1. same it looks like there are 1 blondes w the floofy 80s think in their hair and we know one is Deb so that leaves Mackenzie as the other.

  2. i hope courtney just bc mackenzie came in as a bombshell who was already on the show and she’s done absolutely nothing. i thought she would be spilling tea to the girls or being messy, i lowkey forget she’s there.

  3. I want him to pick courtney bc if Phoebe is still there w Joel I better still see Courtney. 😠 but unfortunately I think chazz2.0 is picking Mackenzie 😭

  4. i think courtney has had enough tries to form a connection with someone. i expect that she will leave. personally i think i’d rather see phoebe go but i doubt that she will be the next to leave bc of the drama she generates. i feel like the show needs her for it

  5. I'll miss courtney but it's time for her to go, I feel like she ran her course. I'll miss the zeta/sydney/court friendship though, especially the zeta/court part of it

  6. Based on Chad’s and Courtney’s last couple conversations I’m saying Mackenzie. It doesn’t seem like Courtney gave him much of a reason to pick her?

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