1. There is nothing more special than 2 friends that grew up together, seeing one another again. They are the ones that know the real you and still love you

  2. It’s like seeing the old Leo…Sure miss the ol chap, when he would work and like, act, you know the pre-eternal20yo model days where all he does is, model the models. Really was interested in watching him grow up more Johnny depp-interesting and less college frat boy-boring, but oh well.

  3. I always thought they look wonderful together but he won't date anyone over 25 yes old, Kate is ancient according to him and she's stunningly gorgeous.... he's got issues

  4. man I love that meme but then I remember the movie that came from and he was kinda a POS (the character ofc), good movie, good (but shitty) character, great meme

  5. It took me an episode to get into Mare, but once I did it was absolutely riveting. Says a lot about the writing and the cast. 👍

  6. I loved her from Sense and Sensibility, her character had a ridiculous arc and she was lovable throughout, as an actress and a character. I was so pleased to see what she did in Titanic. I'm going g to check out this reference, I haven't yet seen it - thanks!

  7. Amazing show. Just super impressive performances. It looks another incredible show HBO isn’t going to renew, even though they say the ball is in her court. The Outsider, The Watchmen, Lovecraft Country just to name a few, all canceled after 1 season.

  8. I have been meaning to watch that. I heard it was good. I especially want to watch it because it takes place in my current place of residence, Delaware County, PA.

  9. They actually did Revolutionary Road together, if you didn't know. It is really good, the cast is amazing but it's heartbreaking. Honestly, it's a good movie for people to watch rn, with RvW being overturned - it's gonna be reality in some states, again.

  10. I really really appreciate a woman who let's herself age. I'm sure she's had work done but it's not at all obvious. She looks mature in the best way, not a 40something still clinging to her 20s.

  11. Honestly I thought this was from an Oscars show 20+ years ago (as a then vs now reaction type thing). I didn't realize it's more recent. She is quite pretty!

  12. I remember when it came out I was like 14 and had just stated “dating” this girl. She was OBSESSED with this movie. I saw it with on her 5th viewing of it. I asked her the next week if she wanted to see another movie and she said she couldn’t because she had to see it for the 9th time with some friends.

  13. I think the two of them should make a new film every 25 years. Hire a top flight scriptwriter, director, and producer. Come up with something amazing, but completely different each time.

  14. I'll never forget that comment, fuck James Cameron. He's probably upset cause he didn't get a dainty actress like Claire Danes but Kate was fucking beautiful even then. She has a classical beauty that fits the role perfectly and she weighs normally. Idk what he's on.

  15. I had a school mate who disliked her for being fat when Titanic was released. Meanwhile i was crushing on a woman the most ever till then. She was perfectly figured, not fat, not anorexic!

  16. Lol ye I know right, it’s like - big surprise, actress who fancied super hot costar actor still fancies super hot actor and now friend

  17. You can be friends with the opposite gender and not want to fuck them. They have been super close friends for nearly 30 years.

  18. She's so happy because with Leo's track record she knows Leo likes her for her. Not for her looks and he won't try anything with her. She's free of expectations. They're real friends and me so jealous

  19. Man. I remember seeing Kate when I was younger and not thinking she was that pretty. Now I look at her and she’s gorgeous. Aged like a fine wine.

  20. I remember reading that during the filming of Titanic, these two had a brother-sister type relationship. He would run up to her, fart in her face, then run away.

  21. The innocence of a best boy-friend when you’re young is priceless — looking at this, I know exactly what they’re feeling! So sweet

  22. Kate was being interviewed about filming the titanic and the actors all had to be in very uncomfortable cold water tanks for filming. Apparently Leo didn’t handle it well and she used this great British insult and said he was being a “little girls blouse” about it. I love the insult and her all the more after that

  23. He seems to be a very good friend to his male and female friends. Bummer he is a little creepy with dating the 20 somethings.

  24. Wow, she looks very different. Not at all bad, she's lookin' good, but I wouldn't recognize her if I hadn't known it was her.

  25. I have a very dear friend that has the same effect on me. Their friendship is pure and makes me smile.

  26. She's married and prettily happily it seems. They're not meant for eachother, but he definitely needs to start dating in his age group, not the age he was when the movie was made...

  27. The one that got away....I wonder if either of them ever (if they haven't already) thinks of bangin each other?

  28. People like you are delusional wtf is going on with this thread. You are trying to take away autonomy from consensual adults, so fucked up man. You really want the government to impose laws onto relationships?? I don't fucken get it, let people live.

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