1. He cut down all of those trees alone and is good at editing, he made us believe this illusion with this one simple trick. Tree planters hate him

  2. Sometimes a desert is better than a forest. In this case, it looks like he replaced a desert, which may blow nutrients into the surrounding area with a monoculture forest, which is almost certainly fail.

  3. It's great that we can undo at least some of the damage that led our dumb, stupid ape brains to destroy our natural habitats in the pursuit of greed and consumer demand.

  4. For those who are interested in contributing in a very simple way, simply choosing different products at the supermarket can make a massive difference.

  5. Oh my, that’s amazing how someone can do so much in just one lifetime, that man knew that his mission was the restore a fine chunk of nature!

  6. Love this, but the cameraman couldn't be bothered to rotate a few degrees to his left? He has the very literal frame of reference staring him in the face!

  7. Don't know anything about this man or this forest but it looks like there's barely any biodiversity, just all the same uniform trees. Could just be planted to kickstart a new ecosystem but I feel like its just to farm these trees. Allthough I don't think thats too bad in this case, since there was barely any life here anyways, at least with this completely uniform forest some animals might still move in, and the trees photosynthesize anyways.

  8. I imagine it’s hard to maintain a bio diverse actual forest. This is probably simply to ensure desertification doesn’t creep and it’s self sustaining.

  9. Pretty misleading title. This was literally this dudes job, he managed a team of professionals and a bunch of volunteers also. Its not like he planted each tree or did it out of the goodness of his heart or something.

  10. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

  11. Here's someone worth more to the world than every billionaire and politician combined and multiplied by 10. I could probably say the same about any normal citizen but this guys an actual hero, not a cop or a soldier fighting greed driven propaganda fueled wars, someone who is actually protecting the Earth. Look up to this guy.

  12. Art idiot in me was trying to swipe for a second picture because I read the title as he restored a painting of the forest and thought it still looked discolored.

  13. OK, so this is great and all, but he did not buy and plant 30,000,000 trees by himself. He was a forest manager with a team of people and over the 19 years he was employed as such, this one of his projects.

  14. I was reading a paper the other day talking about how it's very possible the Amazon rainforest was started by man, due to the layout of the oldest trees etc...

  15. I've seen a few examples of people fostering a forest like this. Anyone know how they handle the watering of the trees, to help them getting established?

  16. One problem has been planting fast-growing species when trying to stop desertification or reverse it. Trouble is what little original ground cover left has all of its water stolen by the thirsty trees. Nothing left to tie the soil down so the topsoil blows away and you get more desert. China has had some massive monoculture or limited species projects some of which failed miserably.

  17. In a related note to this, in my old hometown of Estes Park, Colorado, they recently came out with a "Estes Park: Then And Now" book where a photographer found all these photos of the town from the ~1920's and as best as they could, recreated them shot for shot, so you could see the difference in the town.

  18. And then 1 disease destroys it all. This is why China's reforestation projects fail as well, lack of biodiversity. And also, what about all the other people who helped him achieve this? Do they not deserve any praise?

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  20. We should be here interviewing this guy and praising him and not some hypocritical and scripted teens like Greta Thunberg.

  21. I don't get it, don't deserts exist because they are very dry regions so he would have to bring the water in from somewhere else? How is that environmentally effiecient? If nature creates a desert why not leave it as a desert?

  22. It is sentences like that which annoy me. That man is not standing with a picture of a forest. He restored the forest maybe, but He's definitely not holding a picture of the forest that he restored. He's standing in front of the forest He restored, with a picture of the land, apparently after the first forest? We have no idea if he actually really restored the forest because we don't know what the original forest look like. This man simply planted a forest Restoration is a whole different thing. Damn, this sentence really bothered me

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