1. The photo is actually 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide. They put a hole there so people could pretend they went to the wedding.

  2. No it's a joke but fun fact: lower class often married in black or attended weddings in black. When you can just afford one good dress, you went for black so you could use it on funerals and for church too

  3. Cut from behind... Later on an office, this photo did hide a camera for spying. Now it can have been during cold war, or later on when grand kid was cheating with secretary...

  4. Check out the woman on the far right at the front. She hexed her and from that day forward the other woman was forced to walk around with her head in a basket

  5. this photograph was kept in a pocket bible, which was kept in the breast pocket of someones jacket. This someone was in the military during World War II. The man was shot in the chest, but the bible and photograph stopped the bullet - through the power of love, or something.

  6. She’s the bridesmaid that professed her love for the groom right before the wedding. I cut mine out of my pictures entirely by dismissing her after the wedding before pictures were taken but kept her in the wedding because I’m a petty bitch like that.

  7. Awwww that makes me sad 😞.. so she literally got cut out of the picture and their lives ! So something happened and they had to flee to the United States ! It’s all so clear now!

  8. I actually think it was my bis-abuela.. my great great grandmother , and she was a lovely woman from what I heard , which makes this all the more interesting 🤨

  9. Im married to a Latin. It’s because your great grandmother did not like the lady. She probably hit on your great grandfather. We have a number of pix my wife’s mother did the same for that reason.

  10. In America at that time, a woman's name could be stricken from the family Bible if she left her husband (a man's if he was a ne'er-do-well) Do you suppose that's could be what happened? What did she do (or what did her family think she'd done) to have her face removed from the photo? So interesting!

  11. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet. She was obviously smiling! Why even the woman on the far right was staring at her in disbelief! How dare she smile in a wedding photo! LOL 😅

  12. Because they were classist(closet racist). El Salvador like the rest of Latin America is no different when it comes to denying their native heritage. Everyone is “mostly Spanish” according to them.

  13. She was trying to cheat and appear twice in this photo. That's also her between the 2 ladies behind the bride and groom. They made her pick which one to keep. She kept the one with her good side.

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