1. The next day I went to the same place, looking for him. People told me he usually hangs out there. I went again today,” Uzunsoy said. “I’ll look for him until I find him. I’ve always loved animals.”

  2. I hope my English is enough. This is a little bit old news (old news sounds weird). From information I found the municipality adopted the dog. They thought they are the best people to take care of the dog. They made his vaccination and they are feeding him with love. The play was about 30 August Victory day in Turkey (it's crucial war in Turkish Independence war) so probably İzmit municipality won't allow anyone adopt the dog except themselves.

  3. Yes, the municipality took him in. They were so moved by his display of affection and couldn't "not reciprocate". "He'll forever stay with us as our dear friend amd mascot" they added.

  4. It's not that essential, but you should be able to long press a letter on the keyboard of your phone to do accents and stuff

  5. If they’re turkey, those dogs are more than fine. Them being strays just means they have no one permanent home. They’re getting fed and given shelter when they need it

  6. Actually thats no good news at all. As much as Turks like their cats, dogs arent exactly as popular in Turkey.

  7. That’s a weird way of putting it. It certainly sounds better than “the Turks let their dogs roam the streets”.

  8. Love how even in a still pic you can see that puppy's tail wagging like crazy as it approaches the woman! Like "hey ma'am I'm here and happy to help"

  9. My dog is like that as well. Happily oblivious to my suffering. My cat, however.. I can start getting teary eyed watching something slightly sad and she's instantly in my lap. I sometimes wonder if I'm projecting and she doesn't actually care, but it's happened enough that I'm sure she's responding to at least some trigger whether she actually realizes I'm upset or not.

  10. Not true, your dog cares. But also knows you well enough to tell the difference between a temporary discomfort and if you are in actual need. Ive been hurt and sick a plenty, my dog looks at me goes "meh", but when my mom died and i broke inside she saw the genuine distress i was in and comforted me when i needed it.. even though i thought i had no outward signs and was persevering in life.

  11. Usually my dog is like that but she’s got her moments. One time I was gonna sneak up on my husband and did the exaggerated “sneaking” walk and the dog full-on growled at me like I was gonna do something horrible.

  12. My one dog rammed my knee in a freezing field, when I lay on the ground trying to decide on ambulance he was sniffing around while the other dog was standing over me all worried

  13. Idk why, but dogs love it when you lay down on the floor. I have never met a dog that doesn’t immediately come up to sniff all over you investigatipvely.

  14. lol reminds me once I was at a Day of the Dead celebration and I noticed a man next to me in the crowd grab his chest and fall over. My friend and I went over to see if he was okay and he quickly said between gritted teeth "I'm fine, we're filming a scene, go away! You're in front of the cameras!" we turn around and sure enough there's a guy with a camera right behind us looking quite annoyed.

  15. I was on a Contiki tour and as our groupmwas walking around Istanbul a stray dog adopted us and followed is around. It would bark at anybody who got too close and waited until everyone had crossed the road.

  16. Ain’t this beautiful? It only expressed these words in action;( COME ON NOW, I’M RIGHT HERE TO COMFORT YOU) and from hence, I’ll be munching of your chicken 🍗 bones . We’re family now. Ain’t we ? 🐕

  17. Protecting the kneck aswell, the first place most predators would chomp down on to make a kill, what a fucking trooper.

  18. Super helpful to know if you have a runner of a dog. Make eye contact and lay down and they’ll come to you.

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