1. Congratulations!! I just became a US citizen not quite 2 months ago & the first thing I did was apply for a passport. I expedited it and had it back in only 15 days, and something about seeing ‘Nationality: United States of America’ next to my photo in the passport is what really made it sink in for me that after years of forms and interviews, I’m finally a citizen & that’s really exciting!

  2. 100% get a passport ASAP. One of the reasons I got U.S citizenship was because of the vast amount of U.S Embassies there are around the world. A U.S passport is your ticket in, if you are in trouble and need help.

  3. This! I traveled for 2 years as soon as I got my passport. If you had a weak passport before, it's almost shocking that you can stroll into almost any country without an application for a visa.

  4. Baseball!!! I know it’s not the season yet but come this spring we better see an update of you chugging down hot dogs and silver bullets. Also congrats!

  5. I love when Europeans come here and begin to understand the size of the US. I had a German exchange student ask to go to Disney world on a Saturday. We lived in western Pennsylvania haha

  6. We have a lot of messed up stuff in this country but I’d say our library system and our national park system are two things we did quite well.

  7. Well 63 national parks. The other 360 aren't actually national parks, but national monuments/or historical sites.

  8. File for your American passport right away. I kept putting it off and it’s such a pain in the butt lol (if needed, of course; my foreign passport was voided when i became a citizen)

  9. I second this. I was going to say a hot dog and a beer. But apple pie seems better. Know what? Just do all three. You're an American now!

  10. I was gonna say a 12 pack of Budweiser and some Totinos pizza bagels on side of a double cheeseburger.

  11. Seriously, this man right now is probably in the 90th percentile of American history and civics knowledge in the country. Go to a patriotic trivia night and school them all!

  12. Congratulations, by passing your citizenship test you've proven that you understand the history and political structure of our country more than most! This is a serious accomplishment and I'm very excited for you. Obviously register to vote, but I would celebrate with family and friends and plan to travel if you can. The states are so widespread and massive, you could hit National Parks or cities, and everything inbetween. If you're in the Mid-atlantic region, I'd recommend hitting Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. They're all interesting cities each with their own slice of life to give you. In DC you can tour all of the free to enter museums at the National Mall, Baltimore has a beautiful inner harbor and aquarium, Philadelphia has some cool musuems like the Mutter museum, the Revolutionary war and art museum as well as the Liberty Bell and Independence hall, in New York it's easier to name what isn't in the city (plus statue of liberty!) and Boston has a TON of revolutionary war history!

  13. Vote. Every. Chance. You. Have. Be active with your representatives of all levels. Help your fellow Americans however you can whether through donating time, effort or money. And most importantly. This is just as much your country as anyone else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Congratulations.

  14. This sums up so beautifully the promise of America. Our newest citizens reminding us what we should be. What we can be. But what so many of us don’t aspire to be.

  15. I agree donating time and money are the most direct ways to help, but that effort part is really important! If you can’t donate time or money (not everyone can that’s okay) even just looking into certain social issues and what movements there are and organizations that help, helps so much. The more people learning the more we grow as a population!

  16. Congratulations!! The day I became a US citizen I listened to any song I could think of with America or American anything in its lyrics (“American Woman”, “Born in the USA”, etc).

  17. People are allowed to criticize the country which they live in and be happy/proud of living in that country at the same time—USA or otherwise. Those criticisms are also a fundamental element of a democracy.

  18. I can’t speak for everyone else, but my philosophy is, “I mean, I feel like there were better choices, kinda sucks here, but ultimately you’re happy and I’m upvoting because of that”

  19. Because people making the effort to become a citizen means we'll have more diversity of ideas that are harder to just ignore and kick out. Some of the best ways to improve something is to try something new, and bringing in new people with an outside perspective is usually brilliant.

  20. Because people who bash on America are doing it cause we think it could be so much better. It's really not hard to grasp that imo

  21. Right? The amount of bashing the US gets on Reddit is wild. It’s like the Europeans of Reddit see the chance and don’t miss it. Baffles me why we have to hate each others countries so much. Most are not given choice of where they’re born. Thanks

  22. Yay! Congratulations! Is there anything that struck you as uniquely American when you first came that you could do/eat, etc. to celebrate?

  23. To all the people saying move to Canada, please just shut the fuck up. Maybe instead of criticizing his choice we just congratulate him like this sub was made for...

  24. Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to become a Citizen. It’s so good to hear your flourishing and living your American Dream!!! As for what to do next? Contribute and help make is a better America for all Americans.

  25. Run for local or state office, by passing your citizenship test you are likely more qualified then most U.S. born citizens. Congratulations!!!

  26. Yooo congrats! Next thing to do is be the best person you can, be kind to others, be a good citizen, and continue to be inclusive and welcoming of people from everywhere. The latter of which let us not forget I'd part of the original true American dream. Building a wonderful nation where everyone wants to be. Let's get that back. You are part of it!

  27. I’m not sure this is exactly the advice you wanted but. One of my most prized possessions is a small collection of written-down stories, memories of my great grandmas family. It’s not a lot, but it talks about the house they lived in and their lives before they came here and a little bit about why they left, and some anecdotes about the process in coming to the US, where they worked and where they wound up. It’s something that I treasure so much, because it gives me an idea of where I came from, and makes me feel like I get to know my ancestors a little bit.

  28. Thank you, my fellow American Citizen! Welcome, stand proud, help your fellows, be supportive! Pay it forward! The haters will always hate! But you’re better than them!

  29. Register to vote and get a passport. While you’re waiting for that, go on a road trip. It’s a great big country with lots to see, make sure you see it all.

  30. You need a far bigger US flag both inside and outside your house. The current flag is about right to be turned into a pin badge for your suit.

  31. I vote road trip. This is something I would love to do. Not necessarily the touristy places but the authentic spirit of America. I personally would follow my stomach and get fresh seafood, beignets, hot dogs, pizza just travel around and find the little hole-in the wall places that everyone loves.

  32. Dont go near police in more southern states. Actually avoid more southern states. Stay north in more liberal or leftist places like New york or maine. This country has a lot of racists so just be careful and safe wherever you go.

  33. Congrats, citizen!! Go register, and vote! If you want the ladies at the office to make a deal out of it, tell them this is your first time voting. In the office I used to work in, we always made a big deal of first time voters, whether they just turned 18, new citizens, or just they are voting for the first time!!

  34. Awesome! Thank you for joining us. Get a library card at your local library. Once you have your card, go to Kanopy.com and put in your card number for free access to tons of great movies and resources. I highly recommend taking advantage of The Great Courses from Kanopy if it’s available. They put out amazing and engaging courses on all kinds of interests. History is one of my favorites but there’s skills like art and programming, cooking, you name it!

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