1. Sometime in the distant future, some internet archives were able to be retrieved. Scientists studied the rubble left behind from the year 2022 and asked "what are her zoom squares and how did they turn into cats?"

  2. My kid would have been one with a cat. Every zoom meeting during the pandemic, she's right there with him.

  3. I definitely started reading this in the context of a classroom setting lol. I'd never heard of a class where people can just show up with their cats, but I thought it was a great idea 😂

  4. I know not all cats are like this but a lot of cats like to “participate” in your daily activities. It’s why sometimes they’ll sit on your keyboard or laptop, some may just be content to sit in your lap or nearby though.

  5. You know, now that I think back to my college zoom classes…there were sooo many cats. And one memorable Husky. I love the implication of how all these animals love being in the same room as their people. I know it to be true, but seeing it is nice.

  6. Haha if I tried to “pull up my cat”, I would likely have to end the zoom call and get some gauze and alcohol…

  7. My cats hang out with me when I work from home. If one isn't in my lap they are on their bed here on my desk next to my computer vibing and napping.

  8. I have a girl who lives on a farm. Every live lesson I ask to meet her animals. So far I've met 8 chickens, a dog, a dove and a cockatiel

  9. One of the best things to come out of WFH during the pandemic is seeing all my coworkers' pets! We've had many cat meetings as well.

  10. Those are honest people who were not paying attention to your lecture and revealed their cats not realizing they were not the one’s being called out.

  11. So my cat passed around this time last year I'd had since I was little. One happy memory I treasure was when I did my online covid lessons, she would share the kitchen chair with me so I could stroke her while she purred while I did lessons. It's hours she would spend with me each day, and once I got to eat my lunch a bit late and let my cat be on camera earning affection from the teacher - I miss her, but I treasure those memories

  12. A teacher friend said she always spent the first 10 mins of the zoom classes with the kids through covid, everyone showing their pets, everyone got it out of their system then lol

  13. I had a similar, but not really, situation happen earlier this year. I was on a video call with a grade 1 class. The teacher was reading a story and one of the kids pulled her cat onto her lap and it immediately started to bite and scratch her. She wouldn't let it go and would grab and hold it each time it escaped her. It was so funny because she was happy the entire time this chaotic event was happening. She just wanted to share her cat but the cat hated it lol.

  14. Started reading this picturing a classroom, thinking man this school sounds cool. Then I read zoom and felt kind of stupid.

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