1. Same. You have to import it via File > Import. I also can't export - the export window just doesn't appear. It is really strange...

  2. Similar thing happened in beta 3, can't edit when projects are put in external hard drive, I can open the project all the clips are displayed as "missing file",the Final Cut Pro crashed but when I build a new project in the desktop and drag clips from the external hard drive, somehow Final Cut Pro can work. Not a serious problem but messed up my work flow.

  3. Same thing in public beta 1. Have to create new library and reimport. The application also crashes every time I select multiple audio channels in a multi cam clip or separate audio using dual mono for any clip in any library.

  4. My Footage just randomly only appears as red channel footage when I import it, are there any ways to fix that?

  5. I just updated to Ventura beta this morning. Literally overnight all my footage went RED in playback, in viewer, and in finder on import window. I thought it was some software glitch because when I hit pause on player, it flashed back to normal color. Then again pressing play it glitched to this red overlay. Rendered the entire video and NOPE - everything was red just as on playback.

  6. Right click your video files, click Encode Selected Video Files, and then encode in Apple ProRes. That's what fixed it for me on newer files I'm importing. Hopefully apple will fix this before Ventura officially is released!

  7. Here’s how I currently work around this issue: Installed WonderShare Filmora 11. Import the clip and then export the clip (no changes, same resolution). The exported clip does not have the red flickering in FCP… which leads me to believe this is an encoding issue (as mentioned by soulreaver99). The export from Filmora is the same size as the original file (unlike right-click in Finder, encoding with Apple Pro Res … which will inflate the file sizes like crazy unless they were original ProRes to begin with). I know this is a whacky work around but it works for me, for now,

  8. Added note. I noticed it will only do the red flicker on clips from my camera (Sony ZV1) If it's from the iPhone, it will not.

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