1. Do you have any insight for a 9 year old girl who’s also going through chronic alopecia? This is the second time my niece is going through it.

  2. Let her know that hair is like an accessory. It's like a hat, or a scarf. It's not something that you have to have to be beautiful. There are many gorgeous people and animals that have no hair, like a Sphinx cat! She is still a person and a girl just like all of her friends and neighbors. Even flowers lose their pettles but they are still flowers and can be very beautiful.

  3. Not for nothing, bald looks great on you. I’m sorry about your hair because that’s got to be incredibly hard but truly, you can absolutely rock this and look gorgeous.

  4. Bald guy here. I started losing my hair about 15 years ago and started shaving my head. I figure about $25/month for haircuts means I’ve saved roughly $4500 in that time. I recently realized this and bought myself a sweet new mountain bike!

  5. Yeah, but it’s really hard for us ladies to lose our hair. There’s a stigma and embarrassment. A lot of women struggle with self esteem when their hair falls out. I have thinning hair in the front and it took me years to start being okay with it.

  6. You are seriously gorgeous!!! My friend has alopecia universalis and hasn’t had a single hair on her body since she was 18 (shes 50 now). Took until her late 40’s to go out and about without her wigs. Now she rocks the beautiful bald!! Also has a gorgeous tattoo on her scalp.

  7. As someone who dated a gal for 4 years with alopecia universalis, GOOD ON YOU!! It's an unimaginable thing to struggle with. There's good days and bad, but once you start doing this^ more.. you'll be going everywhere and doing Everything without a care, or hair, in the world.

  8. I don't know what it's like to have alopecia, but I have Marfan's syndrome. It deforms people's chests in some cases, that's what happened to me. for my entire childhood that really made me self conscious. I would always wear a shirt when I went swimming. Eventually I decided to just stop caring what anyone thinks, it's the most liberating thing in the world. hope that this helps in some way.

  9. You're a lot braver than me, I'm still hiding away because of mine. I can still hide a portion of it on the side of my head, but I can't let my facial hair grow out anymore because of how that went. I often feel very emasculated for it.

  10. Awww, I'm so sorry you have been going through this. Know that you are amazing and it is just hair, it does not define how masculine you are. Stay strong, friend. You got this

  11. Matt Lucas is one of my absolute favorite British comedy actors. He plays lots of different characters in the sketch comedy show Little Britain. Having alopecia actually enabled told him to become really different various characters. Anyway I don’t mean to be preachy but while I’m sure it was challenging it definitely is part of his success too.

  12. Even if you lose your hair know that you are beautiful inside and out. Don't ever let hair define your self worth ❤️ Thank you for your kindness and support!

  13. You're hot. Not that thats what you necessarily wanted to hear but you have really pretty eyes and a lot of confidence.

  14. I’m a female but I want to comment: You’ve got a great body! It’s easier for men than women with bald heads… If I were you, and overall healthy, I’d take it over breast cancer with radiation treatments that lost the hair for my 34 yo sweet niece! Just get some great wigs and wear something different every week!!! Make it part of your style rather than being depressed!! Make sure you do great makeup that accents your beautiful eyes!!..Without knowing you, you are likely a great person with friends that love you for your smile, your laugh, and your sense of humor! “YOU” are what they see when they are with you!!… you are not just hair!!

  15. Goodness, your message was so heartfelt and sweet ❤️ I'm very grateful for your kindness, you really lit up my heart ❤️

  16. I feel you! Had an episode a while back when it fell in patches, hair and beard... You're still you, you're still pretty... I guess the only thing to do us live it out and see what happens... that's my attitude anyway... We tend to worry way more about it than do the people we cross in the street... keep it up! ;)

  17. Seriously not ever woman looks that good bald , and I second the comment that I’m sorry you have to go through that . But Gurllll meow ! I would totally hit on you if you went to my gym frfr just sayin . You look great .

