1. Sorry we've had to lock this but there are too many people who want to make your moment political. Your baby is precious.

  2. Totally fair question. It was touch and go for the first while obviously, but it's been two weeks and he's doing quite well all things considered.

  3. Not a stupid question at all, the first few days and first few weeks are pretty much touch and go. My daughter was 4 months early, 5% chance of survival, providing she made it through the birth alive. Lucky us, she just had her 7th birthday.

  4. Point of viability starts at 22 weeks, and if my math is correct this little one is 25+, a little micro preemie. Statistically, he’s got a 75-80% chance of survival. Looks like he’s already doing amazing.

  5. My son was born by c section at 30 weeks. He's now five foot eight and strapping, big muscly boy, and has a sky high IQ.

  6. Lol I forget if I heard this IRL or online, but someone was born a week or so late and later in life the same person was notoriously late to everything.

  7. This comment might get buried but I’m currently in the NICU with our similarly impatient 29 weeker if you need someone to talk to! Grow baby, grow!

  8. Thanks for the thoughts and good luck to you and your little one as well! Luckily we have a great support system and are well taken care of.

  9. My best friend was born at 23 weeks and five days. She’s literally the most impatient person I know and she is always early!! Bet he just couldn’t wait to meet his lovely family and greet the world. He’s lovely, many congratulations!

  10. What a lovely picture. Hello little sweetie, you're doing so well! Just to add, I was born three months premature, in 1971. I weighed 1lb. I'm still here 51 years later x

  11. My kids were born as heavy as respectable bowling balls - and still they seemed so tiny, frail, and precious. I couldn’t imagine something so small. 🥹

  12. I was born at 3 months premature (Due at Christmas, but born Sept. 21, so 3 months and 4 days exactly), and I was that size too! Good luck to him :) IDK why but seeing preemies that size make me happy because they remind me of me and my siblings (preemie quadruplets).

  13. My son was born at 24 weeks. He turned 16 today. Straight As. A distance runner on the track and xc teams. It’s scary with a preemie. I’ve been there. Never ever ever ever doubt how strong and amazing premies are. I wish you all the best. Enjoy every moment. Time goes fast!

  14. I had two children born prematurely due to bad preeclampsia…we are done. Couldn’t handle that stress again.

  15. Wow. The dichotomy. My son was born in the middle of May, 10 lbs 10 oz. I am picturing these two next to each other. That's absolutely insane that humans can live even being so smol.

  16. I just did the math and my baby is due is about 98 days. Kind of surreal to see. So glad to see things are going well.

  17. Congratulations!! And you get to meet some of the most wonderful people on the planet, NICU nurses. It’s like having a team of momma bears looking after the little one. Y’all got this.

  18. NICU nurses are so wonderful. We were incredibly lucky our baby was full term for her stint in the NICU, so once we were a little more stable she became a main cuddler for the nurses. They all laughed about having to find bigger diapers and more clothes (before we could bring some IV compatible ones down) since they weren’t used to 8+lb chonks!

  19. Preemie here… in 1969. Spent a month in an incubator. I have had no repercussions other than being a little slow to walk as a kid.

  20. I was born 95 days early at 25.5 weeks as one of 3 of us. My parents were told that none of us would survive, and that if we did we would likely be mentally or physically handicapped. Fortunately, both my sister and I survived after many surgeries and a long road in the NICU. Unfortunately, our brother died after 6 weeks in the NICU and 2 brain hemorrhages. Also fortunately, the doctors’ worst predictions did not come to pass. Although I have very bad eyes and my sister has had some relatively minor mental health issues, we are relatively normal people now.

  21. My wife (RN) spends her nights in the NICU with little treasures like this. She tells me how fragile their skin is and frankly, I'd be scared shitless to be charged with their care, but there are so many like this and they seem to do far better than might be reasonably expected. Best of luck to your growing family - looks like there's plenty of love to get you through this!

  22. Please let me know if you need formula. I always find that there are plenty of the preemie formulas at the grocery stores I go to.

