1. It’s crazy what an unhealthy diet does to people. It’s puts so much stress on the body in so many various ways. I need to lose weight.

  2. Bruh I hadn’t noticed that until I read your comment. Grandpa legit got a new neck and jawline. Respect to the entire family for sticking to their fitness routine.

  3. In my experience, skinny Asians tend to look young for a long while, before suddenly looking really old. It's a weird thing. Try it out for yourself, look at George takei over the years.

  4. Well maybe that guy had a lot of muscle under his fat. I have a friend who lost 50 pounds and went from looking a rolly Polly to a fit ass football player look. He started lifting afterward.

  5. Sure, she had a kid...And likely it came from being pregnant, but chin and cheek are definitely thinner. That doesn't just go away.

  6. Why is “lose” such a hard word to spell? I swear it’s the word I see misspelled most often. Are these people on heroine?

  7. Good for them! It's really a lot easier to lose weight if you aren't the only person in your house trying. You can keep just healthy food in the house and change your eating habits together.

  8. I love that grandpa is yawning, exhausted by the simple act of standing in a line. Then sets the clock back decades.

  9. I think this shows really well how different bodies will turn out differently with weight loss, but everyone has learn to appreciate theirs <3

  10. Where's the AFTER after picture? Anyone who has lost weight will tell you, keeping it off is just as hard, if not harder, than losing.

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