1. He's super good friends with Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. She is very vocal about how Momoa kept talking her through scenes and making her comfortable. He'd watch out for her too and tell her "no, that's not okay" when he thought she was being used.

  2. Funny side story. No-name YouTuber I watch was in Vegas recently. He said he saw Jason Momoa, he wanted to be “that guy” and ask him for a picture. Instead, it made him realize he left his phone in the cab that was about to leave.

  3. Not only is he a great actor, but also a great person. Not unlike Johnny Depp. If we had more Momoas and Depps, I'm sure Hollywood would be less corrupt.

  4. If there was one famous person who could devastate me with news that they are actually a terrible person, it would be Jason Momoa. He always seems like he has a genuinely great personality and it would absolutely wreck my day to find out he was actually trash.

  5. I don’t want to side track things, but I feel the same way about Duane Johnson. Maybe it’s something in the Polynesian water?

  6. Steven Seagal would have tried to chop her head off with his right hand, failed and blamed everybody else for failing him!

  7. Everyone gushing over his work on Aquaman/GoT/Dune should watch him in the Stargate Atlantis. Especially the episode with Teal'c (God of War's Christopher Judge).

  8. Can verify- he’s awesome. Hung out with him and Lisa at a Christmas party (he’s one of my best friends neighbors) and he was just a super cool, down to earth dude who loves his kiddos.

  9. Everything I've ever read or heard about Jason Momoa is that he is nothing short of an amazing human being.

  10. A colleague of mine was in the queue at a con for a picture with Momoa. Her husband was teasing her about her crush, Jason overheard and posed the picture with her clutched to his chest, him staring into her eyes and his hand right across her husband’s face. It’s her desktop background at work and everything.

  11. As a crippled chick, I think my heart just shattered into a million pieces that someone - anyone - could and would do this for someone like me.

  12. What a beautiful story and this pic is so special because you can see the feeling, the trust, and connection between two people in a singular moment. Thank you for sharing

  13. He's also insanely tall. I doubt he was wheelchair shaming, rather than acknowledging that he was either going to be on his knees or she would be at knee height in the photo otherwise! Gave her a choice, what a sweetie

  14. I met him at a con years back before his Aquaman debut. He called me a "cutie pie" and pulled me in for a giant hug. As I was the last in line, he took a few extra minutes to talk with me about my life, things I'm doing, what I was studying in school. He was so kind and seemed really genuine when he asked about my personal life. He wished me good luck with my studies and gave me a high five before he left. It was awesome. He also smelled like candy.

  15. Everytime I see a picture of him, he seems to be smiling, it's an honest, open smile as well. Genuinely seems to be a good guy. Good luck to him.

  16. So many dirty wrong ens downvoting this, sickos, go and type it in and look it up, there for every1 to see, wrong ens

  17. And that's him in his Ronon Dex costume...which is one badass character!! I love Jason Momoa. He does seem like someone who would be really cool to just have a beer and talk with.

  18. Jason Mamoa is that celebrity you barely hear about simply because he doesn’t do anything bad. Every time someone mentions him it’s all good things and I love that

  19. hes one of the sweetest and most wholesome men ever, ever heard about his GoT fluffy dick sock? he wore it to make Emilia laugh during rough scenes because he didn't want ti feel threatening

  20. I went to the Oscars with my gramma in 2016. My gramma is a huge fan so when I locked eyes with him, I gestured towards my gramma and he smiled, waving us to come over for a picture.

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