  23. Your generosity is amazing. We are able to provide, but they also have a milk bank available for moms that need it. We have been pretty lucky.

  24. A lot of preemies are very hairy (not just the head! The whole body can be covered in hair called lanugo). Once they're all caught up and putting on weight, the hair can fall out. I had a hairy preemie but around 8 months he was totally bald!

  25. Same. I was bald until age three. Pretty much lost it all by 33, so I enjoyed hair for about three decades. It was fun while it lasted!

  26. I had triplets last December, born at 30 weeks, so basically 2 months early. They are ok and growing healthy. I just want to say to you to try to enjoy every single moment, despite all difficulties and anxiety, I feel now that while they were in the hospital somehow I was out of my body floating in the air, and memories now are almost all happy. What you are living is something very special. And they are always changing and growing soo fast, you almost feel like you never catch the train. I wish you to have a lot of strength and to enjoy it!!!

  27. My daughter’s been friends with a set of twins since they were all two. The twins were born at 25 weeks and all three girls just turned 18. They’re a little small for their age, otherwise no issues! I wish you and your adorable little guy much happiness.

  28. Congratulations ❤️ The prem journey is a tough one and it will change you in ways you never expected. Connect up with other prem parents, it really makes a huge difference because they get it and you don't have to translate acronyms.

  29. Best wishes to your family, OP. Can't begin to imagine what you've all been through. Hope to see follow up pics when you're up to it. ♥️

  30. I was born at 24 weeks in the 80s, lived in an incubator in the nicu for 4 months. My new daughter was just born born at 34 weeks in March and spent a month in the nicu.

  31. Congratulations! But I also know that must be so scary. Sending you all the love and good vibes from one parent to another 💜

  32. The face/body hair is called lanugo which is a normal part of human infant development. It falls off most babies who are born later completely but plenty of babies are born with full heads of hair - mine was!

  33. Good luck! Our daughter arrived 10 weeks early. Prepare yourself as NICU was one of the most up-and-down stressful experiences that I have ever gone through. I wish you all the best, and I’m hoping/praying that you guys get to experience the joy of walking out of the NICU with your little baby in that car seat.

  34. Hopefully everything goes well for him, my wife and I lost our little girl when she was born around that time. Unfortunately she didn't make it out with a heartbeat but at least we got to hold her, I hope he grows up nice and healthy.

  35. Sweet little munchkin, congrats!!! If you’re mom, make sure to take care of yourself too; it doesn’t make you selfish, it helps you be a better mom. If your dad, make sure to also take care of mom, pamper her and show her extra love and care and patience. All the best from a recent mom

  36. So, gross thing I learned... they grow hair over their whole body that usually falls off in the womb where they end up eating it which kick starts their digestive system.

  37. My Son was born at 24 weeks weighing 650 grams in Women & Infants Hospital here in Rhode Island and was in the NICU for 5 months and we celebrated his 19th Birthday yesterday!!! God Bless Your Family!!!

  38. Hi firstly congratulations 🎉 ❤️💪they are tougher than they look and just take it hour by hour then day by day. And make sure you rest best you can xxxxxxx my 29 weeker is starting school soon and she was tiny but might just like he is xxx

  39. Op I’m so happy for you guys and reading other comments i see he’s doing great! I have so much respect for preemie parents. My son was born a year ago and had to go to the NICU for inhaling feces he pooped in the womb during birth (yuck, right? Didn’t know that was possible! Poor little guy). Anyways there was a mother in the pod next to ours with her premie baby who wasn’t allowed out of the incubator or at least I never saw him outside of it. The poor mother was there every single time I went to check on my boy, sometimes quietly crying to herself. She had a cot and everything and I gathered that she was a single mother, and she was also pretty young, early 20s. I felt so bad that my boy was so much bigger than the others (he was two weeks overdue!) and that those parents had to go through that. There was a pair of preemie twins across the room from us who we kept hearing cry, so they were apparently doing good!

  40. My daughter was born at 28 weeks. It was a rough road especially trying to teach her to breath and eat but we got through it. Sometimes she'd turn blue while eating and we'd have to get her to start breathing again. She's an intelligent and happy 8 year old now. Hang in there.