  18. You’re beautiful the way you are! Seriously, not saying it in a cliché way, you are beautiful!

  19. A good work out helps clear the mind. You are wise and amazing for doing that for yourself. Keep taking care of you and remain a winner

  20. Babe you do not need hair to be gorgeous. Best time to find gorgeous scarves, play with accessories, and enjoy the breeze. Nobody is looking at the lack of hair, we’re looking at your eyes, girl!

  21. What is funny is that the first thing I noticed was your amazing body and then your eyes..not your head. You are still rocking it, own it!

  22. You still look beautiful bald! Might I suggest a henna session on your head to brighten your spirits? You can cover your scalp with beautiful intricate designs and be a walking art piece ❤️ sending positive vibes your way love

  23. You didn’t “lose” your hair. It is a known side effect of too much awesome in too small of a container. It’s like overclocking a processor in a PC. You gotta have better cooling.

  24. Bald is beautiful. Take it from a bald dude not by choice. It’s the beauty within that shines through. Keep your head up and razor sharp.

  25. Hi OP. I know people can be cruel to those with alopecia especially towards women with it. I just wanted you to know there's people out there who understand what you're going through. I think it's awesome you're trying to rise above it and take care of yourself despite it all. I'm sorry but I took a peek at your other posts and I'm glad you found a partner who is very kind and loving towards you. I have had alopecia since I was 5. It was only a bald spot and no eyebrows/eyelashes until 10th grade when it developed into 98% totalis alopecia. It's not been so bad as an adult since I'm a dude.

  26. That’s awesome. I can really appreciate the amount of courage it took to say fuck it and just go take care of yourself. Can’t change the hair situation, but you can control how fit you get. Good on you.

  27. Hair is over rated. You look fabulous inside and out. Here is some love for how fabulous you really are. Never give up being you. Most people would have giving up and stopped trying. Not you because your fabulous and nothing so small in life is going to get you down. Besides I think your look suits you. Rock on my wonderful person walk on. Besides you can still see your beautiful smile so it can't all be bad. Hugs and love. Keep being fabulous magnificent wondful you. Cheer.

  28. You look great! Taking care of yourself can be super hard when you’re dealing with Life™️ so you’re really strong for being able to do that! Keep going, you’re doing great :)

  29. ❤ great choice in attitude! I want to mention that my husband had hair loss from alopecia - very thoroughly the last ten years before we discovered something. He has allergies and was tested a few times for food and environmental allergies but was tested for different metals, etc. and discovered he's also allergic to parabens and nickel. We've scrubbed our house of these offenders and found after a few years of steady recovery the hair loss is in remission. We're hoping the alopecia was a non-specific reaction to allergens.

  30. I see you have some nice ink, have you thought about getting scalp tattoos as well? Might lift your spirits to have something you enjoy to look at for the times when the hair leaves.

  31. I've thought about it but I sadly have a very aggressive form of alopecia that continues to attack my scalp even after my hair is gone and causes acute discomfort. A tattoo might just irritate it even more, but I may try Henna sometime in the future!

  32. I’m really sorry to hear about your chronic alopecia and depression. Good on you for going to the gym 💪 on the bright side, you are one of those people who look fab bald ! You’ve got a good face/head for it! Best wishes to you and power to your self care journey

  33. Great to see you've pulled yourself out to the gym!! If you need someone to talk/type to, a lot of people come to mind for me. Here's 2

  34. You are beautiful, no matter what. You know what? Hair is hair and it doesn’t make you who you are. I hope your feeling better these days, look at the bright side…. No more bad hair days… just beautiful you!

  35. Phfttt... alopecia aloshmeshia... who cares, u look fantastic anyways!!! Just go with it. 💕

  36. Kudos to you human! I can understand how something as simple as brushing your teeth seems like an unachievable task. Cheers to you for conquering more than that!

