. They are not committed to bringing Pioneer as expected.

  29. Iconic powerhouse cards and "offbeat favorites" lol. Translation: 3-5 cards that see play in Pioneer. Save those wildcards baby, they're never going to give you good value in an anthology.

  30. As a new player, I never get a chance to buy anthologies. How much does it cost? Did they give you 4 copies of every cards?

  31. Good news for the Anthologies coming up, but this article made clear the fact that we won't have a multiplayer mode with 4 players anytime soon. If they did all these mental gymnasthics for implementing a set that was designed for multiplayer tabletop, it's pretty obvious that multiplayer will never be on their agenda.

  32. considering the fanbase of commander and knowing some people on my mtg club, they would jump in a second if 4 player was released for MTGA. Even if the client can't handle that, I believe that if they made another client dedicated to 4P and were able to share the collection by account, a lot of commander players would get into it.

  33. OMG, Quickdraft is going to SUCK until Dominaria United. 2 months of boredom...and that's if they don't pull the old "supply chain issues" at the last minute.

  34. I really enjoyed Midnight Hunt as a draft format, personally. Looks like I know where all my gold is going once that releases

  35. I'm excited for individual card rewards all being cards that won't rotate for at least a year or two. That's good and it'll help smooth out my collection.

  36. They are announcing the Renewal. Usually that would come with the Standard 2023 event, but it does not. Any chance we won't have it this year? It's my favorite and the only time a year I play for more than 4 wins a day.

  37. This is the set with all the terribly boring, and at this point incredibly overplayed and so it's double-boring, white lifegain guys?

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