  41. Our daughter was born 10 weeks early, 3 lb 4oz. She's now 18, and you wouldn't be able to tell that she was premature from about 6 or 9 months old onwards.

  42. My special care baby (one level below NICU here in the UK) was born unable to breathe properly. He was in an incubator for 9 days.

  43. I was born 3 months early and was the lightest baby to survive at that point in America. I held the record I believe for over a decade and was on the national news. I was in an incubator for 4 months and had my last rites read to me 4 times during my stay. Bless this baby.

  44. My friend was born at 24 weeks in the 90s. He was given less than one percent chance of survival without major disability. Today, he owns his own business, is married, has a child, and has traveled all over the world. Your LO has a beautiful life ahead! Sending you strength and love!

  45. My daughter was born early and when I relayed my story to some co-workers of mine they shared their stories. One of them had two 1 lb twin boys who are now both over 6 feet tall and have children of their own. Much love and blessings to your little one OP! He'll be just fine.

  46. My little girl was born at 26 weeks at 1.5 lbs. Those weeks in the NICU are gut-wrenching and exhausting, my heart goes out to you. Just remember, it won't last forever, and keep doing that skin to skin :-) it is so good for him and you too! These moments are so precious.

  47. This is a dumb af question (and I'm 30... so I should know) but does this affect anything at all in terms of age gated things?

  48. I am 24 weeks pregnant so this is exactly what the little one looks like in there. Absolutely wild. Hope you guys get through the next few months as easy as possible.

  49. I'm so happy for you both enjoy every moment. I gave birth 90 days early and unfortunately he didn't make it thru the contractions. Take care of yourselves ❤

  50. My daughter was born at 25 weeks, weighing only 1.5lbs. We spent 91 days in the NICU and she went home on oxygen for another 6 months. She's now a happy and healthy 7 year old. The only way you'd know she was born so small is her itty, bitty belly button! These micro preemies will amaze you every day. Hang in there, things get easier and your baby will be chubby and growing before you know it. Congrats to you!

  51. Congratulations, this must be a very worrying time but when you get to take him home it will be forgotten. His tiny ears just make me smile. ❤️

  52. I hope and pray for nothing but Joy for you and your Family. My mother helped a premature birthing unit in Australia in the 90's. Some of her stories could bring you to tears, both of great happiness and of sadness. Take care of yourself and of your beautiful child.

  53. Wow 1.2lbs?! I was 76 days early (in the mid 80s) and still 3lbs 2oz, with a brain hemorrhage and hydrocephalus. After 2.5 months in the NICU I came out with no issues, not even a shunt. I was small but your little guy is so tiny! Glad he's doing okay!

  54. Because his skin is very thin and he has very little body fat. He's supposed to be floating in his jacuzzi developing his organs still.

  55. He hasn't got fat reserves yet so his skin looks very red because you can see more of the blood. In another few weeks he'll have some fat reserves and muscle built up so he'll look more baby like. My eldest was a similar size at birth so I'm familiar with the look. Funny detail: their ears don't have cartilage built up yet at that stage so they're as soft as fabric.

  56. Likely because he is underdeveloped. Full term is 40 weeks or 280 days, and he was born 100 days early. 180 days is about the 25 week mark, which is just barely past the point where a fetus is considered viable outside the womb. Babies born this early are incredibly high risk and it wouldn’t surprise me if this little guy had to spend multiple weeks in the NICU to make sure he’s out of the woods.

  57. That’s what a 6 month baby looks like. They are see through. My son was about the same timeframe and looked exactly like this. Bet the baby is only around 1.8-2 lbs.

  58. Actually, feeding of prems has a whole lot of science attached and the best thing for him is expressed breastmilk with extra calories added. One of the hazards for micro prems is a perforated gut. Breastmilk has stuff in it that closes those perforations, where formula goes straight through the gaps and can be deadly.