  37. As I'm sure you're finding out, the only obstacle with this hairstyle is magnitude of confidence. Because as long as you present as the strong woman you are, the style accentuates that and let's your facial features become more prominent. Which we can't see because of the mask, but some people cheat by looking in the profile, and think they are wonderful.

  38. Haha, I'll gladly take that award. In return I will give you "The Nicest Bald Stranger I've Ever Met" award 👏

  39. I’ve had alopecia areata for 17 years now. It’s brutal. But you’re beautiful regardless of how many follicles you have. And I’ve also found attitude and exercise are great regrowth triggers. Keep it up!!

  40. Hey bald is beautiful especially when you got the scalp for it, and you look damn good with it, don't give up hope you pull this look off proper!

  41. You do have a very nice head! I hope mine looks as good when it finally comes time for me to do the same. I've been pretty lucky with my alopecia so far. Only one really bad episode that left half my head pretty much bald. But other than that it has only been the occasional quarter size spot. Knock on wood!! Anyway. You look great!!

  42. I see your goal is to be come one of the bald and stoic types like Jason Statham or the Rock. Try a martial art too if thats your goal

  43. Ma'am, thank you so much. I am 21 and I have a less aggressive alopecia but it was still really scary and I just shaved last month. I'm still so upset and I am still in the grieving stage. But you are so gorgeous and I really hope I can also be that pretty when I also settle into my new looks. Thank you for proving for me we can still be gorgeous xx

  44. Who cares? I think you are absolutely gorgeous! Everyone has something. I have MSA-C. Ever heard of it? Didn't think so. It's fatal, no treatment, I've been in a wheelchair for 7 years now and it gets worse from here. But, life goes on. Husband still loves ❤ me. Cat still tolerates me! I'm still happy to be alive. Keep smiling 😃 every day!

  45. Now you're the one who is truly inspiring. Thank you for being here on this earth and for making a positive impact on all of those who know you ❤️

  46. How you manage to look foxy with no hair and a mask is impressive. I hope your depression slumps become less and less. Enjoy your day and hope you had a great workout!

  47. You're beautiful without hair. And going out proudly just helps others in a similar situation. Keep living proudly.

  48. Not to invalidate your feelings of suffering - your head is beautiful, your tattoos are beautiful, your eyes are beautiful. You have the weight lifted of having to do your hair everyday! We have to play with the hand we are dealt, but you definitely don’t have a losing hand! And I think you could do some really fun wigs if you really wanted to. Again, not to disregard the emotional toll. Stay strong and take care of you.

  49. Love the support here. As a person with hair, I think you’re rocking the look and have no reason to be ashamed of who you are. Beautiful

  50. I get that it's a bummer, but you're a beautiful woman. My aunt also has this problem, she chose to go with a wig and you'd never know. No matter what you choose, you're beautiful and people will accept you for who you are.

  51. Haven’t gotten mine back since the second time it returned (the alopecia). I just shave it now but was wondering how yours (the hair) came back? It’s been about 10 years since I lost mine again and I’m starting to miss it lol

  52. Some people just get to shine. I mean if you have to have that happen to you at least you've got an absolutely perfectly shaped head to show off.

  53. If you haven’t gone to the gym in weeks you are in GREAT shape. I look like a honey baked ham that’s been sitting in the pool for 12 hours

  54. In sincere honesty...you are rocking the hell out of the bald shaved look. Stay fit, take care of yourself, and own it, you look great!

  55. I hope this thread has made you feel better! It’s always easy to look at ourselves and see our flaws. I hope you believe all the neutral strangers here who told you how beautiful you are.

  56. This thread is truly so incredible. I never thought so many people would care about me like this. Brings tears to my eyes

  57. “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” ‭‭John‬ ‭14:1‬ ….

  58. My hair has been falling out due to stress. This made me smile and realize it’s not a big deal. Thank you! You look great 😍

  59. Way to stay strong! Pretty lady and a killer great attitude. Nice ink BTW. Keep working out. It does so much for mental and physical health. Take care! Wishing you the best.

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