1. I think something like this would only work if the divorce was done peacefully. My parents have been legally separated for 11 years now but they still get invited to each other’s family’s events, and they’ll go to other events together if we ask them too. But if they didn’t get along i’d keep them far away from each other lol

  2. I guess it's funny, but in part as a child of divorced parents I can tell you this isn't wholesome, they're playing nice for the kids and making the best of it. Divorces are often messy and done for painful reasons, doing this is the pinnacle of your friends tricking you into seeing your ex girlfriend or smth and acting like you didn't break up for probably very personal reasons

  3. I'm a divorced parent. On a certain level kids sometimes hope that their parents would be together because there's that draw for a whole family unit, even if they know their parents are not meant to be together.

  4. There are so many reasons why people get divorced. For all the kids know, it was an affair and they just didn't say anything so the kids won't end up resenting one of them. Dad clearly didn't want to be there and the kids overstepped. It just seems cruel.

  5. i think it's okay. yeah they don't like each other but they love their kids and it's good to see them being able to even tho uncomfortable they can be adults about it.

  6. This is not a good post. The dad is clearly dying inside and the kids are being pricks, especially with the phone out the whole time. If this is OC from OP they should ashamed for thinking this is wholesome or acceptable

  7. As someone with divorced parents, probably not a good idea to try and parent trap them, there’s a reason they got divorced in the first place. Using the plot of a 1998 Disney film isn’t going to bring your parents love for each other back from the grave.

  8. Just shows how background music can make things better, but other than that, I just feel awkward watching this haha. Hope this is just a skit and not something done in expense of the parents feelings

  9. this is cruel and naïve. this isn’t “parent trap”; there are likely pretty serious reasons for their divorce. hopefully not, but maybe, even abuse.

  10. This kind of moment wont go away thst easily, its either creating a new problem or reignite old love between them. But mostly gonna caude a huge problem.

  11. My parents are divorced and are both great people, just great together, but they’re civil. Honestly, divorce is one of the best they did for themselves.

  12. I’m 26 and my parents divorced when I was 4. This past Christmas was the first time we ever all ate dinner together. Straight up I had no idea how to feel about it, but it actually was very fun and the awkward moments were all funny jokes. It was much like this video

  13. A lot of you seem to think ALL divorces are these horrible, traumatic experiences. They're not all like that. Some people get rushed into marriage too soon and find out later they're better off friends, or there was an incident and it destroyed the marriage but they don't stay mad about it. There's a lot of reasons to divorce. It's not always devastating. They all seem to be in good humor. Try to remember not everyone's life experience is the same as yours or what you see on TV.

  14. If my grown kids ever tried this crap with me, I would be forced to tell them some things about their mother that would probably break their brains and make them cry. They still have a good relationship with her, and I don’t want to do anything to spoil that, but that also means that I keep some secrets. And she knows it.

  15. Imagine the mom boinked the dads bestie and you did this or vise versa. I’d assume the earlier version from the moms gleeful comment.

  16. They had their reason to seperate and I would have forced them to meet up like that I don't know. I would have rather tried to save there marriage before.

  17. I know same here, but no one wants to dig the old man up. They say it's "too much work" and "morally reprehensible "

  18. it’s nice seeing divorced people not be hateful and actually mean and ruin family times. Not everyone is lucky enough to experience that🥲

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