  59. Let me tell you this.... my 3 kids were 3lbs at 27, 28 and 30 wks .. now they are tall and strong... your baby joins an elite group of babies that are unique. They stay small longer during the 1st year... then WHAM they stretch out after the 1st year

  60. That’s a scary situation to be in. My youngest was three months early, 2lb3oz. It’s weird to say this but thankfully my firstborn was a preemie as well so we were already used to what we had to deal with him being in the NICU for so long, and thankfully he’s gotten past everything he had to deal with coming so early and is now a super healthy 4.75 year old, even bigger than his big brother! My best to you and yours, I hope your journey is smooth.

  61. I really wish him all the best, dear baby. He's going to be ok and he's going to have a long and healthy life full of joy! He knows this and hence was a little to eager to join the world. I hope you are ok too and i want to congratulate you on your perfect little man :)

  62. My grandson was born three months ahead of schedule in 2019. Scary as hell, but neonatal care these days is absolutely amazing and great. I just hope you have good health insurance. Best of luck with your new son. Our grandson turns three in October and is doing fabulous.

  63. Don’t worry about statistics. Just enjoy every moment and send the baby your strongest faith / belief. The baby will do great. He’s already won against so many odds to be here. Enjoy. Trust.

  64. My little dude came at 27 +5 so like 86 days early. It was a long process with some scary times. Reach out if you want to chat. 👍

  65. I understand worrying, but don’t worry at the sane time. My son, born in 1995, was born at 25 weeks 2 days and weighed 1lb. 9oz. My daughter, born in 2003, weighed 2lbs. and both are healthy and if you met them, and no one told you they were micro-preemies, you’d never know.

  66. Hold on Baby! WE GOT YOU!! I was born 4 months premmie in ‘65 and my mother was told I would not survive. My lungs were under developed and I lived in a incubator for a year and three weeks. To this day my mother tells me remember you’re not supposed to be here, yet HERE I AM!!

  67. My son was born 26 week at 2 lb 14 oz. That was seven years ago and now he is 100% in his age group for hight and weight and he is built like a tank. I know things are most likely very scary right now, but I am praying for your family and your childs health. Congratulations and you both will be in our prayers.

  68. Fellow NICU parent here. He’s gonna be just fine. It’s the first week or two that are the most sketchy & nerve racking. The rest of time is just watching them grow..😊

  69. Good luck with the NICU! It can be an up and down journey, but medical care has come along so much. 9 years ago we had twins born at 26 weeks and they spent 4 months in the NICU, but are strong, healthy and thriving now.

  70. Very tiny. I hope he bodes well with being born so early. It's gonna be rough, but babies can be very resilient.

  71. Awwww so tiny I have a premmiee baby although no way near that early I had him just under 33 weeks he turned 8 yesterday. Hes so tiny, my sons uncle was born at 22 weeks 😱 smashed it all way through and this was 24 years ago. Cherish every moment because they grow way too fast! Even as a premmiee he did, once he hit 3 months he just shot up

  72. Congrats on the new addition to your family. My daughter was born at 25+5 weighing 1lb 11oz and she'll be three next month and is doing great, not gonna lie the next couple months will be stressful having him in the NICU but it gets a little easier to breathe as they meet milestones. I suggest buying/making some NICU milestone/Preemie milestone cards so you can remember when they reach them, I unfortunately didn't get them right away and regret it now (I thought I would remember it all but now it's just a blur) but it would have been nice to document stuff like off oxygen, first time held by mom, first bottle, etc. Sending internet hugs.

  73. My middle daughter was born at 24 weeks, 1lb3ozs, 11.5" long in 2004. I was told she probably wouldn't be coming home and that if by some miracle she did, that she would be severely developmentally delayed. Joke is on them! She is 3" taller than me, a brilliant musician, just graduated at the top of her class and we are sending her off to Stanford next month. She wants to be an obstetrician! Hang in there, this is the scariest part right now, I promise!

  74. I’m so happy your baby is doing well! My son was a 21 weeker, so seeing your baby makes me a little emotional. I hope you get to hold your son for the rest of your life!

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